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I'm hurty

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Old 01-11-2013, 03:45 PM   #1
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youngladyoldbod HB User
Question I'm hurty

I know there's no such word as hurty, but that is what I say when my husband or daughter massage me or just goof around. It hurts when someone presses on my arms and legs, rib cage, and shoulders. I have been this way for many years. I have not had any fm diagnosis. I have so many symptoms that I never found a place where they all fit before. I dont know if I really have fm because I don't have pain that lasts for 3 months in the same spot, I guess I dont understand the criteria for the pain. In a way I have a pain that has lasted for over ten years, just not continuous. The pain fluctuates. I have a shoulder that hurts in the front and kind of into the collar bone. It is more like a stiffness but sometimes it is sharp. For a while I couldnt raise my arm but it isnt that bad anymore. My doctor took xrays and said I didnt have arthritis. It gets worse if I have been using my arm such as painting, raking, etc. The other pain I have nearly all the time is very faint but it is there. Sometimes it stops for a while but then it comes back. It is a small spot on the inside of my knee. Now the other knee does it at times. I also have very bad pain in my back at times. This all started when I was a teenager which was many moons ago, lol. I used to wake up in the morning with my upper back hurting so bad that I had to roll off the bed and I would just about pass out. It still happens infrequently. I just spent 5 days with a sore lower back too. I did nothing to cause it. It hurt way down low and the back of my hip hurt. I have had that before too. The only other ongoing "pain" that I have is actually an ache. My legs ache really bad at times and they are throbbing and twitching. But, it seems to be related to my mensstrual cycle as well, but as soon as my period stops I go right back to having the aches. Sometimes only one leg aches. I have pain in my tailbone too. I fell on it before, years ago, and then it was ok for years, and then about 3 years ago suddenly it would hurt when I got out of the car or got up from the church pew. It can be excruciating and I feel like I'm 80 trying to stand up at church. Some days I feel like I didnt sleep. I cant work very long before I get tired. I have all of the symptoms that the websites give, including the "fog" and dizziness and ringing ears too. I just dont have constant bad pain that is so bad I cant sleep like a lot of people talk about. Oh yes I have restless legs and sleep apnea. I really dont function well at all and I make a lot of mistakes when I cook, drive, etc.

I guess I am writing this because I described all this to a ******** fm page , and a woman said it didnt sound like I had it. She knew because she has had it for 30 years. I guess the best thing to is see the doctor.

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Re: I'm hurty

When they say 'pain for at least three months' in the description of fibromyalgia, they don't mean 'my big toe has hurt continuously for that length of time'. Fibro pain tends to migrate around the body, so one day it might be your neck, the next your ankles, and later on your ribcage, and so on. Some days the pain might be almost gone if you're in a good place, others you're flat on your back. But more often than not, SOMETHING hurts, and there's an underlying sensitivity to touch/pressure, plus other stuff going on. Go and talk to your GP if you're concerned. Most people write fibro off as 'nothing wrong' for years before there's anything definite enough to get a diagnosis. I know I did, and I'm still fighting myself in that department because I tend to think that if I have one or two good days where I can get stuff done, I should be able to do that all the time and if I'm not I'm just not trying hard enough.
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jessiesmom88 HB Userjessiesmom88 HB Userjessiesmom88 HB User
Re: I'm hurty

I have most of the symptoms you have youngladyoldbod..I knew something was wrong for years but thought I was just getting old and going crazy or something. My hubby loves to rub my shoulders or snuggle up but I found myself physically pulling away when he even approached me since it hurt so bad even with a gentle I dont even like to be touched and it is such a negative reaction for me to pull away. Frozen shoulder...muscle twitches in my legs..back pain, migraines, drug sensitivity..etc..etc..BAD GERD too. What finally sent me to a rheumotologist was when my legs felt like they were lead weights and severe fatigue. Had tons of blood work for all sorts of things..all negative so after my physical with the was definately fibro. I cant take cymbalta..makes my head spin..bad anxiety which is treated with klonopin and I take muscle relaxers which is all I can tolerate. The important thing is to find a Dr. who believes in fibro..just to hear you have something and you are not nuts was enough for me to relax and try to accept what I need to do on days when I just feel horrible (take it easy) and take advantage of the good days to walk and do yoga...keeping those muscles loose and gently stretched really helps me out. Hope you do find a Dr to work with.

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youngladyoldbod HB User
Re: I'm hurty

Thanks, because I do have a lot of days where nothing hurts except for the pressure sensitivity. Its just that when I do get pain it's seemingly from nothing, as in I didnt do anything out of the ordinary. I have always called it mystery pain. Some days I feel like I was run over by a truck. This has all been going on since I was in my teens, except for the shoulder. I never injured my shoulder, and even if I did overuse it to initially cause the stiffness, it would have healed up in a few days. But no, it's always a little there, about twelve years later. I have to see my primary care doctor first because I don't have "real" insurance. It is something our community has. My doctor can refer me though, if I see him.

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Re: I'm hurty

Looking back, there were many times I would be in bed and tell my hubby that I wish I would go ahead and be sick and get it over with instead of the body aches and pains and the overall horrible feeling. I have always been one to spent at least one day in bed per month with exhaustion no matter how much sleep I was getting. I have had this going on for as long as I can remember, way back into my early teens. I always told myself that I must have overdone it or was fighting off a bug. The more I look into fibro the more I see things that should have been flags that I just simply overlooked or passed off as nothing. I understand and have accepted there is no cure for this but I am still hopeful that I can find some treatment modality that will help me be able to be productive...

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