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ponytaildave 06-24-2012 12:58 AM

Really bad day today
pulled something in my neck this morning caring for my girlfriend then it seems to have spread to my shoulder and my back with intense headache I end up screaming at her wanting me to do honey do jobs I ca't do them I wake up in mornings and can barely walk everytime I do anything feels like I just sprain my wrists again it seems like my meds are making me have a short fuse or is it just because I hurt so bad I use to have a pretty high pain threshold but not anymore frustrated and it hurts so bad it makes me moan and cry frantically trying to find something to help with pain sad part about all this is my girlfriend doesn't seem to believe that I have this much pain in fact she tells me that by talking on here just make thing worse as if this is all in my head I feel like I can't take care of her anymore I don't have insurance and if I don't take care of her I won't have a job either I'm a little scarred and worried

Rhaquel 06-24-2012 04:38 AM

Re: Really bad day today
Hi Dave, You can,t seem to get any kind of a break. You are going to have to be assertive about what your limits are. I think that's a good thing that you stood up for yourself over the honey-do list. if the pain gets to be enough that I'm worse than snappy, I know i'm at my limit. When my sister hit her limit, someone would get the word out that we HAD to line up and do all-night nighttime turning duties. Any chance those kids of hers would respond to you if you insist on help until you wrestle with whatever final decisions you make? It's a perfect storm for bad sleep, what with our lousy fibro sleep combined with this special situation.

Know you don't have insurance. One thing that helped my sleep was amitrytyline. It's a really cheap antidepressant, ($8.00?)used at such low doses that it's not enough to help depression, but it helps you get more stage 4 deep sleep. Then you get more body tissue restoration done from the daily tear down. I remember that you want to be able to wake up for your girlfriend, but if someone will get off their butts and help, my wish would be that you get quality sleep for a change.

The sleep issue seems like it would be to blame for how great your pain level is. I toddled around like an old woman, tho I was only in my thirties. My husband at the time complained mightily about my slow pace.( the marriage did not survive the lack of empathy) Anyways, then I got medicine for the sleep. Now this insomnia is bringing back memories of how bad it gets without good sleep.

P.S. Does ur GF have insurance? Wondering how to get hospice in there.

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