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  • Another unbelieving Doc, What would Jesus Do?

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    Unhappy Another unbelieving Doc, What would Jesus Do?

    I felt the need to write about my recent visit to a new doctor. I have had fibro going on twenty two years and needless to say, I have had quite a few doctor visits and met many health practitioners. I now have no health insurance and visit a clinic. I see whoever is available because I can't always make specific appts... so I go as a walk-in. This is not an ideal way to treat fibro. But it is the best I can do for now. The worst part is having to explain each time (to a doctor, PA, or nurse) my health history, on top of just having spent three hours in the waiting room. This last visit was with a nurse practioner. I did request a doctor I had seen before, and the doctor decided I needed to see a new nurse practitioner first to do an intake. So sat down with nurse and after taking my info, informs me that she doesn't believe in fibro and thinks its a mental thing. Called it a catch-all type illness. But her own mother has this illness and she does understand the whole not feeling well thing....She also has a large patient base that are dealing with fibro she told me. Was I taking Cymbalta? Good, But couldn't tell me much about this drug and what to do with side effects. Whaaaa? This is 2013 isn't it? This is not a new illness, why, why, why does the medical community continue to drag their feet on learning how to treat this illness??? Brush off brush off..... Show me a video, suggest a book, email me a link, just don't stare at me with a smirk and occasional rolling of the eyes and say two sentences about what you know on fibro.(sorry for such bad spelling) I have never felt so invisible and dismissed. What would Jesus do? I am slightly making fun of that phrase sorry. Why did it shock me so much? I read postings on the board about this, but somehow when you have had it so long and are approaching your five o years you think it will finally be taken seriously. No such thing. Feel so sorry for her other patients and the frustration they are going through. No sense in complaining. It's a public health clinic. They are too overwhelmed to care. I can't shake this feeling of what she said about it being mental. I have heard it before and it just rolled right off. Pushing my buttons now. I fear that I am a weak minded person. The mental thing. My mother mentioned how oversensitive I am. Very weary of family and friends not understanding and their advice. They mean well. But get some new communication material please!!!!!! I am now in bed most of the time. Also have Lupus and other health issues. People are just a drain and that is so sad to me. I just needed to vent. Thank you so much for allowing me to do that.

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    Re: Another unbelieving Doc,What would Jesus Do?

    I am so, so sorry you were treated this way. I truly don't understand why some health professionals feel this way about Fibromyalgia. And, I do believe you got a "real winner" today! You certainly didn't need that!
    I admire you for going the extra step in being able to have compassion for her other patients. (And, vent away..... Sometimes I feel that's the only way to relieve a bit of our frustration.....)

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    Re: Another unbelieving Doc,What would Jesus Do?

    Unfortunately it seems with certain illnesses that doctors cant explain (via test like blood work, xrays, etc) some tend to go with the whole "its all in your head" crap. It just is extremely frustrating when you are suffering and not able to actually live your life and doctors brush you off. When I was diagnosed with fibro and possible CFS from my specialist, he told me to basically go and see my GP and that's it. He gave me a prescription and sent me on my way.. Fibro can be so difficult because of the lack of knowledge of what it really is and what causes it. Its more they give you pills to help your symptoms and tell you Good luck! I really hope you can find a good doctor though, even if you have to wait a bit to see this doctor. Having a great GP does wonders, my GP is amazing, very understanding and lets me vent, while my "specialist" not so much lol Unless you have fibro most people wont understand what you are going threw so sometimes you just have to smile and nod smile and nod lol. But yes venting is a really good thing

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    Re: Another unbelieving Doc,What would Jesus Do?

