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  • Pain Mgnt doc a disappointment!!

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    Old 10-16-2003, 07:39 AM   #1
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    Unhappy Pain Mgnt doc a disappointment!!

    After waiting 6 weeks to finally see the pain management doctor, I was so disappointed in him and the way it went that i cried the whole night thru. During the visit, he left the office (with hubby and me waiting in there) at least 4 - 5 times, because there was an emergency in the office. Someone was bleeding and he had to stitch them up. Also said he might have to leave and check back with them in a few minutes.

    He assumed that I was there for the fibro and that I had just found out or been diagnosed with it. I have been treated for fibro for the last two years by a great doc. I was there for my spine that has been killing me, and my doc thought he might be able to give me some shots in the spine to reduce the pain. He kept asking questions and examining me, asking me to stand on one foot, then the other. Bend over, raise your arms. He said "you say the highest pain number you get to is a 5?" I said, no, he says thats what you wrote on this form. I said, it asks WITHIN THE LAST 24 HOURS. I said im having a good day, one of maybe 3 or 4 OUT of the month. He gets up and excuses himself to go check up on the other patient.

    Comes back. Says, did you know that lortab is heroine? I said, uhm no, didnt know that, but what does that have to do with the PAIN IN MY SPINE that IM HERE FOR??? I take lortab plus soma for the fibro. He gets up because someone knocks on the door and says phone to him. He excuses himself. Comes back, apologizes and says, youre too young to be taking those meds and my choice for treatment of fibro is more exercising, stretching, maybe see a pshycologist to learn how to "deal with the pain." He said Im not giving you opiates. I said IM NOT ASKING for any. He says some other doctor would immediately give you those, Im not.
    I said ,excuse me,? He says I will set up an MRI for your back and set up an appt to get you a tens unit.
    He wants to change my meds, from elavil to trazadone. Suggested I get off the lortab and soma because eventually i would want HIGHER dosages. I told him flat out, ive been on it for a year, and have never gone higher or abused it. If you can give me SOMETHING else that will TAKE the pain away and it not be these pills then do it. He said he give me ultracet. I laughed at him and said, sorry been there, tried that, didnt work. He said im not sending you down that road. I said what road, he says the road of addiction. I lose many patients because i wont prescribe opiates. I thought to myself you lose them because of your damn bedside manner which hes lacking terribly in as well as compassion.

    All i wanted was to be treated with dignity and respect. He didn't know a thing about me and assumed automatically that i didnt know a thing about fibro. He wanted me to buy some kind of cane , cant remember what its called. To put pressure on my back trigger points, and that THAT should help. I almost lost it there. Thats when i told him flat out, I wasnt stopping the lortab or soma. He continued, thats a bad combination, used on the street to get HIGH. I said excuse me?? YOU THINK IM HERE TO GET HIGH???? Thats when i almost walked out, i should have. He finally said, if it means anything to you, as a person, i can tell you this. I have fibro patients, and i understand (BS) what kind of pain youre going thru and I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO GO THRU THAT MYSELF.
    As a doctor, tho, I cant /wont feel right ordering opiates for you.

    HE leaves, comes back, by then im in tears of great disappointment, frustration, anger, feeling like fibro is not really a painful thing, that i must be prone to low pain tolerance. He did mention that. After an explaination of what fibro is, as if i didnt know, he looks at the clock on the wall and says, I really have to leave. My receptionist will make your MRI appt and set the appt with the tens unit operator to show you how to run it. After your mri come back and we'll see where WE can go from there. You may have a legitimate reason to have to take the opiates for your back pain, but for the fibro, i dont recommend it. But go ahead and stay on the lortab and soma if you want. Im NOT TELLING you to stop them. What the heck was he saying THEN???? I came home, feeling like a whiner. Like I had been made to feel that my pain, is not really painful. That fibro is not really that serious or that all i had to do was "get a better look on life".

    I felt belittled, and so let down , disappointed after waiting for so long for help. What do i do now?
    Sorry for it being so long, i havent been depressed, in over 20 yrs, even with living thru pain every day for that many years.

