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freemeup 12-24-2012 08:49 PM

Knotted muscles won't loosen
I get these super hard, ropey bands of muscle in my neck, trap muscles, and around shoulder blades. One feels like a marble in my left trap near by neck. They cause great discomfort and lately, even make it hard to fully turn the head. However, they are not that painful when rubbed, but they will not break up or loosen. Some area of the muscle seem as hard as cable and cause pulling feelings into the neck and shoulder.

I had something very similar many years ago, which finally got better. However, a stressful situation caused this to return about 9 months ago, and it has been almost total tension and these knotted back/neck muscles ever since. I don't really have any other symptoms to think of, except that I do have often numb, and itching area around the bottom left shoulder blade. Are these typical fibro or myofascial symptoms? What is the best means to free these up and get relief (muscle relaxers not working)?

bluelakelady 12-27-2012 09:14 AM

Re: Knotted muscles won't loosen
hi free,
welcome. i get the same sort of discomfort only a bit lower down. my fanny, giggle. i have found ablations help me the most. a pain mgmt anestheologist does the procedure for me. the longest it has lasted was a year of relief. that one was mid spine.
i tried steroid injections too and they helped but the ablations last longer and work faster. pills do nothing for me either.
i also have a hot tub and i love floating in hot water. heat is what helps me the most. i live on a heating pad, giggle, even my car seats heat up.
ps. some pretty good topical creams i use are biofreeze, painatrate, sombra and noxicare. found them all online.

Fibroman 12-28-2012 07:00 PM

Re: Knotted muscles won't loosen
I am suffering the same, traps are in a permanent state of tension & when aggravated the ropiness comes up around the shoulderblades etc.
I am also finding heat stress very aggravating to thios as well as the top of the shoulders.

It is not knots in the muscles, it is the brain telling the muscles to contract, you will probably notice the worst of the "knots" are at the trigger points (nerve bundles)

emotional stress such as the wanton criminal behaviour of insurance companies will also severly aggravate.

I am also finding endurance or cumulative effect is a severe problem, the more I do, the more aggravated the traps become. its very frustrating that the AMA testing for disability does not seem to test or recognise this.

the stronger the aggravation of the traps the more problems with arms & hands, I suspect the "swelling" is restricting the flow of neural messaging to the extremities (such as difficulty with finger/hand movement, pain & numbness), I have noticed this with both traps & shoulder aggrivation (swelling is the wrong word though it feels like that, it is contraction of the muscles). I have not found a way of turning this around, cold packs have limited effect. i'm only 18 months with fibro, so I have a lot of discovery ahead of me yet.

I also have difficulty in that if I dont do stretches I will sieze up, but the more I stretch the more aggravated the traps become, there is no happy medium for me, so I try to do very frequent but lesser reps of stretches.

The best thing I can say at this stage is to keep yourself as calm as possible, a chamomile tea in the evening, reduce as many stimulants from your diet, no coffee after 3pm, reduce as much simple sugars as this excites the nervous system (unfortunately this includes beer) go for as much low GI as you can brown instead of white with rice & flour. Stevia may be a helpful switch from sugar as a sweetener, though I havent tested it on myself yet.
meditation/relaxation, slow deep breathing exercises.

reddaisygirl 01-05-2013 05:03 PM

Re: Knotted muscles won't loosen
Sorry to hear about your pain! I also have these same pains in my neck/shoulder areas. It seems to go in about 3 month rotations where it will eventually get so bad I can't turn my head. That's when I finally give in and go to the chiropractor, which does seem to give some relief. Unfortunately, the relief doesn't last long. It seemed to help the most when I was going 3 times per week, but my insurance will not cover that anymore.

I was on lyrica for a while, which seemed to help, but then that seemed to be playing havoc on my high triglycerides....sigh...

It also seems like if I am able to be more active, that helps my muscles to loosen up, but when you are really sore it is hard to make yourself do exercises!!!

I wish I had better news for you or a miracle cure, but I don't. At least we have these boards where we can talk with people who are in the same boat as we are. Most people just don't understand and seem like they get sick of listening to me complain, so I pretty much don't even say anything anymore. Then everyone seems shocked when I don't want to do something because I'm in pain...why didn't you say something? lol! Sometimes you just can't win!

Hope more good days are in store for you!!

freemeup 01-10-2013 03:23 PM

Re: Knotted muscles won't loosen
Thanks folks. Yeah, these muscles seem to behave differently than the tense muscles from normal stress. It seems as though they have a mind of their own, as I can just be sitting and not over stressed and they will start to draw up. Strangely, mine are not sore to the touch like typical fibro but just have very hard consistency - maybe more of a myofascial disorder?

I have also noticed another disturbing thing, which is that I have been getting tingling down the trap muscles and nap of neck which can feel like a mild electric current. I also have a spot near the bottom of the left shoulder blade which often itches and goes numb (I later learned this is called 'notalgia Parastheca'). So I though perhaps I was having some cervical spine issues, but then...I started getting a tingling spot on the outer part of my right knee (and there is no injury or pain in that knee!).

I have searched the internet and cannot find any neurological condition which fits these symptoms, and I have no other weakness, skin signs, inflammation etc. Is this also something related to fibro?

freemeup 01-10-2013 05:06 PM

Re: Knotted muscles won't loosen
No I haven't. I have read good and bad about it though. I have tried MSM before.

WoodsWalker 01-10-2013 06:55 PM

Re: Knotted muscles won't loosen
Do you do repetitive movements with your arms? What you describe sounds like when I had a major bursitis flare up that I let go so long the whole left upper quarter of my back went numb. Nothing helped it so I opted for the needle and let the doc hit me with.. ummm .. crap I can't think of it ..want to say prednisone but not 100% sur that is what it was right now (damn fibro mush brain) Any how there were 3 spots on that shoulder area that required the shots.

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