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Brookietrip 09-12-2012 10:31 PM

Hi all... today is a panic attack day for me... I feel mean and angry and I am extra sensitive to everything :( I read a bad horoscope from 2004 in a book of fake articles and it sent me reeling! What is wrong with me! I cant hear anything about death or dying without going into full panic mode! I never have been a hypochondriac but this fear is getting the better of me :( I cant stand it when new problems pop up! My foot and ankle on the left have been asleep for 2 days and my back is so sore I feel like someone sliced it open :( my left leg is weak... that is a pretty new symptom for me :( can someone help me out of this panic? Thank you friends :)

bluelakelady 09-13-2012 08:38 AM

Re: panic
when you feel the first tingles of panic stop, take a deep breath in thru your nose and hold. let it out slowly thru your mouth. do that 3 times. then 3 in and out your nose. then 3 in your mouth and out your nose. and last 3 in and out of your mouth. long slow deep breaths. i do them standing with my arms out or laying down with my arms out. my arms are out to catch all the healing energy that surrounds us all.
a paper bag works too in a panic situation. slow breathing.
no shrink or med has done as much for me when it comes to panic attacks that these simple breaths do. i have ptsd. it even helps when that hits me.

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