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Does a flare up ever stop?

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Old 09-08-2012, 01:00 PM   #1
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Irishree HB UserIrishree HB User
Does a flare up ever stop?

Ive had these symptoms for weeks...months even


leg pain

extreme fatigue

neck pain ( just had 4 discs worked on in March, 2 removed, 2 shaved down , plates, screws and wire are in there now.

arthritis in my neck at c2 and c3

deep EXTREMELY painful shoulder with terrible burning sensation sometimes ( right) and lower right back

left shoulder hurts


lost 70 pounds since February without trying..just have no appetite

I have degenerative arthritis in both knees dx'd by my rheumatologist

numb toes on my left foot

constant pain in my right foot below my little toe ( dx'd with osteo there)

electric shock feelings from both hips running down to my knees

terribly pain filled hands and fingers, had carpal tunnel in both fixed but they still hurt to the point that it wakes me up everytme i do manage to sleep.

numb elbows from ulnar release in both arms that throb with pain and burning occasionally

now i have constipation from the meds

severely blurred vision all of a sudden

ringing in my ears

keep forgetting common every day words and things and call things weird if i see a bike i say ketchup and catch myself and say...what the hell am i saying???

I am going through menopause.. i
have had 3 periods in a year, last one was hardly worth speaking of and i have been a regular gal since i was 11, I am now 48..saw a gyno and she concurred i am in full blown menopause..actually it is winding down ..the hot flashes have all but stopped after 8 years.

I am cold all the time now...i was a heater my husband used to say, i was always HOT..since i have had these symptoms, for like 8 months now...i am getting colder and colder easier and easier.

I feel like a freaking hypochondriac..and i am not! I swear I am not!

This may sound conceited, but since the weight loss, i look realy good, better than i have in years, so no one believes i am this sick and in this much pain. They ask how I am...i that i hear..well you look great you must be healing well..NOT!

Do any of you at all have ALL of these symptoms..if so....when do they stop? When does a flare up end?

I am on Cymbalta via my ortho surgeon and rheumatologist. I am on zoloft as per my gyno, ( I tell all docs what meds i am on..there is nothing that was not checked for interactions or bad side effects)

pain meds and muscle relaxers as per surgeons orders

3 bp meds because i was hospitalized 4 times for high bp and had a TIA in January

a water pill because...i hold water

metformin because i was on a lot of steroids earlier this year and it gave me diabetes...the 100 pounds overweight didn't help that or my bp either.

Prilosec for chronic acid reflux

I have gall bladder attacks but doc says its not ready to come out yet..i have a second opinion scheduled for this Wednesday

I also have several xrays ordered for this week, hips, hands, feet and knees
and I also have about 12 blood tests ordered i have to do with a fast this week

Can you ladies help me and tell me this is abnormally
Trust me...once you get to know me, you will know I am not a crazy, complaining,whining hypochondriac. I just hurt..all the time..almost everywhere.

I fell down the steps Tuesday night...just the bottom 4 but my right leg just gave out on me. That is what was happening when i went to the doc about my neck and the MRI showed a severly impinged spinal cord. I was holding onto the railing with both hands doing one step at a time like the pt showed me to do. but i went down like a ton of bricks and when i landed it was with my head against the wall. I feel like i was in a cage match..things hurt now on top of what was already hurting. I cant catch a break.

So..are these symptoms normal for Fibro??

I REALLY look forward to hearing from you all!

Friends in Fibro,

~ Ree~
~ degenerative arthritis
~cervical lordosis via fx of c2, c3
~acdf c4, 5
~ stiffness and joint pain in both hands and feet
~ back pain
~ diabetes
~ hypertension

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Brookietrip (09-08-2012)
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Old 09-08-2012, 01:11 PM   #2
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Irishree HB UserIrishree HB User
Re: Does a flare up ever stop?

One more jaw hurts all the time now. its like an ache...a strong ache! I did notice last night i was grinding my teeth and i just caught myself doing it right now...I am guessing that is what that is from.

~ Ree~
~ degenerative arthritis
~cervical lordosis via fx of c2, c3
~acdf c4, 5
~ stiffness and joint pain in both hands and feet
~ back pain
~ diabetes
~ hypertension

Old 09-08-2012, 07:00 PM   #3
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tanasmom HB Usertanasmom HB Usertanasmom HB User
Re: Does a flare up ever stop?

