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Caring 07-26-2001 05:14 PM

Hey, found some info about Dopamine deficiency you might want to hear!
I have tremors caused by Dopamine deficiency, and many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia (still waiting to see Rheumatologist).

So I've been doing a lot of research on Dopamine, and found out some interesting info that might help you. Not trying to be preachy, but this stuff is fascinating.

After many hours of reading about Dopamine deficiency and related problems, it seems that many of the problems associated with Fibromyalgia can be related to Dopamine deficiency.

Let me explain. I've read that some doctors believe Fibromaylgia is closely related to Dopamine deficiencies. Dopamine receptors in the brain affect almost every aspect of your body. I will list the different things that are related to Dopamine deficiency and you can see if this sounds familiar. Many doctors also believe that Dopamine deficiencies are related to Attention Deficit Disorder too.

Weight and digestive problems. Memory problems. Immune system problems. Chronic pain. Joint problems. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (some doctors believe that Dopamine affects the way a body percieves various chemicals which the body is exposed to). Fatigue. Emotional problems. Tremors. Muscle weakness.

Ok, now here is something else interesting. Magnesium is known to effect Dopamine levels, usually in a good way. Also, magnesium is used in many stomach remedies. I find this interesting because most people who have Fibromyalgia have stomach problems, and maybe the lack of Magnesium has an effect on their stomach problems and their Dopamine levels.

Just passing on some information. Hope this will be helpful. I am not saying Magnesium is a cure for Fibromaylgia, but it might help some people. Fibromyalgia is not the same for everyone, and Dopamine deficiency is probably not the only cause, but the neurochemical relation really makes a lot of sense to me. This can help to explain the array of symptoms so many of us have.

Any little bit of information or anything we can share that will bring us closer to finding out what is causing these problems for us, well, I just had to pass the information on. I must say that taking medication for my tremors which are caused by Dopamine deficiency does help the pain, and makes my pain medication work better. Just something to consider.

Oh, and chemical exposures are one of the factors which can affect the chemicals in the brain. So this makes a lot a sense to me with my problems.

You all take care now. Hope this is helpful.

fawnmarie 07-26-2001 06:18 PM

I've been taking the recommended magnesium/malic acid combination (600mg/1200mg) for about a week now and have noticed steady improvement in the pain department.

It also clears up constipation (ahem), but that's another topic. :)


Cossie 07-26-2001 07:29 PM

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but I tryed the Magnesium thing for about 3 months with very strict instruction by my Dr. to bring my urine sample to the Hospital Lab once a changes to my Fibro.

I also did the magnesium/malic acid combination.....
Again no changes....

But that's just me...
I'm REALLY hoping that it works better for you then it did for me...


Caring 07-26-2001 11:18 PM

Well, guess that reiterates what I was saying. May work for "some" people. Haven't even had the chance to try it myself yet.

Sorry to hear that Magnesium doesn't help everyone though, because that would be a great thing. Still, Dopamine deficiency appears to be a major possibility in Fibromyalgia.

Take Care all.

Mamanell 07-27-2001 06:47 AM

I have been taking Cal-Max for awhile after my husband swore it was helping him. He is disabled from degenerative disk disease after two back surgeries.

I honestly believe it is helping with the pain AND mobility. It also seems to relax you and help you sleep. I take it right before bed at night. It has calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. Don't know if it's the magnesium or a combination of all three, but it seems to help so I will continue to take it.

Thanks Caring. That was some interesting info that I will add to my 'research file'.

Chin up everybody and keep researching!


gracieathome 07-27-2001 08:33 AM

I have been taking Magnesium with Calcium (you have to take them both together for them to work) along with Co Enzyme Q10. Feel like a million. Dont know why but it works!

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