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Cured From Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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Old 03-11-2001, 06:20 PM   #1
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rhody HB Userrhody HB Userrhody HB User
Smile Cured From Fibromyalgia Symptoms

I had written this on the arthritic message board. Please let me know what you think. Let me know if my pains were similar to yours too, if you can. I may be one of the few that was crippled with this fibromyalgia type of symptoms for years and now can run for miles without pain. Please read all of this before replying. I'm searching for answers and trying to help others at the same time. Here's a copy of those messages including one from PattyAnn who replied back to me:

This is the original from me (rhody):

Hi all,

I had written many times on different posts concerning my decades of suffering with many different types of pains that I had. Since I had my mercury-silver dental amalgams removed, these pains are nearly completely gone.

About 23 years ago when I was 27 years old, my "arthritic" pains were so bad, that a doctor told me that I was too old, I was too fat, take 10 aspirins a day, and not to run more than a hundred yards. Today, I run about 19.5 miles a week on a regular basis. I look young and fit, and feel great.

If you would like to hear more about my story, read what I posted under the dental section under dental problems and TMJ problems, under fillings and mercury-silver dental amalgams. It's quite sad really of the misery that I had to go through.

I first had these "arthritic" pains sometime about 1977. I was trying to get in shape so I decided to start jogging. I already was cycling quite a bit, and I just wanted to improve my exercise regimen. Right after jogging about three miles, I had this pain in my left foot. So a few day later, I decided to run again. So, I ran limping, but the pain got worse. I tried to run through the pain. The more that I exercised this, it would get to a point where the muscle would "freeze" up near the joint, where then I couldn't even move it unless I wanted excrutiating pain. It was strange. I had other strange symptoms which are classic of dental amalgam sufferers, but this was so hard for me to understand when I was so young. After visiting many doctors, none could help me. They would look at me like they had never heard of such a thing. I got to the point that I didn't even want to go to the doctors because they just gave me those dumb looks. Later I found a term in a book that seemed to be closely related to my "arthritic" symptoms. It was called fibrositis. I don't know if that is what I had, but I could at least could say I had something that maybe some doctor would know about. It's a long story and I suffered with this for years. Basically for me in those days, the only way to stop this "arthritic" pain was to stop exercising. Any new pain always migrated to a joint, after exercising. Then I would have to stop my activity, until the pain went away. And it was normally only one joint, although sometimes it could be more. The pain would shift from joint to joint, depending on which part of the body that I was exercising. Like when I started a little bowling when I was about 29 years old, then I developed that "arthritic" pain at the pelvic region where the leg bone connects to the pelvis. If I was lifting weights, instead of trying to run, the pain would eventually be in my arms. It was so frustruating for me for years as I struggled with this strange debilitation. I used to love exercising, but now I was a prisoner in my own body.

The good news is that after decades of experimenting, I'm free of all of that. I'm now 50 years old and I'm no longer "too old" like that doctor told me many years ago. Quite the contrary, I'm now racing around my neighborhood, trying to beat personal records. And I want everyone to know about it, just in case that there might be one other individual like me that is struggling with this and could be cured.

I cannot say that your arthritic conditions are caused by mercury-silver dental amalgams, or mercury poisoning. All I can tell you all, is what I experienced and what helped me.

Other symptoms that I had associated with this dental amalgam poisoning, were lower back pains, urinary problems, severe prostate cramps, chest pains (like possibly in the sternum or the front part of the spinal column - not the heart), headaches, loose teeth (so loose that I thought that I could pull them out with my hands), and gum disease. There were other symptoms, but I can't recall them at this time, but those were the significant ones. These symptoms were minor at first when I was a young man in my twenties, but over the years they got worse. They got so bad that at one low point in my life, I wanted to die. I struggled with my sickness by changing my diet and taking herbs. But the most significant cure for me was to remove the mercury-silver dental amalgams.

If you have a combination of those symptoms, I would strongly suggest that you try to find some medical professional to help you. If any of you have any further questions, please also let me know.