    Oh Honey, my heart broke for you when I read this. I was dx 30 yrs ago by GP then again by a Rhuetologist. Who by the way was made fun of by his fellow clinic drs for giving me an official dx! BTW he and his nurse, an old saint herself, moved to Oregon soon after. I was devastated. But even tho that was five yrs ago you know she sent me a Christmas card this year!? Wow. It made me cry. It makes me furious, about unbelieving health care professionals. I am a retired RN and it is REAL. I don't understand the attitude either. I'm recovering from bunion surgery...a whole nother story I won't bore you with. But I will say this. There were complications requiring MAJOR meds that I will have to be tapered off of. Anyway, how wonderful....not only took care of foot issues but my fibro finally went away totally. Only while I'm on these narcs, but how blessed I feel. I don't bring that up to make you feel bad. I just wanted to tell you there are many people at this pain mgt clinic who are on Medicare. I'm not one of them. But you might want to go to the pain mgt message board and find out more about how that works.
    Being rolled up in a ball on the couch is no fun.
    Here are a few little tips that have helped me through the years. You can laugh them off if you want. But I really do care about your anguish. If you find just one little tip, it will be worth it.
    1-exercise. Even just short walks to start out. Believe me I KNOW you don't feel like it, but you must move!
    2-soak in an Epsom salts bath. One or two cupfulls of this inexpensive salt. It is packed with magnesium and helps with muscle spasms. A dark room with a candle and relaxing music doesn't hurt. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Vinegar baths help too. I have no reason why for this one. But I tried it and it works. Doesn't matter what kind of vinegar. I'd say two cup full maybe?
    3-exercise again. I'm a big fan of the OLD CALLANETICS. The DVDs are cheap online. Start out only doing 1 tenth's worth. it's all about what you CAN do. Not what u can't do. I got so much help I actually got certified in it. If you like the new form, fine. But these are the most exciting helpful exercises for fibro. They also help bad backs, necks, and Lupus! The inventor is Callan Pinkney and she explains each exercise in detail. The music etc are very dated. But soon u can turn off their music and put on your own. Start out VERY VERY slowly. You'll be moving, and looking like a swan in no time. I don't charge for my lessons, so no one please accuse me of selling something. I can't help but mention something that took me from a crying heap to real help. Look on ****** or her website. Just search Callanetics. She has some cheap out of print books that are helpful too.
    4- Food is your medicine. And yes, it really is that important. Teach yourself as much as possible about nutrition as possible. Keep a notebook. Foods - the wrong kind cause inflammation!
    5- one I got from a showers. All you can. It really really helps
    6- good ol aspirin or ibuprofen. Please make sure you take them with meals! I didn't and ultimately paid the price of stomach surgery!
    7-here's the weirdest one, but it will raise your pain tolerance and even protect your stomach eventually. Google me on this one, its true. Cayenne pepper pills. Get them at the health food center, they are cheap. Starting out open the gel cap POUR MOST OF IT DOWN THE DRAIN - build up slowly. Drink lots of water and have it just before a meal. Eventually work up to three a day! You really can! Don't do it at bedtime!!! They are cheap!
    I have lots more tips bc I've had this for so long. If you like we can explore these later, unless you think I'm totally crazy now.
    One more. Do a search for Fibro and THERMOGRAPHIC MRI, several years ago they PROVED fibro is real with these!
    Soft gentle fibro hugs, dear. I understand. Even my dog lying on my lap is interpreted by my boy as pain.
    God bless.

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    Re: Another unbelieving Doc,What would Jesus Do?

    Thank you for reply and information. I would like to talk more about these other treatments for pain. Please let me know if we can do that. I am thinking about going off some of my meds and I am very worried what that will do. I am hanging in there for the moment. You sound like a wonderful person who has not lost yourself to this horrible illness.

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    Re: Another unbelieving Doc, What would Jesus Do?

    Hang in there sweetie. I've had my own family members tell me that there is no such thing as Fibro! Very hurtful!!! Gentle hugs to you!!!!

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    Re: Another unbelieving Doc,What would Jesus Do?

    Having fibro and lupus is certainly a double whammy! Just curious how you differentiate which one is causing your symptoms since there is so much overlap. Lupus can be treated much more effectively than fibro. Perhaps if you focus on sorting out the two, you can get better treatment for the lupus, feel better, and not be subjected to the doubt and dismissal of health professionals. Cymbalta is a good drug for both, as it raises the pain threshold and has antidepressant effects, and anyone who lives with chronic illness and pain tends to get depressed as a result. Are you on treatment for your lupus? No one doubts that exists, and there are good medications for it. I think it is very hard to tell what's causing symptoms when you have both. Sorry you had such a frustrating experience. It's maddening when health professionals dismiss how you feel and do the placating thing!

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