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sasrei7 11-06-2012 10:10 AM

Fibro or Hypothyroid?
Well I was diagnosed with Fibromylagia (have most if not all syptoms) but I recently did a blood test and apparently my TSH is 8.8. Now I have had my thyroid have issues before in 2003, 2005, 2008 so my thryoid has been slowly dying on me for about 10 years. So now I am not sure if its fibro or hypothyroidism or if it could be both. Having had this before I know most of what I did have before when I had this going on with my thyroid. The pain in my hands and feet Ive had before but this other pains ive been getting are new to me. Fibro and hypothryoid have such similiar sypmtoms so im not sure though it could be both. I have IBS, Tmj, Gerd and possible CFS so having fibro to wasnt too much of a stretch as most people who have those also have fibro.

My symptoms
Severe pain in my hands and feet.
Dull, aching burning pain while other times is a sharp constant pain periodically in my body.
Overactive bladder
Severe pain in the knee area (above the knee and below it, I cant really cross my legs or I have severe pain)
I have pains in atleast 14 of the points just sharp pain or a dull aching burning stabbing pain that comes and goes, and is usually worse in the morning not bad in the afternoon but bad in the evening.
Very low pain threshold, bruise easily (just barely whack something and I bruise it)
Morning stiffness
Pain in the eyes sometimes, pain in the back of my skull.
Some days I have a severe brain fog when I cant really do anything just because of the extreme fatigue.
Really impaired congnitive, my memory can be really bad I have to write down even the simpilest things, sometimes I forget what I just read and have to go back and re read it.
I have troubles multi tasking, I have troubles learning something new it takes me awhile to get it (something I was really good at before).
If I did something a certain way for quite awhile I have alot of trouble if I have to do it another way.
Sensitive to lights, sounds and smells. Especially lights it can really hurt my eyes severely.
Balance issues.
Issues with standing up sometimes I get light headed.

And thats all I can recall cause right now.. really fatigued and out of it lol.

bluelakelady 11-07-2012 08:23 AM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
hi and welcome,
sorry to take so long. was out of town. please ask your doctor for a blood test for sjogrens too. some of your symptoms are more sjogrens than fibro. they are much alike in symptoms. but sensitivity to light and eye pain got my attention. also the near the bone pain. it's sorta treatable. i don't take meds for fibro or the immunosuppressants for sjogrens. my body does not like them.
hope you get some answers soon. till then remember to breath deep and slow when it hurts. take hot baths, exercise a bit every day, eat healthy, and most of all be kind to your body.
ps. forgot to say i also have thyroid issues. i go up, i go down, up, down. always changing mg's on my med. i can tell when it's off. i keep 2 different mgs in my med drawer. i have the hang of it now. giggle.

sasrei7 11-07-2012 11:38 AM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
Well I am going to ask my doctor if I can get a test for ANA done, not sure I have had that test done atleast in quite awhile.

I dont really have a dry mouth though, least dont think so but I dont drink as much as I should I know mostly cause of my IBS any type of liquid makes me bloat really badly so it can be a little hard to keep pushing liquids down. Ive been having pain underneath my arms for a few days now which is kinda why I want to get my ANA tested but I believe fibro can cause that to hurt to.

Geez things are soo similiar its hard to figure out what you have and most times when one thing is figured out they stop testing for anything else.

Think I will get my eyes tested though they've been a little.. off lately.

Pammyann 11-07-2012 12:07 PM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?

I have both Fibro and Hashimotos, and you are correct, the symptoms can be similar. I suggest you have thorough testing of everything, including the thyroid. If your thyroid is in balance, you will feel better and have more energy, however the Fibro won't go away. I take both Synthroid and Cytomel to balance my thyroid. Testing for ANA is important also.

My best to you.

sasrei7 11-07-2012 02:00 PM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
yah I think ill go and get an appointment with my family doctor to get a ton of tests done so atleast anything else can be found or ruled out. Im on synthroid right now to balance my thyroid and well be going to get my eyes checked out and what not.