The frustrating thing about problems associated with mercury-silver dental amalgams is that there are few medical doctors (that I'm aware of) that understand this problem. But I think there are some, that understand. Hopefully also, I'm making some medical professionals out there aware that this problem does exist, and maybe they would try to understand and learn more to help their patients, if they saw a case similar to mine.

I wonder to this day, how many people really suffer of "arthritis" from mercury poisoning from their dental amalgams? How many people out there can't exercise because they are being poisoned everyday? I don't have answers for that. I wish I knew. I don't know if my case is rare, or is it a common occurrence that is not understood my our professional medical doctors?

Have any of you had symptoms similar to mine? I would like for you to tell me if you had. I'm still trying to get answers about an illness that for me is still not completely understood. I like to hear of other people's experiences, and to see if they had similar or different reactions to their dental amalgams. I only mostly know what happened to me. Books tell me that my symptoms are pretty much classic of dental amalgam sufferers, but I would like to hear real-life stories from any of you with such details. Some of the best research starts with anecdotal evidence.

If we open up a bit and listen to one another, maybe we can help ourselves and other people in the process. Take care.

Reply from:

My daughter(34) was told by a doctor that she has fibromylagia and alot of her pain comes from mercury fillings. He suggested she remove all her fillings and replace wirh mercury free materials. She has not because:it is expensive,she can't sit that long and other doctors radically disagree with this diagnosis.She continues to get worse and we're not sure what to do. I know this doesn't help you but I thought I would tell you anyway.

Again from me (rhody):


Thanks so much for replying. You have helped a lot.

I did some quick research on the internet about fibromyalgia and this is what I found. According to the American College of Rheumatology, fibromyalgia affects 3 to 6 millions Americans. It may affect the central nervous system (I may note that so does mercury). My key finding today was that fibromyalgia is sometimes called fibrositis. That's very interesting. For what I remember, a little over 20 years ago that these pains that I had, it fit the description of fibrositis. That means that my symptoms fit fibromyalgia too.

Now, the question comes up, how many of these 3 to 6 million Americans, not to mention millions of other people in the world, are affected by fibromyalgia that may have been caused by mercury-silver dental amalgams? That would be interesting research for someone.

For your daughter who was told by a doctor that she had fibromyalgia, he might be right to suggest that she have her mercury fillings removed, and replaced with mercury-free dental materials. But first let me explain further.

Since so much of this is still unknown, it could be just an experiment. I thought of that when I had my shooting pains, when my tooth broke exposing this dental amalgam. I had the link, where my pains got worse, at that time, but how could I know absolutely that I was right to have these poisons taken from my teeth? Where were the medical doctors that could help me? I could find none.

So, I rationalized at that point, that at the worse case, if I was not cured by replacing these ugly gray-black things in my mouth, at least for cosmetic purposes I would have a nice set of white teeth. For me it was another of my many experiments, in my twenty years or so of experimentation on myself. It was the best thing that I could have done, for now all these fibromyalgia type of symptoms are mostly gone.

For you and your daughter it sounds like that it may be a personal decision that only you both can make, after discussing this with your doctor. As long as you feel that changing the fillings to non-toxic ones will do no harm at the very worse, then it might be something to consider very seriously.

As far as the cost of replacing these mercury fillings with non-toxic ones, you might check around for the latest prices. If you have insurance, they may pay for some of the costs. You would have to check. You also have to weigh the costs of replacing these mercury fillings with all the doctor visits that you might continue to do. What would be more expensive? And what other choices do you have?

Before I chose what dental materials that I wanted, to replace the mercury fillings, I went to a naturopath. I'm not sure if his analysis of what I might be compatible to, was valid, but I went anyway and picked the materials for me that seemed best based on these tests. I believe also that mercury toxicity can be determined by a hair analysis. It has been some time since I read about it, so you'll have to research it some more.

If she can't sit very long with this procedure to get non-toxic fillings, is there a way that she could have it done in smaller time increments? I would check with your dentists to see what can be done to help your daughter with this. Also I recommend that if these heavy metal toxins are removed, that you should request a dental dam, to prevent her from accidentally swallowing the mercury.

