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bebe38_1 11-30-2002 07:25 PM

FM and Tarlov Cysts - Could they be related
I have not yet been totally diagnosed with FM but have been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and my Dr. says I could have FM. I plan to go to a rheumotologist after Jan 1 when I change to a better insurance company that will allow that. But I have all the other symptoms of FM. I have done quiet a bit of research and I have fatigue, my eyesight has gotten tremendously worse, sensitivity to light and noise, and I wake up with most of the tender points hurting most of the time. Some days the pain in some of the tender points go away, sometimes they don't. And without sleeping meds (for the restless leg syndrome) it is very hard for me to sleep. Before my Dr. prescribed clonzapam I didn't sleep sometimes for days.

I had 2 back surgeries last year for herniated disks. I recently was in the hospital for severe back pain. The MRI showed I have another hernated disk and scar tissue from the first 2 surgeries surrounding the nerves. The Orthopedic dr. said this was what was causing my pain and another surgery would only add more scar tissue. He did not mention I had multiple Tarlov cysts. I requested a copy of my mri report and found out myself. Through research myself I see there isn't much they can do for the cysts. But I wonder if since one of the tender points is in the lower back and that is where my pain starts that runs down my leg is, could there be any relation to FM and the cysts?

Does anyone have any comments or advice?

tolern 12-02-2002 08:42 AM


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bebe38_1 12-02-2002 03:20 PM

I went back to my dr. today and he said he had hoped the scar tissue surrounding the nerves from the previous surgeries was the cause of my pain but because it is not better he thinks the buldge they see on the mri and possibly a hidden buldge is the cause. He said what I describe is a pinched nerve and recommends another surgery. He also put me off work (working up to 4 hours a day from home) for another month to give me time to get a second opinion and schedule the surgery.

I made an appt. with a neurosurgeon for next week for a second opinion. I hope he can give me another alternative since another surgery will only cause more scar tissue.

I have severe pain in my lower back with the pain going down my leg to mid calf. I have complete numbness in my right hip to mid thigh. I can not put my right foot completely down on the floor without severe pain. I sure hope i find another alternative.

He said the tarlov cysts are not symptomatic. He said I was probably born with them. I do not know if I agree with this or not. There is not a lot of info on them on the net. But I just wonder if FM and all this is related in any way. I plan to ask the neurosurgeon but he probably will not even know much about FM if anything.

tolern 12-03-2002 07:53 AM


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