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Brookietrip 09-27-2012 10:47 PM

And of course it returns...
I had a nice few days off from pain, I still had tenderness in the spot on my spine but my body felt amazing! But guess what??? Its back of course :( the problem is everytime it comes back it freaks me out more and more! It hurts worse than ever before each time it comes back (you know for a few days while I get used to it) so I am just in awful pain right now, and anxious because I feel different strong pains so it must be something else of course... my jaw is so tender I can touch it, my left side of my teeth, ear, face is in awful pain :( my doctor who I used to love has not contacted me with my referral and it has been 2weeks... think I need to find a new doc but then I have to go through the whole explaination thing again... I'm just feeling too lazy and fed up for that! I know my menstrual cycle is coming because that is when my flares start and then they stay bad for around a week after and then even out and I feel good for a few days and then it repeats itself... I just find it so odd that all of this pain began 2days before I started my first period after having my baby and it is following a pattern with it... been to the gyno and she said all is good and normal... everyone seems to think it is just stress, anxiety, depression... I think I would gladly take that! I know its not that and just wish I knew what it was... why is this happening? I push so hard all day everyday, I get my hopes up ans get excited each time I "feel better" and I am overly dissapointed when it returns :( just needed to vent...

bluelakelady 09-28-2012 08:00 AM

Re: And of course it returns...
hugs for adapting to never knowing when or where or how it will manifest. you will learn not to panic every time. one day you will be like me and say, oh, back again? come on in, let's watch a movie old friend, and you will be talking to your fibro!

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