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BlueSky555 07-25-2012 11:13 AM

I realize there is already a thread on nucynta; actually it's called "from percocet to nucynta" but I think it's closed. Anyway, I did read the threads and found them to be interesting. Several people could not take the nucynta due to different reasons. I was on percocet but have been afraid of taking it due to the tylenol in it. (I haven't looked up the nucynta yet, but will to see about the ingredients). I began taking the nucynta, 75 mgs, instead of the percocet several days ago. I do take 20 mgs of methadone twice a day and was taking the percocet twice a day. Now, I take 20 mgs of methadone twice a day and take only one nucynta. I have had no problems taking it. I was on more of the methadone a day but told my dr that I was just afraid of the methadone so my dr. said I could slowly decrease it and I did.

Just wanted to respond to the person who posted this thread. Hope this will help someone.

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