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smackliet 02-07-2001 09:22 AM

Kutapressin complex
Has any one tried this new treatment? Its based on the belief the FM is an amune system disfunction. Its commonly used for other amune system disorders. There is a Dr. in NY who is getting very good results using this on a large number of people with FM.
I am hoping my Dr. will be open to the idea.

Dale 02-07-2001 10:21 AM

Would you please post the Doctor's name and town? Thank you


smackliet 02-07-2001 11:03 AM

Dale This is the info you asked for:
Derek Enlander, M.D.
Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York
. Dr. Enlander has a private practice in New York and treats the largest number of fibromyalgia patients in the New York area. Dr. Enlander was made a Fellow at the Royal Society of Medicine in 1998.
This is a quote from Dr. Elander "In my opinion this is a systemic disease caused by immune dysfunction. In order to treat fibromyalgia (FMS) I use a complex Kutapressin injection in combination with pain medication."

Dale 02-07-2001 11:52 AM

The new Doctor is also like yours from what I have learned. I see him soon. I will ask about this. Thank you.


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