Again, thanks for writing. You gave me some key information. I write these posts not to only help me better understand my pains that I had prior to removing these mercury-silver dental amalgams, but to help others out there that could be suffering. I hope that your daughter does well, and if a decision is made to have the mercury fillings replaced, and she gets better, please let us know.

Also, I might mention, that even though the source of the mercury poisoning is removed, it can take considerable time for the remaining mercury then to be removed from the body. If you want to know what I have done to help me, after I had the dental amalgams removed, please write back, and I'll tell you what I had done. It may or not work for other people. Also, what I had written on other message posts, is that I recommend that people do not experiment like I had done, without consulting their doctor.

If anyone else has more information to tell us, that might help us to better understand this "arthritis" that I and others have had, please let us know. Even the smallest bit of information, can be greatly helpful.

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Old 03-12-2001, 05:38 AM   #2
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korken HB User

Hi, Cured is a strong word. I have had remissions to. Some lasting years. Sometimes it goes dormant for who knows how long or why. Thank you and WELCOME! We are happy for you and take care, Kim Ps: I had all my fillings changed a few years back and I am now worse, go figure

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Old 03-12-2001, 08:19 PM   #3
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rhody HB Userrhody HB Userrhody HB User

Thanks Kim for your reply.

Yes, I'm nearly cured of this. I could say that I'm 100 percent cured if I wasn't so competitive and constantly trying to beat my own personal best running records and pushing my exercise regimen to higher levels. If I run too fast, I can get a little sore (I average about 19.5 miles a week). But, it goes away as soon as I run a little slower the next time.

I'm experimenting again, but this time with (supposedly) a natural chelation agent. I'm eating fresh cilantro, to remove any more trace amounts of lead, aluminum, and mercury. It's just another one of my experiments. It may not work, but I can't imagine that it would hurt.

For me, I wouldn't call it a remission, because I found the problem, and eliminated the source. I constantly improve, with some small ups and downs. I don't feel good and then feel bad on a large scale, with flare ups. Even if a lot of people don't recognize the problems with mercury-silver dental amalgams, I do know they caused me decades of problems. This may be unusual or controversial the subject of associating mercury-silver fillings with arthritic pains, but I just want everyone to know what happened to me. It may not be the cure for everyone, but I do know how I feel today and how I felt before I had the amalgams removed. Maybe I can help just one other person.

Were your pains similar to mine, where they got sore after exercising? I had pains on my feet joints, knees, pelvic area, elbows, shoulder blades at different times (from what I can recall). Did your joint pain disappear after stopping exercise, say about 3 days later?

How about any one else? Can you describe to me your fibromyalgia pains? Again, did these occur as a result of exercising? And did you have to stop the activity for the pain to go away? Thanks. Do you also have dental amalgams or are you free of any toxic dental materials? Could you have been exposed to other sources of toxicity, say in your line of business? I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about these subjects from people's experiences. I only know what occurred with me. I wonder how many of you have had similar patterns to mine?

Oh, by the way, before I had my amalgams removed, I found many herbs and dietary changes that helped immensly. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I was constantly experimenting, because I could never accept that I was going to be crippled for the rest of my life. Living with aspirins was not what I wanted to do. It took me so very long to figure this out for myself. I hope that I can help some of you too. As I repeatedly have suggested, always check with your doctor before experimenting like I have done. Changing your diet to a healthy one for most people, I'm sure is safe, but each person is different and needs to check with their personal physician regarding any changes which might impact their health.

If anyone is interested about more information, write back. I got lots of stories to tell about some of my experiments. Some of them backfired quite a bit; that's why you have to be cautious and monitor this with a health professional. For example, one time I experimented with lifting very heavy weights (two 40 lbs weights, hundreds of times in a week.). This was only a few years back. What happened to me was strange, after a week or two. I was feeling fine and fit, and all of a sudden the pain was tremendous around my rib cage on the right front side. It was like an "implosion" of toxicity that suddenly concentrated and changed me from a very strong person to a "dying" individual. That pain came on to me suddenly in one day, and it hurt so bad that I couldn't even breathe without extreme pain. It was just one of my bad experiments. It went away, a few days later, when I stopped lifting weights all together. To this day, I'm afraid to test my weight lifting ability to that degree. Today, I just stick with the two 20 lb. weights. As I continue to improve, I may slowly increase my weight lifting. But I'm going to be cautious. Take care everyone.

