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Brookietrip 10-30-2012 10:46 PM

For the first time
Last night I had an awful time trying to sleep :( this is the first time I could not sleep because of pain. I deal with awful pain all day but when I go to bed I sleep so great and I am not in pain, but last night I could not sleep, no position was comfortable! I can't sleep on my back anyway because of pain and because it makes my legs fall asleep, if I sleep on either side it hurts my back and the side I sleep on and that side falls asleep so I have been having to sleep on my stomach with my right arm under the pillow and my left over the pillow which has worked for the last 4 months but last night it was hurting my chest, back arms and neck :( I have an MRI coming up on my thoracic spine which I am freaking out about because I cannot stand the idea of any surgery... I literally have a huge phobia of surgery! Not because of pain but because of anastetic... I can't be put to sleep! It scares the daylIghts out of me!!! So I'm sitting here beyond stress worrying about what hasn't even happened or hopefully won't happen. I'm praying for a pinched nerve, wondering why he did not order one of my neck? I also mentioned that my doctor mentioned fibro... He said " oh I don't think you have that you would hurt all over" I'm like what do you think I'm here for? It's like he stopped listening after I told him about the spone pain! Another uncaring doctor who thinks he knows everything... Anyway, thank you for listening again friends :) hope your all feeling as good as you can :) xoxo

catkaru 11-01-2012 10:25 AM

Re: For the first time
Hi Brookietrip! I think you're anxiety is keeping you from sleeping well. Can you try OTC sleep aids? You need to sleep to heal your body! I would fire that doc and get a new one. What kind of doc are you seeing that is ordering this test? Hope you get some relief soon.

Low pain all,

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