I am so sorry you feel so bad. I know what you are going through. I have alot of your same symptoms:

dizziness when the Fibro first started but not so much now
Leg pain
Extreme Fatigue
Neck Pain
Deep shoulder pain especially on left side...deep on the top and stabbing pains there too.
Back Pain
I gained weight though, not lost....40 pounds
Painful knees...the back of my knees get frozen and painful when I sit too long
Painful and stiff fingers and toes and wrists
Hand numbness if overused
Electric shock pains in legs and hands and arms too.
I can't read my child a story without stumbling over words
trouble remembering things and what words to use
mental fog
I am alone even in a crowd
my jaw also aches...mostly along with upper body tension and cramps

I wish they would find a cure for this. I feel like a worthless person. I wish I could help you but I need help just like you and have no advice. I am recently diagnosed and still trying to figure it all out.

I hope you find relief soon !!!!

Old 09-08-2012, 08:01 PM   #4
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Brookietrip HB UserBrookietrip HB UserBrookietrip HB UserBrookietrip HB UserBrookietrip HB User
Re: Does a flare up ever stop?

Like both of you I have dizziness daily, it started when I was pregnant with my 3rd child who was born in March of this year, I have severe shoulder pain on the left but today it is on the right as well, I forget easy words, I have the worst back pain on my spine under my blades and it radiates into my chest, collar bone and neck front and back! My left hip hurts today which is a new one, I get pins and needles in my left arm and hand and my left thumb feels like someone is trying to pry my thumb nail off with pliers! Both of my feet fall asleep daily, especially when laying on my back. My weight is up and down, most of my pain is in my upper body but I do occationally get pains lower, much of my pain comes with menstruation and ovulation though this flare is going way past it, I have found myself crying a lot! I can't sit still unless I am lying down, otherwise I have to keep walking or I will be in worse pain. I refuse to take meds but will take an ibuprophin sometimes which doesn't help much at all but takes away some of the radiated pains... I sit on heat all day, my elbow on the left recently began locking up... After reading so much about fibro I wonder if my son has child fibro? His knees hurt a lot especially when he is sick, he gets headaches and backaches... Not that normal for a 7 year old?

Old 03-23-2013, 07:48 AM   #5
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Eagle HB UserEagle HB UserEagle HB User
Re: Does a flare up ever stop?

I'm here looking for help myself, don't really know anything except, at Thyroid forums, some people have Fibromyalgia, and I did before my dosage of T4 was increased to 300. I have Thyroid Resistance, Antibodies fighting the medication I guess, besides being anti-thyroid GLAND. Medication was winning, reduced one of the two types of Antibodies from 35 to 20, until very recently, my doctor said she'd like my lab tests to be "in Range", and to skip 2 days a week. I don't know for sure if that's making my Fibromyalgia return. She's saying OsteoArthritis, just because it's so prevalent in my age group (77) I think. So I'm looking up how O.A. is dx'd, happened to see this problem first. You'll all keep us posted, especially if you find out any more along these lines, right?

My mattress is so too thick and high, and old, that I have a habit of raising my right leg to climb into bed instead of just sitting down, or up, on the side, and I think that's part of why I can't raise my sore r. leg lately. This morning I've just applied some Aspercreme, also on my spine, where I've had slipped discs, and have a broken talebone from one tobagganing spree when I was much younger.
Seems the Aspercreme is helping. Taking too much Asperin, some say, may aggravate age-related macular degeneration. I have a lot of inflammation, Autoimmune disease, and just take Ibuprofin and Krill Oil and half an aspirin, can at least still drive. Had Diabetic Retinopathy, extra blood vessels in eyes, and lots of laser treatments to seal them off, cataract surgery in both eyes, from all the work being done in there. Don't let them inject a steroid that starts with a K., for inflammation. Some are trying to get it off the market, never actually licensed for eyes, and people who have it just for muscles have complaints. Specially if you're hypothyroid, debris, stringy and spotty floaters, may not drain out of eyes for years, if ever. BTW, I was prescribed METHOCARBAMOL, years ago, for the Firbromyalgia I think, and wonder if I should ask to get that refilled. Anyone had it?

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Samfire (03-24-2013)
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Samfire HB User
Re: Does a flare up ever stop?

Hi Irishree and everybody!!! I have fibro, IBS, and occipital neuralgia and scheurmanns disease with a slight scoliosis in my lower back also. I've had really bad flare ups over the years, and was investigated for lupus, RA and MS. I have had dizziness, and brain fog - mix my words up when reading and forget what I was about to say all the time.

