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catnap73 11-16-2012 01:02 AM

Do blood tests/immunisations hurt more with fibro??
I'm curious because I have so many of the somatic / cognitive symptoms, but pain is mild - mostly headaches, jaw pain and random pains in different parts of my body. I have been to so many doctors and had so many blood tests but I never thought of fibro until the jaw pain became more consistent. I feel like my body aches more than it should for age 39 but then I will be great for a while.
But to my question. I'm sure I am more aware of body sensations etc and get lots of minor pains, but I have no problem with needles. Does that rule out fibro? I also didn't take pain meds after my caesarean or my thyroid cancer surgery. Yesterday I had a fine needle biopsy with no meds and didn't find it painful. That doesn't sound like I am more sensitive to pain does it?
I'm so sick of feeling tired, vague feeling of being sick all the time and weird pains. I really want to figure out what is wrong and stop getting fobbed off by doctors!

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