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tattoogirl 10-09-2007 11:27 AM

Fibro and stomach diseases/problems????
Does anyone know if Fibro causes any stomach/intestinal tract diseases or problems? I have had a problem for 3 weeks (finally getting a bit better). Started with naseau and vomiting, fever, epigastric pain, and mucousy stool. Eventually the vomiting stopped and the fever went down but the upper abdominal pain was a constant dull aching pain in epigastric area. When I ate/eat or drink anything (even water) The pain is EXCRUCIATING! Like someone is stabbing me with a hot knife. And I also tested positive for blood in my stool. I have had many tests...Blood (normal), Ultrasound (normal), CT Scan (normal). Was put on every antacid type drugs available (too many to list) didn't help at all! Today I went and had an endoscope and it all looked basically normal other than I still had food in my stomach from over 15hrs prior to test!!! He said that isn't normal and there must be some sort of mobility issue. He took a biopsy (results next week). Thursday I am having, with a barium swallow, upper and lower intestinal test. The pain is finally decreasing (of course when I am finally getting appropriate tests) but it also kinda sucks because they might not find out what is going on with this "flare up".

ANY IDEAS??????:confused:

aphrodite62782 10-09-2007 02:22 PM

Re: Fibro and stomach diseases/problems????
Have they tested you for Chrones disease yet? That is what it sounds like to me. I know sometimes my stomach gets upset from the fibro but not like what you are sayin and not for as long as you are having problems. Keep your chin up and keep pressing for answers. You will get them. :)

tattoogirl 10-10-2007 12:00 AM

Re: Fibro and stomach diseases/problems????
Thanks Aphrodite62782-
They are now sending me for some other tests. I guess my lipase was up with the most recent blood test. Dunno...but at least they are helping me. Not just a "nut job" with fibro, ya know. Honestly, thank GOD, my father is a physician and finally stepped in to get me help (he doesn't like to to do it). But he has seen the true debilitating condition my fibro and abdominal problems give me. And I am not a "DRUG SEEKER" as some may presume....when on paper tests look normal...they often think pain isn't "really" there.


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