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Glojer 07-19-2008 10:07 PM

Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
How you doing these days blue? I know you have company this summer and have been fighting a flare in your fanny. I've been quiet for the last few days, seems there is so much to do. I started physical therapy for my neck and shoulders on Thur.. You know how fibro loves those areas at least on me. I try to work them out myself with the exercises I already know, but the physical therapist just has that magical touch.

It has been a long hot day here, and the heat just wipes me out. Tomorrow we will go to the nursing home and celebrate Miraclemans 69th birthday. His actual birthday was last Tues., but we couldn't get it all together until Sun.. So we will take a cake and bring him more Cardinals Baseball 'stuff' and sing and celebrate with him one more year. It will only be just our immediate family, the aunt and cousins couldn't make it this year. His aunt is 78yrs. old and would have to drive in from the country, much too long of a drive for her. Her children usually bring her but they have their lives and other scheduled events and time didn't work out this year.

You know who I have been thinking about lately. Godsgirl....Julie, wasn't she and Nat getting married at the end of June? I hope all has worked out for them, they are such a young sweet couple. They should be gearing up and heading back to college soon.

Hope you are feeling better, it is late and I fear I am not making good sentences I am so tired. Just had to check in here though cause it seems I have been awol for a while. I'm going to start getting a busy schedule again soon, with PT and all. I'm going to have to make lists again so I get 'most of it done'....I never get it all done. Coming here though is a must, it is the best therapy.


bluelakelady 07-20-2008 08:53 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
hi glojer,
poop. i hit the wrong button and lost all i had written. too tired now to repeat myself.
many blessings to miracleman on his 69th anniversary of his birthing day. my heart and mind are with you all as you celebrate.
i am afraid i will have to fill you in later on me. root canal tomorrow, bone doc tuesday to find out results of mri from hades. flared my whole back up. took my mind off my fanny a bit tho. giggle.
still exercising. glad you are in therapy. how i miss it.
having fun with my family. designing another website. also fun. retired from being agent to my artist friend. stress factor. staying busy and resting in between alot.
sorry the heat is eating you alive. me too. between the heat and the smoke i am weak as a kitten. i sound like a blues singer. i have a deep voice, now it is raspy too.
fanny says it's time to say bye bye for now. will be back tuesday morning.
thank you for the special post. you knew it would get my attention. it did.
how happy i will be when the state i love is done burning. the total burn so far is larger than the state of maine! mother nature knows what she is doing. lightning during a drought is always hard on us here in "sunny" california. total humor intended!
okay fibro fanny! i hear you!!

bluelakelady 07-20-2008 10:38 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
me again,
i turned off my computer and then thought of julie. we just have to go with the thought that she is busy making her new nest. believe that she is happy and will return when she has time.
peace and a cool breeze for us all,

Glojer 07-21-2008 09:48 PM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
Yeah, I have to do the special posts for you. I wonder how you are doing and I don't like to jump in on other peoples posts. You know.....and how is your fanny doing blue?....not really cool. I have thought of you so much with the news of the fires in Ca. and wondered how they were effecting you. Also wondered if they had pushed you out of your home. Glad to hear you are still safe but sorry you have to suffer with the smoke.

You don't have to tell me about the mri's. Oh, my how they make me tighten up and stiffen up. I just can't lay flat on a hard surface and worst of all I think is laying still. I hope results came out OK.

Glad to hear you are having fun with the family. It makes everything else seem so much easier when you have family and you have so much extended family. You are one very blessed lady and you deserve it, for sharing like you do with others.

I hate when I have a long really great post, you know the ones that just come together and you get everything explained or all the info you have organized and then it disappears. I never go back and try it again. I just say something simple or forget it all together. Take care of yourself, hope you get the aches and owies worked out. I had a few minutes to read a little out of my fibro book and boy do I fit the profile. Reading little bits about our pain and what may or may not be happening depending on the person of course. It does put things in perspective.