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korken HB User

Rhody, I took out all my old fillings too. Do you check out all products for these things. I know some deoderant/antipersperants do. I didn't notice a difference for me but I had just lost 2 pegnancys one I went into septic shock after a thin needle for an amneo, the second Parvo. We know have a great 2 year old. I don't know what this is but, I over the past about 25 years have had all gone to full fledge siege a couple years later. Are you waering and making FMS ribbons to give out for the mo May? I am and I'm going to give him hundreds next mo. to pass out. Royal Blue is just CFS and Pink and Crimson Fms. I have both. Take care, Kim Ps I can't remember all you wrote, sorry!

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BonnieS HB User

I can't help but zero in on your comment about joint pain. FM has no joint pain but rather muscle and membrane pain. There is such a thing as remission as Kim stated. I have had remission to the point that I thought that I didn't have anything wrong with me. LOL on that one. It hit me full blown. I was born with this crud and have found that if you exercise, avoid stress, and get the restorative sleep you can come out of a flare and enter the wonderful world without pain. That is rare. When the weather changes then the pain starts. By the way I have no fillings. I know you are looking for someone who has the murcery poisioning. This is such a great story and public should be aware of this. Thank you for sharing it has been very interesting.

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rhody HB Userrhody HB Userrhody HB User

Thanks Bonnie for writing back. My "joint pain" was actually the soft tissue near the joints. The only time that I recall having significant bone pain, was about 17 years ago, when I was trying to jog. I had then started changing to a more healthy diet, and I could run about 5 miles a week with some pain. Both my shin bones would hurt, after running, for reasons I didn't know. The thing that helped me stop the shin bone pain was Ginseng tea that I got from Celestial Tea Company.

Thinking about that shin bone pain, I remember one incident like it was yesterday, at that time period 17 years ago. My lower legs felt like they twisted around two or three times, like if I was a cartoon character. I didn't have the pain of a leg being twisted, only the sensation. It is kind of hard to explain. Anyway, I remember that the Ginseng tea, helped "unravel" that pain, like my legs were then being untwisted. That was the first time that I had experienced nearly instant results from herbs. Most herbs that I had taken later, were very slow acting. But I had noticed these results by taking notes, noting the improvements over an extended period of time.

I can't say that I had fibromyalgia like some of you all may have had, but I had symptoms that apparently were similar or the same. All I knew for years that I had joint pain, that you could not explain, see or touch. The doctors that I saw could not tell me what it was either. They always looked puzzled when I saw them. That's why I write my conditions out in so much detail, because I'm curious if other people had similar pains. I assume that a lot of us, may have some similarities and also differences.

These muscle and joint pains were only one of many symptoms that have gone nearly completely away after removing my mercury-silver dental amalgams. Sometimes I run, like I just did tonight and have not a care in the world. When you get your body back, you don't care about financial success, whether you have a job or not; you're just glad to be able to do this kind of exercise that you never were able to do before in such a very long time....

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rhody HB Userrhody HB Userrhody HB User

Thanks Kim for replying also. That was good that you had your fillings removed too. Even if the removal of the fillings doesn't improve your health immediately, at least you have a nice set of white teeth. I'm assuming that you got some nice type of white composite fillings that were cemented in. That was my logic, that at the very worse case, at least I wouldn't have those ugly gray-black things in my mouth any more. Fortunately for me, it did improve my health with the removal of the mercury-silver dental amalgams (but not immediately, but only gradually afterwards). After the amalgams are removed (which is the source of poisoning), you have to remove the mercury from your body. And that takes a long time from what I have read. I think possibly what has helped me too accelerate this effort, was my continual healthy diet, exercise, and herbs after the amalgam removal. The herbs would give me a rash, often in the areas of my pain, at times. I can say that it was the herbs based on my experimentation; because if I took too many herbs the rash would get worse. If I reduced the amount of herbs taken, the rash would not be as severe.

