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sk587 01-27-2013 07:34 AM

General question
Hi guys,
I'm new to the board and just wanted a general opinion from people who may know a bit more than I do.
For about the past two years or so I have been struggling on and off with symptoms that I can't seem to get a diagnosis for - I have been back and forth to the doctors and had a number of blood tests but haven't been given any firm answers.
The pain is frequent but not constant - my muscles feel generally like they are seizing up and like the only way to solve the pain would be to stretch if that makes sense. I regularly get restless leg syndrome and muscle pain all over my body. SOmetimes the pain is manageable but other times I can't walk properly as it hurts to straighten my back. I get the shakes in my hands and my fingers seize up so that I struggle to straighten them.
I went to the doctors and was told that it was likely that I had IBS but that they couldn't confirm anything else.
The pains get worse around the time of my periods and I have recently had a new symptom of shooting pains in my chest and down my arm.
Although I am not a fan of trying to self diagnose I wondered if I could get any advice as to whether this may or may not be fibromyalgia from people who have experienced similar symptoms.
Thanks guys

bluelakelady 01-27-2013 09:46 AM

Re: General question
except for the period thing, i don't have it anymore, i get all the stuff you are asking about. and yes, stretching does seem the answer tho it only feels good till i stop, giggle. some of this i attribute to fibro and a couple of things go with sjogren's and i have that. i am going in friday for a stress cardio test. chest pain and rapid heart rates for no reason. fibro related? i doubt it but we shall see. i've been wrong before, giggle.
try a hot shower or soak your hands in hot water when you seize up. when you get the shakes let it happen, fighting it just makes it worse.
if you have insurance and the time and desire find a rheumy and go thru the battery of testing, ask for sjogrens too, and then at the end tell you to be happy it's fibro and not lupus or r.a. or something even worse. giggle.

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