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WoodsWalker 01-10-2013 07:35 PM

This is the time... coming off Cymbalta
I think this may be the right time for me to start my slow dance getting off Cymbalta.
I ran out of my usual dose waiting for my refill to arrive so I thought what better time to start. I grabbed my leftover from a previous dose, 10 less mgs. So I'm going from 40 to 30. My refill should be here soon I'm sure it's slow because of the holidays. My plan is to take the 30s for a week or so and drop down to 20 if the doing it by dropping 10 works with the 30s. Then I'll titer down slow from there.

I'm on day 2 taking 30 mgs. So far I'm ok, maybe a dull headache kind of hiding and of course I'm achy and tired. But that is just me any how the past few weeks. The holidays and other life events kind of toasted me this holiday season. I'm on the verge of a flare and know to go slow so I'm not my own worse enemy.

Maybe by the summer I wont be miserably sweaty. Have less Migraines. Hopefully not have that crashing fatigue (not crossing my fingers there)
and maybe even get a little sex drive back. That parts been a little weird, it's like my body wants it and my head doesn't..

Any how, I'll use this tread to give any updates on how this is going to maybe it'll help someone else in the future

WoodsWalker 01-16-2013 05:41 PM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
I may be talking to nobody, but writing all this down helps me if no one else.
It's been a week of knocking my dose down by 10 mgs. The first few days I had a underlying headache but other than that no real changes in FM pain. Back pain increased. This is day 8 and no more headaches and the hard fatigue has let up some. There is still some fatigue but it's not uncontrollable like it had been. 3 days of small energy bursts, real energy like I hadn't felt in a while. This all has me wondering if the Cymbalta was worse for my fatigue than the fibro itself.

Tomorrow I drop another 10mgs. I hope it goes as smooth as the first 10. I'm patiently waiting for the ringing in my ears to stop (that started when I started the cymbalta a few years back)

littledarlinTN 01-17-2013 08:39 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
I am reading so you are not alone out there. I have been on Cymbalta for almost 3 years so I am anxious to see how you feel coming off of it. I take 2 30mg tabs daily. It is one of the preferred meds on my insurance plan and the priciest one I take. The weather here has been topsy turvy so I have felt really unwell so I have been reading but not much replying. Thanks for keeping us updated and I am happy for you that you are having success with this.

bluelakelady 01-17-2013 09:27 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
i'm here and i'm cheering for you. sorry i missed you sis. i was on the road alot and having personal junk. you know, life. i am so happy for you. real honest energy! what a sign you are on the right track with this idea.
i won't leave again sis, so sorry i missed this. bet you did feel alone. hugs and more hugs.
peace and a mountain of love,

thesweetlife 01-18-2013 01:29 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
Woo hoo :) Well done Woodswalker - it will ALL be worth it - you're over half way there now

WoodsWalker 01-18-2013 10:13 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
Thanks you guys, sorry for the whiny/cranky moment..the bitchy me came out to play.

littledarlin' ( i like the name) hang in there the weather will change and change again and again. I'm a bit north of you and it's been a coaster ride here too. last saturday it was almost 60! we took advantage of it and lit the smoker.

Dear sister, you are allowed to have a life. I just wish it were a little less stressful for you. I'm going out on a limb here... pretty sure your travels were tending to your kids and maybe yourself in between. And yes real honest energy, this has me all excited!

thank for the hug sweetlife. We all need those now and then

Well this will be day 2 of the 2nd 10mg drop. Yesterday was uneventful as far as any reactions. of course it was a busy day and had no time to notice.
Even had the desire to go yoga and did last night, last week I skipped it because I was afraid to send my body into any kind of spin. More or less a precautionary thing. The one thing i did forget to mention during week 1 was a bit of quick nausea flashes coming and going for the first 4 days, after that it left. I'm hoping it does not return this week.

I'll report back in a few days or sooner if there are any notable changes.
Hugs to all

I'm really really hoping I'm one of the lucky souls who gets an easy ride off this damn drug. I still take my muscle relaxer and tramadol at night, it really hasn't been needed during the day yet. Hope it isn't.

bluelakelady 01-19-2013 08:42 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
hi sis,
so glad you are doing well on getting off. giggle. yea, okay, busted. not doing the kid thing tho. he got his money and someone else so i'm out of it and it's his life his choice and i am free of the stress. his life is his choice.
i'm messing with my implant and decisions. surgery date is feb 12 but thinking of trying a few other ideas and not do the surgery. i do not want to pee out my vagina! i will let you know how that goes. the other ideas that is. postpone surgery for now. the surgeon is gonna love me, giggle. i did the horrid tests, out of town for days on that one, so if i do elect after trying all else to have surgery the hard part is done. those painful tests!
one of my dots goes with me and we have fun no matter what. well, except for the night spent puking cause i forgot to tell doc i had a new allergy to macrobid and guess what they gave me post test? yup! the hotel was so nice to me. it was a mess.
on that visual i will beebopp out of here and wish you a lovely day.

WoodsWalker 01-19-2013 09:09 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
Dont ya just hate those surgery decisions. I scheduled a surgery once and canceled not long before. My gyno was frustrated but tough noogies. That taught him to not withhold every little detail from me. Tell it ALL to me before i sign the dotted line, not just part. And now that I look for natural alternatives the drs don't like me even more LOL
I feel for you Spending any time hugging the porcelain gods is not fun at all.

Sending you warm breezes and some of my new found energy.

