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dee46 04-06-2010 07:30 AM

I can't believe this symptom Fibro
I had pain in a weird area so I checked the symptoms list and there it is vulvar and vagina pain like, but mine is a achiness on and off all day yesterday and now today. I am worried since all this came on I've been having a discharge clear no odor. I didn't see it listed. It could be just my hormones, but if it keeps up I will have to check it out. I have been achy all over in my forarms and legs it is pretty bad. Feels worse than flu. Thats what this other feels like a aching in my vulvar and vagina area. Nothing could have caused it either if u get what I am saying.

What have others use naturally for this problem that is herbs. < edited > Because I am really sick and I need help. I understand that none of what is share is intended for medical advice but only given to me because I ask for it and as to educate me.

Years ago when I suspected I had this after a brief bout I read where people use Guaifenesin lots had troubles cycling this drug?????? I never researched it further because my symptoms went away. Most of the time my symptoms just lasted a couple months. I never understood this problem completely. I know one year my shoulder started bothering me they sent me for MRI and everything no diagnose. The pain finally left on it own after many months.


wcdpepsimom 04-07-2010 12:00 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
I'm not sure it's the same thing, but, for a couple of months I experienced similar feelings and called a nurse to ask embarrassing questions: What could make vulva/vagina have a hot flash or ache or tingle...other than the obvious, of course...? I didn't have an infection or injury of any kind. She didn't have an answer and suggested I see my Dr. The doctor didn't have an answer either!!!

dee46 04-07-2010 01:20 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
It's nuts now today I do not have it. Today I am have pelvc pain and hip pain. I read it as a symptom on the fibro list site though about the vulva and vagina ache. Others must have had it.

catkaru 04-07-2010 01:26 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
Hi there,
The only time I have heard of that kind of issue is if there were varacouse (sp) veins in the area. I know this happens to a lot of pregnant woman in the third trimester. Not sure otherwise. You could explore that cause though.
Cat ;0)

dee46 04-07-2010 01:45 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
Yes, your right but I thought it could be a result of internal hemorrhoids in the rectum. I've had problems with IBS lately and had constipation really bad with straining. I believe that the veins become ingorged with blood and start to ache, and it is my thinking that it causes the nerves in that area irritation causing a referred like pain to the vulva and vagina. So I have thought about that to, but I did read on the Fibro website a list of symptoms and it was there.

dee46 04-07-2010 01:54 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
I've got something wrong with my back and it could be a disk issue and that perhaps has caused this flare of weird symptoms. The aches are everyday in different areas, but my back is causing a lot of problems. I am not sure it the pain in my back is a disk or fibromyalgia. I know it's been weird. I sound like a basket case I know. People look at me like I am nuts when I talk about how it hurts. I feel so hopeless sometimes. All these problems seem to happen to me after I had that meningitis and Epstein Barr virus years ago the pains aches, flu symptoms and depression because of it. Now with this recent back issue I am thinking either fibro or disk issues or both.

baserockermom 04-13-2010 09:02 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
dee, when's the last time they've done an MRI on you? Problems in the T9-T12 area can mimic these conditions: rritable bowel disorder, pelvic pain, period pain, pain in the sexual organs. Just another vertebrae down the spine and you're into hip problems.

baserockermom 04-13-2010 09:11 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
dee, there's some easy-to-understand info on the internet; I just searched pain clinic, spinal pain introduction and it lists each section of the spine and the problems the referred pain mimics within each.

dee46 04-14-2010 04:44 AM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
I had a MRI 10 years ago. I had a CT in October 2009. I do not hurt in my Thoracic area though. The pain is in my lower back like sacrum there is a joint there that apparently can become irritated out balance it can involve the hips, but the pain feels like it is also lumbar. I think the pain is legitimate not mimic pain or referred. I do have a bad gall bladder get attacks a lot none right now it's possible that could cause a problem in the Thoracic area causing referred pain in lower back and hips. Funny thing is most pain occurs mostly at night during my time I am laying on stomach with hip flex toward abdomen. Yesterday my ovaries throbbed literally I though maybe ovulation it's around the time also I could have some large ovarian cyst I get them all the time and use to hurt in hips with them so mom said. I am not going to a doctor until I can figure out which one is the best. I don't have money and if I do my credit out of whack again it's over. So back doctor, GI, GYN, Rheum? The ER visit in October cost me $5,000.

baserockermom 04-14-2010 05:44 AM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
Yeah, Dee, I have no doubt the pain is completely legitimate--that was what I was trying to affirm. I just messed up conveying that. The chart showed how much severe pain those spinal regions can cause--and it confirmed what I have experienced, which is similar to what you described--that you can go through a year's worth of doctor visits and tests and wild goose chases and money and still have no relief because no one is realizing (without an MRI) that there is something going on in the spine or with a muscle--there are spine problems that can cause bowel problems and vagina pain and I just wondered if that had been ruled out for you, especially given your history. When I was looking at the chart, I remembered your question.

I had horrific pelvic pain (and the vagina/vulvar stuff) and ended up getting my gall bladder and an ovary removed within 10 days of each other in 2008 trying to get rid of the pain, but still the pelvic pain would not let up. Like you said, my leg being elevated or held in the fetal position made it worse. I finally went to a trigger point massage specialist and asked her if she could do anything with it. She went straight for the psoas muscle, which is very deep into your body and stretched it and then applied pressure there until I thought I'd pass out. A couple days later I felt the first relief in over a year. She confirmed that those positions would make it worse because it holds the muscle in a contracted position and the muscle is already having the problem of having contracted but not released (a very common thing with FM/myofascial patients--can't remember if she blamed it on FM or myofascial). She said the muscle was in a knot--she could feel it. Prior to that the gyno put her hand on my right ovary and it hurt so horrendously, we were sure the cyst (that was really too small to warrant an ovary being removed) was the cause of all the pain and surgery was quickly scheduled. That surgery was for absolutely nothing. I was definitely saying the pain is completely legit--but maybe due to the spine having real problems that can cause that kind of pain. That specialist taught me to hold my foot and pull it back towards my back to help with the psoas muscle contracting but not releasing.

That's why I asked about the MRI. I just got results back from mine and it said I had problems from T5-T8, which I hope explains my current pain. In the process of researching what the results meant, I remembered your question.

Take care!

dee46 04-14-2010 10:24 AM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
I appreciate all of this information it really makes me feel better. I don't if I put it in my text on here but my hips are also involved. I get cramp like pain in them when I laid as described. I've just been so hopeless and in despair. I really started having my doubts about what was really going on with me. I am going to look up this muscle you told me about and see what it says. Not that you haven't conveyed quite a bit. It helps a lot.

I post what is going on with as time goes by. Please let me know how it goes with you.

Thank you!;0)

sugarmama40 04-22-2010 04:38 PM

Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro
I take gabapentin 2/3x a day. I also have changed my diet COMPLETELY! Radical change in symptoms. No processed foods. No fried foods (all cooked in soy oil - very bad for fibromyalgia) No fast food. No processed sugars or flours anymore either. It is a challenge. I do sometimes cheat a little because I have a terrible sweet tooth. Chocolate and caffeine also bad for this debilitating disease. I have the flu right now. I have NEVER in my life had such body aches. I have been crying for 2 days. Pain meds are not helping. Hot showers are my only relief. Please don't be overwhelmed by my response about the foods. It is! It is what has been working for me. Its good to know we are not alone.

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