I have very tight hamstrings that feel cramped nearly all the time. I have nerve pain down my arms and CONSTANT pins and needles in hands and feet. I am sometimes sensitive to heat i.e. I get hot patches on my skin that feel like sunburn and actually show up red so that you can see them!

I get frozen shoulder, fibrous muscle knots in my shoulders and back. Sore, sensitive scalp to touch when my occipital flares up, with debilitating headaches and facial pain (sometimes swelling of the face). Problems with my sinuses (even though I've been to ENT who says CT scan shows all is normal!!!) - mucky nose with repeated infections and a constant post-nasal drip that has resulted in a constant tickly frog in my throat - I'm always throat clearing!!

I suffer sciatica after engaging in minimal housework activities and my hips and lower back seizes. I often hear a clicking or popping sound in my lower back (that doesn't hurt) - it happens on and off. The shooting nerve pain in my shoulders neck and radiating down my arms is horrible and my elbows are permanently ELECTRIC!

I got hypertension in pregnancy which never settled and remains uncontrolled to this day - I've since piled on the pounds since going on anti-depressants and BP meds. Because of my irritable bowel, I look pregnant all the time, yet my legs and arms are skinny! I tend to retain fluid - my face can look swollen quite a lot. I've had the dizziness during flare ups, but before fibro was diagnosed, it was put down to vertigo. I have blocked tubes in my ears frequently, and achy, tenderness to touch under my ears (also have a lump under one ear for the last year - ENT says it's a "muscle", but neither my GP or myself is totally convinced with this - doesn't look or feel like a muscle).

Had my gallbladder removed in April 2011 after 9mths of agony! Changed my GP at that point lol. Can't take codeine-based meds now. I have problems with my feet - flat feet with bunions and hyper-mobility of the joints. Constantly crippled with my back!!! Can't stand for too long - ironing is a real pain!!! I find I'm heading down to bed more and more in the evening to watch TV, just so I can take a load off and get comfortable.

I have numbness of the big toes, get electric shock-type nerve pain, have restless legs at night, sensitivity to heat in bed (always used to be a cold person) - sleep with my feet out of the covers all the time. Wake up crippled during the night with global pain - sometimes my arms are numb and have to move them around to get the blood flowing again. I must be clenching my jaw in my sleep, because I often wake up with the tip of my tongue being bitten between my front teeth - very sore. I get frequent mouth ulcers, have a coated tongue a lot of the time too, but I have good teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

I feel tired all the time. I'm also being investigated for Gynae issues - monthly cycle haywire, night sweats, flushing, hormonal acne on occasion, boils and dry, irritated genitals - either sore or itching. Decreased libido also!!! I've got the blurry vision in my right eye too - had eye test - everything ok. I get red, inflamed eyelids - eyes look blood shot - that either dry up or stream like an allergic reaction - had bloods for allergies and came back clear for trees, grass, pollen and dust mites!!!! So, no explanation for that one - not in my head either - you can visibly see the symptoms.

I get fluid build up in my knees and ankles after walking - e.g. a day of walking around the shops in town. Did the gym 2yrs ago and lost 91bs in 3mths, but got a flare up and occipital neuralgia and had to stop!

Have any of you ever had glandular fever btw? I pinpoint the onset of my fibro symptoms to when I got this at age 17! Always had the back problems though since onset of scheurmanns disease in adolescence.

Kisses and hugs to all, great thread irishree - thanks!!!!

IBS, Scheuermanns Kyphosis, Occipital Neuralgia, DDD, Anxiety Depression; Hypertension: Fibromyalgia

Meds: Omesar 20mg; Atecor 50mg; Epilim Chrono 800mg; Seroquel 325mg; Zolpidem 10mg

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mszee HB User
Re: Does a flare up ever stop?

Poor Ree, I hope you start feeling better soon. What a way to end your story, I was feeling so bad for you and then almost fell out of the bed when you said you felt like you were in a cage match. I still can't stop giggling. Good to see you still have some sort of sense of humor through it all. Anywho I can relate to a lot of your symptoms and I am 34 so imagine what people think when they ask me and I say I'm in pain. I actually don't even tell people I just stay at home in my corner. No explaining to do there. I am still in the diagnosis phase and finally see a Rheumie tomorrow. Again I hope you feel better soon you have it coming from all angles.

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