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thefarm 10-07-2012 10:58 AM

I'm sure I brought this up before. Trying to figure out what to do.
It's not uncommon for me to over do it & get severe nausea or a migraine like headache. I always vomit when the headache gets bad. But I will also vomit with no headache at all. Sometimes I will only vomit once or a few times. Other times its so bad I'll be sick all day. When its really bad I'll be vomiting for 12-15 hrs then it stops. Can't keep anything down & I know I get very dehydrated. I always tell my husband that if I'm still sick by morning I'll go to the ER. I'm always better by then.
I got a mild headache Thursday. I've actually been resting more & not pushing myself so hard. I know I didn't over do it... Friday it kept getting worst. By 4pm I was laying down & vomited everything at 5:30. I don't eat much to begin with & even less these days. I then vomited 8 more times, the last time at 3am. All stomach acid. My husband called in to work to take the day off to help me. I was in bed all day, headache, hurt, lethargic but keeping liquids down. Better today but not great.
I've talked to my drs about it but I don't think they understand how bad it gets.
I also don't understand why it happens. This time of year it happens more often.
I know there is something else going on but haven't been able to figure out what. Any ideas?
I am getting a referral to have a lip biopsy done for Sjogrens. I had an MRI to test for ms 2 yrs ago. Had a sleep study, tested for seizures & a nerve conjunction test. Every lab out there...

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