BTW, 20 mgs is going well. slight headache yesterday but feel none yet today, slight pressure like one could pop in at any time. I can deal with that. a couple little aches and pains, but that is kind of normal anyhow. So far my impression is the cymbalta was doing more for my back pain than the fibro pain. That could change as time goes on. Late next week I'll start the tedious task of taking granules out of the caps and dosing down gently from there.

bluelakelady 01-20-2013 08:58 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
how funny you wrote this yesterday and i planted my strawberry beds and had the energy to do it. had to thin a 2 year old bed. i have alot of potted berries now. brother could not stand to let them die. cute. so thanks girl for the energy.
glad you are only having hints of headaches. suggestion, use a saline nasal spray several times a day. you may be drying out during the downing of your dosage. it can cause the sort of pressure i think you are describing.
have fun pouring out bit's next week. do you have a tiny measuring spoon, like really tiny, or something to see how much is gone and if you need to put some back be able to?
time to get my fanny in gear and take meds and my morning nap so i can get to my spring chores, thanks to you sister!
do you have any topical pain stuff for your back? suggest that every hour or two.

WoodsWalker 01-20-2013 06:18 PM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
Sis,So glad that energy found it's way,and made it b4 those nasty cold winds showed up here. I'd be the same way and pot the strawberries. You never know who would like a few plants. Besides they are alive ;)

The saline may be a good idea, the thought of a neti pot even crossed my mind. I have the humidifier on with some cinnamon leaf and thyme oils , both healing to the sinuses. Going to pick up some clove bud oil to add to the mix tomorrow. If anything else , it smells good.
It wasn't a sinus headache tho (i know those a little to well) kind of a different pressure high up on the head. I have some topicals hanging out. A few samples of bio freeze and my Dremu oil plus I figure while I'm at the health food store..i have a great local one with discount pricing and a fabulous selection of herbals/homeopathy and oils

Picking out those little bead should be a riot. I was thinking cutting a small straw to make a tiny spoon and pushing the beads on or tweezers. From what I read taking about 10 beads at a time to titrate down slowly. I'm going to do this part slowly to help avoid any issues .my thoughts are every 5 to 6 days drop the dose long as it's all going smoothly.fingers crossed.

This will be the 4th day in a row that I have not napped. I've gotten tired but not a crashing fatigue. I think I could have napped today but had company. I do hope this continues to go well. :cool:

bluelakelady 01-21-2013 08:30 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
hi sis,
so glad it's going good. no napping? oh you lucky girl! i am so happy for you. nothing more lovely that being awake for the whole day. i'm in sleeping mode right now. it will pass. when i am up i am working in the gardens. the strawberry beds are done and i have several potted ones to give away. like you said they are alive, however i did cull out the weak plants to recycle in the raw compost. bet they grow! ha.
top of the head pressure can be related to sinus dryness and or stress. i can just see you picking out beads. are they all the same color? giggle, had an image of 3 green ones and 3 blue ones and 3 some other color. giggle. i doubt i will ever understand why the pharmacuticual companies don't make some meds in tiny doses for people who don't need much or are getting off it like you are. sure would be easier for you, giggle. i have to cut my bp med in half. it's this really tiny pill too. have a cutter but sheesh what a hassle ever 2 weeks when i fill my boxes.
not a cloud in the sky and frost thick and hard on the earth, it's a beautiful day!
really glad you are getting your you back again. feels good yes?
peace and three hugs,
sister blue

WoodsWalker 01-21-2013 05:36 PM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
Well, it seems my head pressure was a migraine playing hide and seek. I normally know when it's coming, but this was a different angle of attack. It found me today, stayed in the dark bedroom almost all morning and finally forced myself up about noon. Back to bed at's FINALLY let up. Never made it to my health food store.

Lucky me, I believe there are at least 2 colors in those caps. I'll do a few weeks worth at a time. I'll start on them later this week.

And if anyone knows where the heck the mood thing went please clue me in. I am having a mood blindness thing going on (haha) and lost where they put it...I haven't been tired for almost week and can't change it 'cause I'm lost HELP!!

bluelakelady 01-22-2013 08:07 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
hi sis,
hope you had a good barf and that migraine is on it's way down the sewer lines. the mood thing has been gone awhile. not sure where it went or if it's just gone. guess i could ask, giggle. you started it, you ask. giggle.
i hope by tomorrow you are feeling perky again. sure glad i seldom get a headache. i remember the migraine days of my youth and not fondly!! i feel for you.
many healing hugs

treach76 01-23-2013 10:56 AM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta

Hi, I'm so happy for you:) You we're one of the first to reply to my very first post on here you gave me wonderful advice and courage to face this FM we have. I was very scared and felt alone.. ! It's because of posted like these that keep me going! Real energy.. You go girl!!! Again, I'm happy for you and thank's you for your post, they help more then you know:)


WoodsWalker 01-23-2013 05:14 PM

Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta
Thanks for your encouragement, and your thanks. I'm happy my reply helped you on this rollercoaster life we have dealing with fM.

I'm still hanging in there the migraine is gone (it was a big one!) Now I'm trying to build up to my next drop down. So far my pain level is steady and bearable. Had a little bout with fatigue today but I think it's because of being woke in the middle of the night by a strange ticking that got us up trying to find it . Ended up being a brown out and it caused the ceiling fans remote sensors to keep resetting over and over. Un Plugged everything, got out the propane heater and went back to sleep.

I know I've said this already, but I'm really getting the feeling stopping the cymbalta is one of the better choices I made. Some of the confusion seems to be lifting too.

hope you all have a pain free day

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