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tmrj21706 11-26-2012 02:32 PM

Savella vs cymbalta
Hey guys! Hope your feeling fabulous today! Quick question for you fibro guru folks :) I was taking cymbalta for a little more than a month. After a call to my rheumy with complaints of not seeing any improvement he advised me to stop the cymbalta and try savella. I am concerned about just stopping the cymbalta as far as the side effects of a n abrupt stop and also what this savella will be like.

Side note: hubby is wanting me to apply for ssd benefits. I was denied 4 years ago when I was first diagnosed with uctd. Things are much worse and I have the fibro diagnosis now. However I will be 30 in January so I doubt I will be accepted due to my age. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. Any information on this or the info above is greatly appreciated!!

lehcar 12-04-2012 09:34 PM

Re: Savella vs cymbalta
Sorry no one has posted an answer for you yet. Savella can work great for some but does take time to get full effects. It is a titilation process of working your way up to the full dose of Savella, starting with a starter/titilation pac from your doc. I've stopped it (Savella) cold turkey once before and had no problems. Others have problems stopping without cutting dosage over a certain length of time. To answer your question on Cymbalta, I'm not sure you should quit that cold turkey...I take it with the Savella now. I haven't tried to quit the Cymbalta yet. So don't know how that will go. I feel the savella works better than Cymbalta, but both of them together seem to help even more so. I haven't really found anything that works against a full blown flare, but overall helps to cope with day to day aches...Best wishes on whatever you decide..Gentle hugs

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