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    Old 10-16-2003, 10:14 AM   #2
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    pixiepoodle HB User

    Hi Jen,
    I am so sorry to hear what an inconsiderate jerk your dr. is. Unforunately, there are many out there like that, as I have had my share of them also. All I can suggest is trying another dr. I see you live in Tx. Are you near the Houston area? If so, I can recommend a great pain mgmt. dr. that I go to. Otherwise, I wish you success in finding a more compassionate and "ducated in pain" dr.

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    I really could relate to your frustration and the sense of helplessness. I have been diagnoised for over a year,now.. At least,now I know I'm not going crazy or that I am not a hypochondriac. Anyway, at least you do have something to be thankful for and that is you are getting something for the pain. The doctor I am seeing is not about to give me anything for pain that might work. We all know Aleve and all the other over the counter meds are a waste of time and money. At our last visit, I asked if I could have something stronger for my pain. He was quick to answer almost as your doctor did, Oh, that is a scheduled 2 narcotic, I don't prescribe those. Well, who does? How do I go about finding a doctor who knows something about Fibro and will give me something for this pain? I am so tired of hurting all the time and missing out on the things in life that make it fulfilling children and their lives. I'm not looking at becoming a dope addict,I just want and need some relief! How do you find that kind of doctor? I've hurt long enough... I bet if some of these doctors had to deal with the pain we deal with 24/7 375 , they'd be in a really big hurry to get to their prescription pad and write them out something to help with their pain.

    Old 10-17-2003, 06:51 AM   #4
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    I hardly know where to begin. I've had 3 yrs. of idiots for DRS. I think the problem is that the HMO'S expect them to see to many patients or they have to many patients because they have to cover their mal-pratice insurance. It's just SOOOOO frustrating that they don't care. Don't even get me started!!!!
    I finally found a physican that is also an accupuncturist. (SP?) She's wonderful but I'm still in a lot of pain. She ordered a TSH blood test and she put me on a super low dose of Amor *thyroid* to see if that will help. I'm already on to many meds, so we can't add any more pain meds. I'm also on IRON. I will let your know in a month if it helps. I also have degenerative disk diease and I have a herniated disk that cause sever pain in my lower back.

    Anyway, I said all of that because I understand how you feel and I wish there was something I could do. We are all here to listen and support you in anyway that we can.
    Most Sincerely,
    PS We are moving to Temple TX in 2 yrs. I'm sure you don't want to say where you live, but can you tell me how many hours away from me you are???? Thanks!!! I'll be looking for a new DR when I get there.

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    pixiepoodle HB User

    I'm not sure how your health ins. works, but if you're not going to a rheumotologist, please consider doing so since they are usually familiar with Fibro. However, the best way to find a dr. that treats Fibro, is to call his office and ask his staff if he has many Fibro patients and what types of meds he treats Fibro with. You can also try asking some of your drs. for references for a reheumy who treats Fibro. My thyroid dr. tested me for arthritis first and when the test was negative, suggested I see a rheumy friend of hers.

    I hope those who need a better dr. will not give up their search. Have a good weekend

    Old 10-20-2003, 10:38 AM   #6
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    pixiepoodle HB User

    I think the easiest way for you to figure out how far Temple, Texas is from Houston is to go to [url=""][/url] and type in an address for Temple, TX (if you don't know the address where you'll be living, try typing something like 1201 Main or some other common street name) and type in one of the addresses for my dr. He has 3 locations, but I'll give the location where I visit, which is 5225 Katy Freeway, Suite 240, Houston, TX 77007. The website will give you driving directions, distance and the time it would take to drive from Temple to Houston. Let me know if you have any luck.

    Old 10-20-2003, 03:27 PM   #7
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    Jen, doctors like that give the good ones a bad name. His behavior is inexcusable. It probably won't be much consolation to you, but I had shots in the lower back and one shoulder over 5 years ago. It didn't help in the least. Maybe there are people out there that have been helped, but I've never met one.

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