I am sure Julie is one happy and busy young lady these days. I am sure she will be back to share with us when she can. Here's hoping golden is doing well also and Linda, haven't heard from her in a while. I think bilij checks in every so often. I have a busy day tomorrow and we have storms coming tonight. Hang in there with the root canal, send that fibro to Mo. and I'll put it out in the heat and humidity that will weaken it's thunder.


bluelakelady 07-22-2008 09:00 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
morning my friend,
hey goldie and linda and bilij and anyone else please feel free to jump in and say hi, let us know how you are.
the smoke is back today. yesterday it was so clear and a lovely breeze. not that i was awake for any of it. slept all day. the root canal did not go well. 6 shots and we are still not done. he put chloraform in the canal and i go back next month to finish. still some nerve there so it is sparking. sore jaw. fibro tired body. mind is still in her happy place where color and music heal all.
i find out today about the mri and my fanny. i am not hoping they find anything and i am not hoping they don't. just want my info so i can navigate my next course of action.
here's a funny. i found out my son-in-laws parents are people i have known for 18 years. he was my dentist and she works in the office. too funny! we had a blast visiting them.
the girls come back later this week. for a month again at grandpas and my homes. they are very considerate of my energy. to be adopted is an honor. it is also joy and fun and delight. the love i see in their eyes blows my mind. a soft reflection of the love i have for them.
my son called. actually he has been calling every day. he worries about his mom and he needs to talk alot right now. the woman he loved died just over a year ago and it has hit him, suddenly and hard. i tell him the pain never goes away. it just get's doable over time. i cannot relate, only empathize with him.
how was the party for our dear miracleman????
thank you for offering to take my fibro and melt it. not taking you up on it. it is mine and i must live it to grow within. maybe next time? giggle.
my life calls me and i must fly away now. be well my dear friend. be well everyone. know you are loved and thought of.
peace, love, hugs,

Glojer 07-22-2008 09:53 PM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
That wonderful beautiful sleep, the sleep that heals the body and rests the mind. I was up early and going this morning to get to PT on time. Last night the lightning and thunder kept waking us up. It kept kicking the electric off and then on again and off again.....sleep was so disturbed. Then as mothers do, I worried our daughters electric would have gone off and her alarm wouldn't work and she would not wake up for work. She is like braveman on that I kept waking up checking the clock and resetting it and finally giving up on that, I just woke up early and waited for time to call her. Of course I called too early and her electric was fine. That's the way it always is, I should stop worrying about that.

Miracleman was very happy to see us, and he enjoyed his party simple as it was. I am going to have to get on the person that was left as the power of attorney to take care of his welfare. That home is not doing a good job lately taking care of him, we haven't been there in 3weeks and we were not liking what we saw. Never the less, he enjoyed his cake and his gifts and we were glad to be doing it for him.

I have a lot on my plate lately, nothing earth shattering but little things that take time and thought to accomplish. I was elected president of our condo board and I haven't been involved in commitees and least of all in charge of them since the kids were young and of course I was in all the things at church and school. So I need to get my head around all the 'stuff' that I need to be up to speed on. Then of course I have things to talk to people about and find out info about. It's going to be OK though, I will not stress over this. We have an excellent on sight manager and I can depend on him for a lot of things.

I just need to get through this month, set my priorities and make my lists and do one thing at a time. Then mark that off the list and move on. This weekend our daughter and her business partners will be moving into their business and they are depending on friends and family to help move and clean and organize and get it all together. Braveman has his CT cancer check for three weeks after that and of course I am doing PT twice a week. I will be doing the breathing exercises for sure.....giggle.....the only problem, I am afraid to do them during the day, afraid I will fall asleep.....giggle.

Let us know how the MRI turns out. I hope the root canal gets better. So far I haven't had the pleasure of root canal.

