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mark c 06-19-2002 10:26 AM

Brain Scans Document Fibromyalgia Pain
Hello fellow fibro sufferers
This was sent to me by email and I thought I would share it with you all who are dealing with the fact that it is all in our heads.
Mark A

beccablob 10-01-2011 03:55 AM

Re: Brain Scans Document Fibromyalgia Pain
I often think that the medical profession need to re-address their attitudes in treating FM patients. Life is difficult enough for us as it is, without being accused of hypochondria and malingering by certain health 'professionals'. As the instances of people diagnosed with FM increase, surely the research funding into the illness should increase too?

As an illness which impacts heavily upon a person's ability to work and generally participate in life, one would think that the fiscal benefits of successfully treating a patient would be enough of a carrot to tempt governments into providing if not all, then some finances to research. The only reason that I can think of that would explain why there is so much reluctance to invest in health research in general, is that the various governments and pharmaceutical companies stand to lose considerable profit, should we become better, or cured. Does that not make sense? If we weren't ill, we wouldn't require drugs and treatments to make our lives bearable and we wouldn't be pouring millions of dollars down a black hole, never to be seen again, either. I believe that there is a vested interest in keeping people sick.....and that is sick.

In the meantime, I wish all fellow sufferers around the world, a better world tomorrow than today's.xx

bluelakelady 10-01-2011 07:27 AM

Re: Brain Scans Document Fibromyalgia Pain
yes i read the study when it came out. each step to understanding helps. been saying for years my brain over reacts to stimuli. now there is proof! giggle.

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