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amandaclarke123 08-31-2012 09:14 AM

Hi there

I won't go into my huge story but my mom has fibro and many other issues but sometimes i think she is capable of doing things that she says she can't. My dad enables her and does everything for her. She expects the same from me, demands it, treats me like a slave (im a grown up who moved out years ago) and is mean. I am so angry inside. I hate doing anything for her cause of her attitude but I dont know how to bring it up. Thanks for listening.

Brookietrip 08-31-2012 11:18 AM

Re: Question
My mom is and was the same way, I was also angry like you, I just didn't get it until I had the pain too! You can't understand a persons pain until you live it, so you need to try to explain that to your mom. Fibro seems to be a disease that comes with depression, her way of dealing may be anger and need. I can tell you from experience that I definitely need and I am definitely angry! You should tell her that you do care and tell her you came on here searching for answers on how to help her... She will appreciate it! My mom is like your mom and now even while I have the same issues she does she wants me to put her first because now I should know what she needs! I have it too and I am only 32 with 3 young kids! No rest til they go to bed and then I go to school... She can rest anytime she wants, but she thinks I'm selfish, I think fibro is a selfish thing... Trust me it's hard not to be and it hurts! Your mom I'd wrong to put you through that but I have been in both sides of fibro and so far I haven't found a way for anyone to win :( I hope this helps and if you have any questions from 1 side or the other let me know :)

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