I have also thought about using natural deoderants too. I bought the ingredients, one which was witch hazel, another one was some sort of alcohol, and then some herbal tinctures. I haven't mixed them together yet, to see if they would work as a substitute. But the thought did occur to me, to try to eliminate any possible bit of poisoning from a multitude of sources. How do we know what other things that may be affecting our health, that we use every day? I read hundreds of years ago, that they thought it was safe to put lead in facial creams. The women would actually damage their face with the cream, and then keeping caking on more later on, creating a vicious cycle.

Sorry to hear that you lost your pregancies and that you have had a full fledge siege with FMS or CFS. I hadn't heard about the ribbons that you mentioned. It's good to hear that people are taking fibromyalgia and CFS seriously. It is wonderful that you are passing these ribbons out. More people have to be aware that some of us have pains, that may not be understood, but that more research should be done. I may not have had fibromyalgia, but only similar symptoms, as I had written. But nonetheless, I have felt the frustration of being trapped in a body, that hurts for reasons that can't be explained by doctors. Nothing can be seen too, in regards to this muscle and joint pain. It just hurts.

The herbal tea that I mentioned previously, was actually called Celestial Seasons Tea. I wanted to mention that, to let everyone know that I didn't take a lot of Ginseng to help my shin bone pain in those days. It was just one of their small bags mixed in some hot water. I was surprised at the instant feeling of relief that I got, from some that wasn't prescribed by a doctor. My feeling, though, is that the worse you are, probably the greater impact the herbs have on your body in healing. That seems to have been the pattern for me. For the better that I got, the less difference did I notice in improvement with the herbal therapy.

Kim, have you tried changing to a healthy diet also? I first eliminated all sweets, and alcohol about 18 years ago. I used to love the chocolate cookies that my wife would make. I could eat them by the dozen, with all those gooey chocolate bits (yummm!!!). Of course, my weight starting climbing in those days, so changing to a healthy diet not only helped reduce the pains, but I loss some weight as well (about 20 pounds - and I kept them pounds off ever since). Over the years, as my pains got worse before removing the amalgams I tried to eat healthier and healthier. Telling someone to eat healthy is hard, especially when we have a pattern of eating that has been established for years. About 2 or 3 years ago, I finally stopped eating all processed cereals. I eat only whole grains for my cereals (like wheat berries, flax seed, brown rice, and millet). I grind some of these to a powder with my food processor, mix with water, and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. The first batch becomes my hot cereal, and the leftovers become the cold cereal. Anyway, without writing too much about better eating habits, you might want to see if changing your diet to a healthy one might help you, if you haven't done so already.

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korken HB User

Rhody, Don't have much time everyone is sick. We don't drink amd I was what was once refurred to as a flower child. I use to drink that tea too. I have FMS and CFS. We have been dealing with this for some 20 - 30 years. Hay, what else do we want a perfect life? YES! Okay unfair, but a good sence of hummor can help. I don't remember all that you said sorry, I wish we could read the post at the same time we write. Keep on plugging away. Kim

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rhody HB Userrhody HB Userrhody HB User

Hi all,

I was reading your top ten most prominent symptoms of FMS. It's so interesting that a lot of your symptoms were similar to mine. None of you (I don't think) mentioned teeth or gum problems, although. I'm mostly cured of all that since I had my mercury-silver dental amalgams removed.

My top ten symptoms are as described here in detail previously (plus I added a couple more that I've included before on other posts):

1) Urinary problems
2) Muscle pains
3) Joint pains
4) Chest pains
5) Headaches
6) Gum disease
7) Loose teeth
8) Fatigue
9) Lower back pain
10) Skin rashes

Now at 50 years of age, they are now gone, gone, gone.... I wonder how many of you suffer from this and do not know it, or if you are allergic to other foods or toxins that give you all these problems. How much research has there been done for all of you in this regard? How do we know?

I feel awful for all of you, because I know what it feels like. I suffered so much to the point of wanting death. May God never let me forget.

There may be some of you that also could be cured if you are allergic to something that is causing this. Have any of you explored these possibilities? Any comments?

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mollypj HB User
Re: Cured From Fibromyalgia Symptoms

my mom was told she has fybromyalgia (she is 91) and has had false teeth since she was in her 30s.

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