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ebakos 06-08-2011 08:06 PM

does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
Hi, Its been awhile since i was on here. I am curious if anyone has burning/prickly/tingling in hands and feet that are temperature sensitive? I figured it was from the fibro. but now i am wondering about small fiber neuropathy? I have done several cleanses, cleaned up my diet completely, gluten/dairy/soy/sugar free. Seemed to work for a few mths. but at the time I was living on the west coast in the mtns. and it was cooler. Since changing climates... back east to the heat & humidity and my hands and feet burn/hurt like crazy.... some of my joints are hurting as well. Not as much as before though, and i still have more energy than before i changed my diet.

Just want to know if i should be pursuing the per. neuropathy more ? Or is it fibro? Also when i have hot flashes it makes the symptoms worse....go figure....thanks

bluelakelady 06-09-2011 07:46 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
i have neuropathy in one leg and foot. your symptoms do fit it. please pursue this with your doctor.
you really have changed your world! so glad you cleaned up your diet! bravo! giggle, why on earth did you move there? you sure picked a year for it. record heat and humidity. it will take a couple of years for your body to adjust to the climate.
sending you a cool dry breeze from norcal!

ebakos 06-09-2011 08:23 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
I keep asking myself and my husband why we are back here, but we are expecting our 4th gr.babie in August so here we are! Our son lives in santa clara area, and the weather is great there. When the humidex went over 100 yesterday here ( we live in s.w.Ontario canada) but much like Chicago weather..... I couldnt even think of going outside. What i cant figure out is once i started the drive back from Whistler BC. my symptoms slowing started up again. I worked with a fibro/neuro/chiro in California, and now he's thinking its auto immune related? even mentioned raynauds? which i dont agree with, i dont get any change of colour except a bit of redness/swelling in my hands. It all started when I hit menopause and had a major stress in my life....... What do you do for relief? Drs. here just want to medicate.... It has really scarred me, since i thought i had found the cause over the winter, with almost all my symptoms gone, when i changed my diet, i skiied almost everyday, worked, and was happy, and now with in a mth its all regressed! :( What do you think? any ideas?

I love n.california

bluelakelady 06-09-2011 08:47 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
that's a good reason to be there. i have 15 grandkids and thankfully the kids moved closer to me so i can be with them more.
afraid there is not much you can do about the neuropathy. in winter when my foot gets so cold it hurts i warm it with a heating pad or in the hot tub. it helps. in summer i use cold packs and cold water soaks.
hot flashes crack me up. my body gets hot in summer so my foot gets cold. in winter my body gets hot and my foot gets frozen.
my son takes something but he says it does not help much. he has it pretty bad. years of neglecting his body. his choice.
when i was diagnosed i was told there is not much to do except exercise, eat healthy and maintain good blood sugar levels. i went thru a period of having low bs and did not know it. had it checked and it was very low, like 32 overall. no one knows why that happened, it just did. fine now. except the wee footie reminding me.
you just moved. the excitement of winter fun wore off and the humidity is there with bells on. it's baby steps again for you. finding your triggers and adapting.
i do love where i live. i am a california girl born here and never left. saw the rest and love here the best. i have family down santa clara way. used to go there summers when i was a kid 50 years ago. it was so small then.
try not to freak out. you will find a way to relieve it some. not all. it just is.

ebakos 06-09-2011 09:08 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
You are so blessed living where you are. We drove down the coast from Vancouver to see our son, and I told my husband i was born on the wrong side of the continent. I always feel at peace on the west surrounded by the mts./streams. We hope to spend winters there, since I work with the resort. Maybe though the moving back and forth is just too hard on my system. I have resisted medications but gave in and took some ativan last couple of nights, it seems to settle my tingling/burning so i can sleep.
I think you are right, that my body needs to adjust again, its so hard here with our changing weather....this a.m its cold out!!! my poor body doesnt know whats going on, but i would rather have my feet/hands numb than burning from heat.
So do you have fibro as well? or neuropathy? i am so frustrated with drs. The last time i went to my drs. here, they just shrugged their shoulders and said its a soup of things, menopause, fibro, thryoid( removed '96) and prescribed lyrica, which of course being the natural gal i am , never took it! but now i am frustrated enough to reconsider.
what do you find helps?

I really appreciate your reply, i was needing someone to chat with this am.

thanks :)

bluelakelady 06-09-2011 09:53 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
yes i have fibro and neuropathy and sjogrens and arthritis and degenerative joint disease and a bunch of other junk. i'm a walking hodgepodge! giggle.
i meditate several hours a day, have weekly massage therapy, use my hot tub, take natural suppliments, i am vegetarian and keep my diet very simple. i found a cream that does help me a fair bit. it's called tpr20. smells good and is natural. you can find it online. i did. herbal teas, grow my own mint. mint heat or cold compresses helps my footie.
for me it is mostly about accepting my beautiful body as she is. caring for her and always thanking her no matter who is hurting me. mind over body. my mind and i work together to help my body. the mind is my best medicine and therapy.
and in the end i act. i am a good actress. i can fake "well" so well i want an oscar for my ashes, giggle.
remember you can always fire a doctor and find another. i have fired 18 so far. i have a good team of 11 doctors who assist me in caring for my body. they have to understand i am the team leader and they are my team. they are not in charge, i am. i am well read and worked in the medical field. i seldom go in and say what's this? i figure it out for myself and then tell them what tests or procedures or meds i want. they say i am an easy patient. i do all the work and they just write it down. i like it that way.
i have been on this journey for 18 years this month, dang time flies when you're having fun! giggle.
there is no easy fix. you are an explorer in your own body. we all are.
glad to be here to chat with you. hard to stay inside, giggle, it's so beautiful out.

monalisa24 06-09-2011 10:48 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
In 04 i hurt my back, besides my back hurting my legs started this non stop buzzing/tingling/prickly cold/numbness standing on Ice and cant get off..
i went on Neurontin, a very low dose 400mgs a day..seemed to help,but my side effects suicidal thoughts and major brain fog, i finally went off it but almost 5 yrs later,,

today im not on any meds and my legs only get that way when my back is tight hubby massages my lower back and it seems to make that feeling go away. for me heat has always been better than cold. not sure if that answers your Question but hope it helps.

ebakos 06-09-2011 11:01 AM

Re: does heat make your burning hands/feet worse?
Thanks for your reply, it seems with me that anything that heats my nerves up, whether its the sun, the temperature, working with my hands alot creating friction, or walking and heating up my feet.......they start the burning.... Massaging does help the cramping and muscle pain thats for sure, as long as the friction doesnt heat up my skin.....


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