Ive never been what one would call "healthy" but heck it could be worse lol. Doctors are way to quick to not really want to test you for anything, well great I have hypothyroid but ive had it alot so.. why not go and test to see the cause of it? They like labeling you as something, give you pills for it and not really test you. My endocrinologist wasnt sure if she wanted to put me on synthroid had to ask for it but im hoping it helps.

thefarm 11-08-2012 09:26 AM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
You should get a referal to a Rhumetologist. They need to run every test possible to be sure it's Fibro. They need to balance your thyroid also... I'm not good at test results but looks like you are Hypo. Even if you have Fibro, being Hypo can be making you feel much worst. If you are having trouble balancing your thyroid maybe you should be refered to a Endocrynologists. They'll be the most help with that. Unfortunetly you need more than a primary doctor... They aren't trained for what we need them for...
Wouldn't hurt to take Fish Oil pills & Vitamin D3...

sasrei7 11-08-2012 10:46 AM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
I was referred to both before lol. It was my rheaumtoidologist that diagnosed me with Fibro by just pretty much talking to me getting my symptoms my backstory, he poked around asked if that hurt and for how long after, gave me that sheet to show what places have hurt in the past week and pretty much diagnosed me from that. I told him that I did have thyroid problems before so he did know that. Ive been going to see an endocrinologist for about a year because I had high testerone and ive been hypothyroid before as well. So my thryoid has been going for about 10 years now. Im taking synthroid for my thryoid, gabapentin for my fibro. I also have been taking Vitamin D, fish oil and peppermint oil as well. So.. im trying to get all my bases covered lol.

thefarm 11-08-2012 03:53 PM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
Good you're on the right track :)
I'm not impressed with your Rhum though... He needs to have all labs covered... My primary was mad at my Rhum not long ago just because he wasn't doing my labs yearly so she did them. LoL It's best to make sure nothing else is goin on making things worst. No reason to suffer if you can avoid it...

sasrei7 11-09-2012 09:19 AM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
Yeah my mom wasnt happy about him either lol. Ill be going to see my family doctor next week so ill ask. Does anyone else also have some shortness of breath? I know your suppossed to breathe with your abdomen but I have troubles doing that just because of the really bad tightness in my stomach and the really bad stomach pain .. I take both gabapenten and doxepin at night, and last night I had some troubles breathing for a bit not sure if it was cause of the exaustion but uh.. this morning I still have some shortness of breath. I take the doxepin to help me sleep, before some nights I could sleep really well then other nights I can't really fall asleep until 3 am..

Went to the mall yesterday for a few hours now today im beyond exausted lol. I always tend to walk funny when this hits and a wee bit unbalanced, going up the stairs was quite entertaing. Ah.. well with my fibro I tend to have sudden pains in my body, tender in some spots but mostly its the really bad fatigue and brain fog that sucks. Went to get get an eye examination and they look healthy thankfully but my doctor gave me eye drops to help with my dry eyes. Told her about the eye pain and how some people say that happens with fibro so she said she'll look into it and see if theres something else that'll help. Its not a migraine cause my head doesnt really hurt.. wonder if my extreme fatigue isnt helping the matters lol

thefarm 11-09-2012 06:43 PM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
You should definitely talk to your doctor about the breathing... Could be a side effect of a medication or possibly asthma... That and dry eyes can also be Sjogrens like blue mentioned... I had really bad dry eyes & mouth issues. It can be caused by meds but I've had those issues for as long as I can remember... But my bloodwork was negative. However bloodwork isn't the most accurate... I'm trying to get into an oral surgeon to get the lip biopsy which is more accurate...
Unfortunetly pain & fatigue is classic fibro symptoms...

sasrei7 11-10-2012 09:01 AM

Re: Fibro or Hypothyroid?
Yeah ill be seeing my doctor this week so ill ask her about it. I know the dry mouth can be caused by my doxepin but either way it doesnt hurt to get tested just incase. Also would like to get my tests about my thyroid. I was checked before for rheumatoid arthritis but doesnt hurt to add it to the blood work. Come to think about it I do sometimes have a dry nose... So I should also get blood work for ANA.. the fatigue is a huge factor of preventing me from doing things but the sharp sudden pains suck to lol. Which can vary to dull burning pain.. Sometimes I have trouble carrying things like my purse cause of the pain in the shoulder area. Can't put anything heavy in it anymore usually. Looking at the fibro diagram I have pain in all those points.. Just trying to figure things out lol its so not easy when things are so similiar lol. But id rather just do a full blood work get things done and checked and rule alot of things out so its easier in the long run.

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