I know you are the rock for your son right now as he is still dealing with his grief. Just being there and listening is sometimes all we can do. Even though it breaks our hearts to see our children suffering. It is always nice to know they worry about us. I remember how worried our son was about braveman, but trying not to show it. He is like his mom, he tries not to show his worry and sometimes people take it as not caring or wanting to be involved. We put up a good front!

I hope we hear from some of the others if they feel like jumping in. I have been keeping fibro sort of in control. Keeping the exercise going and trying to get plenty of rest. I over loaded on sugar and fat foods the day of Miraclemans party and I was worried about the after effects on the fibro. I am holding my own though. PT today said she would try some MP release therapy next time. She says my neck and shoulders are tight, ...... welcome to our world of fibro.

Feel better and have fun with the family.


bluelakelady 07-23-2008 07:56 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
hi glojer,
so glad miracleman enjoyed his party. get him out of there. be a pest to his POA. he has a right to good treatment.
i think if you keep your body in mind you will do fine as pres. congrats girl!
mri came back fine as i knew it would. my next step is to see a pain mgmt. woman. time to stick an needle in my arse. yuck! now you know it must be hurting alot for me to do this. invasive therapy is not my first choice. however, it is my last resort and we are there! so there!
fibro reminds me it will not forget this pain. brat!
thank you for your kind words regarding my son. i want my kids to experience life. all aspects of it. i do not hurt for him. his pain is his. maybe i am a weird mom. i want my kids to be strong and i know it is only thru hardships that inner strength comes. death is a given, with no rules. this too my children must experience. as do we all. this life experience will gift him with a deeper compassion for others.
i hope others pop in as well. if not to say hi, then to read and know they are thought of.
my fanny says it is time to go stand a bit. time to smell the flowers. the smoke is less today. yesterday was horrid.
i see my internist tomorrow to change my bp med. and get some help with breathing. bp med is causing side affects i don't like. dizzy and headaches, etc. busy busy.
today i get polarity and energy work done. i have a girlfriend who does it and gifts her time to my body. she is a lovely window for the healing energy.
ps. i love lightning and thunder. you enjoy it. i hope to skip anymore this year. fires you know. just look at what the last T and L storm did here! yet, mother nature knows best what she needs to be doing. i trust her.

Glojer 07-23-2008 08:20 PM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
Gotta listen to your fanny blue....giggle. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't sit on my arse.....I guess I lie down on it. Standing for any amount of time is not for me. Moving around and smelling the flowers now that I can do. So glad the smoke eased up some.

Would love to hear from some of the others. I know they are probably feeling low but they are thought of for sure.

It seems invasive procedures are all there is anymore, but your fanny is a rather personal place to be stuck. I hope it gives you relief though, I know when my lower back gives me trouble you can't get in a comfortable position. Fibro messing with your fanny is just not fair, but fibro never plays fair.

The polarity and energy thing sounds great. Let me know if it works, tell me what she does......and I lost my train of thought......cause braveman had important things he had to tell me right at this moment (not) and he wanted 'froggy' (the dogs toy) she left up here in the hall so I had to stop and throw it down the steps. I am so happy to be having these moments with him, we came so close to not having them. Anyway let me know how the polarity and energy works.

One of the things I do as a mom is try to shield my children too much. Our daughter lets us do that more than our son but to my childrens credit they do tell me, "Mom I can handle it, but thanks anyway." My children did experience a lot of death of people they loved very much at a very early age. My uncle, cousins wife and cousin died within 3years of each other when my children were about 5 and 6 years old. They were very close to them, it was hard on all of us but especially for my aunt to lose her daughter in law, husband and son so close together. I don't think you are ever prepared to lose someone you love, but it is something you have to deal with and work through on your own. Like you say it is a fact of life. I wish your son well.

Watch out for those bp meds, boy they can cause some problems. I hope all goes well with the doc tomorrow.

