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Gargan4130 10-26-2012 11:45 AM

25 Years of Cfs + Fibro Cymbalta anxiety My 2 cents
Hi - This is my first post . I am a male w/ Cfs and Fibro . Since 1987 or so. I thought it was best to list under Fibro , as it seems to be more "Popular" now with the Tv Drug ads and such . Anyway , I have both .

I wanted to warn people about Cymbalta . Prior to taking it . I really was not taking anything . I took it for around 4 years . I decided to stop taking it and it was not too pleasant . My body twitched ,shook, serious anxiety problems, insomnia, and a very bad back ache . This was all a year ago. I have almost eliminated the back ache . Which actually was not my back , The pain started from the lower tail bone. With a inversion table , bicycle , and a exercise ball . My back/pain is near gone. I'm hit with this strange social anxiety problem . Which was not noticeable prior to the Cymbalta . Furthermore , I tried to get back on Cymbalta .As things were so bad . It did not work . Developed a sleep disorder . It felt like a Bumble Bee nest inside my body . I'm doing much better with help from a arsenal of all these sleep aids !!! Looking back , I realize my body was naturally rejecting the Cymbalta. Which is/was a good thing . I still have this strange social anxiety left over . Has anyone experienced this? The SAD thing seems to be decreasing very slowly . My friends live here at the house and that helps . I'm no expert Pharmacist . But I would HIGHLY recommend NOT EVER Taking that drug . Or Lyrica . You won't be going around smelling flowers . It's just a mask to the real problems . Does anyone agree , disagree or have had a similar experience ? John

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