Peace and a pain free days!

bluelakelady 07-24-2008 08:04 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
hi glojer,
no polarity yesterday. tomorrow. she needed time to rest and fill her personal cup up. i don't understand it. it works tho. she barely touches me. she follows the streams of electricity within. my right side is too quiet. my pulse there is not strong. blockage of energy and i know where. my fanny!
remember IT? three years ago i and my brother had to have him arrested, sold the house, moved. ring a bell? well IT has filed a law suit against the county for arresting him and i have been asked, no, summoned to give a deposition. so has my brother. we go on the 15th of next month. the county protected me so it is only right for me to protect the county in return. it means having to relive the experience. not looking forward to that aspect. yet it is not right for one to profit off doing wrong to another. i fear what the fall out may be later. i still fear IT. will this chapter of my life ever end? sure it will. thought it had. guess there is a bit more to do, and do it i will. i can already hear fibro dancing around getting ready to blast off. brat!
i was referred to a pain specialist and am on a waiting list. 6 to 8 weeks just for the consult. busy lady. i hear she is good tho. good is worth waiting for.
me and my fanny say time to stand up, giggle.
peace and hugs,
hi everyone else!!!!!!

bluelakelady 07-24-2008 08:13 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
forgot to say i see the doc today for my bp med. going to change it.
bye bye,

Glojer 07-25-2008 08:35 PM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
Oh yes I do remember IT. I remember all the fear and anxiety he caused you. You overcame your fear and anxiety and got on with your life, so you can do it again. It is right for you to do, they (the county) were doing their job. Obviously the officers saw a danger from IT or they wouldn't have arrested him. It is a shame that someone like IT can cause a nuisance to the county by sueing them just because it is possible. He is not worth your health, I know fibro will try to sneak in there, but when is does just say NOT TODAY. Then shoo it my way! Don't forget I am always here for you to lean on and so is everyone else on this board.

The polarity thing sounds very interesting, would love to have someone do that to me. Hope the blood pressure visit went OK.

So when you go see the pain management doc, do you go in and say "Hi doc I have a pain in my arse." Sorry couldn't resist that one....giggle! Yes a good doc is worth waiting for, there are so many out there that are shall we say not quite as good as they should be. Our DIL is more than half way through her pregnancy and she is switching OB's because her last visits with the old OB have been less than stellar. At her last visit she timed him, he spent 40seconds.....yes I mean 'seconds' the room with her. Walked in put the ultra sound moniter on her stomach pushed down on it saw a heartbeat on the moniter, grabbed a towel wiped off the gel said everything is ok, vote for my wife in the election (she is running for state treasurer here) and walked out the door. This may be her second child, but they will be six years apart and she still would have questions no matter what. She will be seeing a new OB next week, DIL hopes she will be a good one. My PT says they call those kind of docs 'doorknob docs', you know the ones who never take their hand off the doorknob when they come into the room, PT was so funny demonstrating for me today.

Tomorrow is move in day for daughter and her partners for their business. They are very excited. She has lots of family and friends lined up to help, one of which of course is me! Braveman did his stint tonight helping load up and unload two cars full. He still does not do well with too much activity going on around him, and too many things in the way he may trip over. So he will set tomorrow out, it will make us all rest a little easier not worrying about him losing his balance. That may be a lasting side effect from the muscle disease. Anyway, they have a couple clients already lined up so that is encourageing.

I will mark the 15th of next month on my calander and send you waves of energy and strength all day to get you through. IT cannot harm you anymore.


bluelakelady 07-26-2008 07:33 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
thanks girlfriend,
for all your words and the time you take to think of me. i am honored.
yes i will be telling them i am a pain in the arse. believe me i use it already. good for a laugh and i do love laughing with my body, hearing others laugh with me, nectar. i have met many a pain in the arse, giggle, just never thought i would be one myself, giggle.
good luck with moving today. be careful.
give braveman my love. it is so hard for him sometimes. i feel it.
got my new bp med. so far i feel alot better. also got an inhaler. the smoke here is exhausting. not enough oxygen getting in. yesterday the winds blew in the afternoon and shooed all the smoke away. a break is heaven. i heard we will have smokey skies thru august. this may be the perfect moment to become a blues singer. i sure have the raspy deep voice for it right now. giggle.
time to clean my space and get ready for a web site client to come give final approval so we can publish. then on to another one. they like my style and i can keep it simple for my body. i like doing it. combines my love of art with my love of writing, and of course the joy of helping another present themselves to the world. it's fun. i like fun stuff.
be sure to rub dil's tummy for me. hi baby!!

bluelakelady 07-27-2008 08:33 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
hi glojer,
how did the move go? how are you feeling? were you a good girl?

Glojer 07-30-2008 11:01 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
Well blue the move was Sat. and this is Wed. Does that tell you something. Really, I did very well. I was pretty stiff and sore on Sunday but Mon. was the worst. My good friends were there (the ones that did our remodeling, she is my best friend from high school) and we worked from 10am to 10pm. The place looks beautiful. It is adult day service, like a social club. The funiture went together beautifully, our daughter has a real knack for that. Anyway she had some friends and of course our son was there and her two partners and between the guys doing all the heavy lifting and hanging cabinets and things the ladies putting together all the carts and tables and bookcases and sorting through all the boxes of crafty things. Well it was a long day and we all worked hard and we loved it. It feels so good to do something worth while and to help out someone you love so much. August the first is the opening day, so keep some good thoughts and send all those good vibrations their way. One of the papers published the wrong phone number (some poor guy is getting all the wrong calls) so they will republish the ad for free for a couple extra weeks (with the right number) so hopefully they will be getting some phone calls and get up and running with enough business soon to pay the bills.

Your web site business sounds fun. I don't know enough about the computer to do anything like that. I just look up info about things and come to the health boards. I don't really have time for anything else. I am so glad you are doing something you enjoy so much. You certainly have the skills for it, your love of art and your way with a word. Say with that raspy voice, maybe you could make one of those talking websites everyone would love that.

Have the fires been put out or are they still burning. I know......but I haven't seen the news in so the world still spinning....giggle! I think it is just awful that you all have to worry about breathing the smoke from the fires. I also feel for the people that have lost their homes and all the wildlife that have lost theirs. With the floods here we had so many more cars and deer accidents in places you don't usually see them. Poor deers kept coming to higher ground and weren't use to a little more city type area.

By the way did your brother find a new job? I hope that is going well for him.

I don't know what happen to the last few days, had the grandson yesterday, DIL liked the new docs office, she didn't see new doc yet just had blood work and stuff done by nurse practitioner. She did like their philosophy and the way the office was run.

I am off to get ready have to take braveman for blood work at the oncologist then next week CT scan then the following week we see the doc for results. We are praying all is still clear of cancer.

Glad the bp meds are working better already. Don't get that bp up over IT, these things have a way of working themselves out.


bluelakelady 07-31-2008 08:18 AM

Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?
hi glojer,
i bet you were sore. well done girlfriend! i'm proud of you. no brother has not found work. recession or depression it's all the same. i just hope my wee bits at the computer help enough to keep us afloat.
i am off bp med!!! yipeeee!!! doing great too. i went on the med 3 years ago during the whole IT episode. never had high bp before that. i think i am well from that experience now and my body says so! yea, i am one happy girl. giggles.
the skies are clear here again. yosemite is still burning. i have my childhood memories to carry me regarding the grandure of yosemite. mother nature really is cleaning house here this year.
i will send magic for the opening.
my heart is with you and braveman as you go do what must be done and await the results. please let me know what they are? i will focus on you both and will ask my friend redwood tree to lend strength.
time to get ready for a play day with my girls and later music with the guys and taking the girls with me. practice at one of the fellas homes. swimming today. yesterday got cancelled. totally okay with me. i like having an open life where any change can happen and i am cool with it.
you take it easy this weekend. rest, drink your water and be good.

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