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  • I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

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    Old 11-22-2014, 12:25 AM   #1
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    I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    Hey y'all,
    I'm new here and I think I have fibromyalgia.
    I'm hesitant to believe so for a few reasons. I am a 20 year old college senior with a lot on my mind and my plate. I know young people don't normally have fibromyalgia and I also know that stress can bring on a lot of pain. I also don't seem to have as much pain as others who have posted or commented.

    So recently, I've been having a lot of pain in my feet and ankles. They hurt so bad, no matter what shoes I'm wearing or even if im wearing a brace. Right now the top of my left foot feels like its breaking when I walk. But it doesn't hurt all the time, it just hurts a lot, sometimes. And it hasn't always done this, just recently, in the last 3-4 years or so, but its recently gotten worse.

    -I have chronic migraines with no diagnosed cause. I was diagnosed with migraines when I was two and I have had them my entire life. One to three a week, of varying levels of intensity.
    -I hurt easily. My whole life my family has been saying, "Stop crying, that didn't really hurt!". But it did! When my sister pokes me in the chest in hurt really bad! But it never did to anyone else. But the pain doesn't come on by itself.
    -It hurts to exercise. I've tried running but I just get a horrible headache and it hurts all over.
    -I sleep all the time, but I'm always tired. I can always sleep more. My record is 18 hours of sleeping- when I wasn't up for a long time the day before. I've always slept a lot and anytime, anywhere.
    - I'm female
    - My grandma has fibromyalgia

    So I have a lot of symtoms, but I don't have some of them, so before I embarrase myself by going to the doctor and saying "Please help i think i have fibromyalgia" I was wondering what y'all think?



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    Re: I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    Hi there!
    I just posted a very similar question and I feel we share some i'm a 19 year old female with chronic migraines. I also grew up where everyone thought I was being a wimp and dramatic because everything hurt me so much more then a normal person. I was wondering, do you have any widespread pain? I've read that fibro is diagnosed if you have pain on both sides of your body, plus top and bottom half.

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    Re: I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    Hi there. Fibro is a real disease, although it is usually diagnosed as a catch all for severe nerve pain. You arent describing nerve pain.
    There are a million reasons why you might have the pain in your ankles- it could be bone spurs, or you could have bruised a tendon or even damaged one.
    The only way to get this diagnosed is to see a doctor and have some tests run. Probably an xray to start, followed by an MRI...this will show the doctor if there is any damage. An EMG, which is a nerve conduction test, would also tell if there was damage to the nerves.
    I have Multiple Sclerosis, I have severe pain in my ankles and feet at times, but this is caused by a lesion (damaged area) in my brain, my feet and ankles are perfectly healthy. The brain signal to my feet is corrupted from my disease. Its random, not all the time.
    You really cant self diagnose, and it doesnt sound like you want to- but this just doesnt sound like sounds like it may be time to get a good physical.
    I hope you have the ability to make a doctors appointment and talk this through with your general doctor. He or she can recommend specialists if they see fit to do so.
    Hope you feel better!
    RRMS- dx 05

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    Re: I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    A 20 year old should not feel this way, and trying to do well in college is hard if you need that much sleep and feel unwell. I would see your Dr. but I would not go in with a pre-conceived diagnosis. You could sway his/her judgment, and diagnosing fibromyalgia (for the Dr.) is like pushing the easy button and leaves you with no true answers. You need a general check-up, one that includes blood tests for anemia, thyroid dysfunction, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. A broad net should be cast. Fatigue, migraines, joint pain, generalized pain can all be signs of an autoimmune disorder, and there are many to consider. Just report your symptoms and see where the Dr. goes with it. Then if it seems he/she isn't going far enough, ask for some labs to check out blood count, thyroid, autoimmune disorders, etc. and see what clues come up. If you hand the Dr. a self-made diagnosis, he/she might agree with it even if it is incorrect.

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    Re: I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    Did you ever get a diagnosis? How are you feeling now? ladybud makes a very good point. I had a niece who was 19, in college, stressed and had a lupus flare that almost killed her. I hope you have had some good answers by now. **hug**
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    Re: I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    I was "officially" diagnosed at 41, after around 4 years of symptoms and endless tests, as Fibro is more of a diagnosis by elimination. There is no specific test for Fibro. They tested me for Lyme disease, MS, Lupus, and Mono (even Thoth I'd already had this for 3 months when I was 18). My first year of college, it felt like all I could do was sleep, and I was miserably aching and exhausted. I too have a history of migraine. Mine started age 5, with aura a few times per year. They hit in earnest at 18 when I started college. I was then blessed with them 2-7 x weekly. I worked on triggers, (the usual MSG, red wine/sulfates, avocados, etc). My latest regime is Clexa daily and Botox injections every 3 months. My 18 year old daughter also gets them and we both share an appointment slot, and do mother/daughter Botox injections . We have some of the same spots, but we also have our own unique locations of wherever our muscles are in spasm (shoulder blade, shoulder, base of head, a few scalp spots, by ear... )You get the gist.

    As for the feet... Do you have shoes with very good arch support that is best for your specific foot & gait? I'd see about a podiatrist and get his take on the foot issue. It sounds to me like a possible arch support and/or pronate/supinate issue (ankle either rolls the foot inward walking on the arch of the foot or/rolls outward walking of outer side of foot).

    If your doctor clears you from all of these things, maybe a sleep study would be in order. Your body is asking for more rest, so perhaps you have a sleep disorder. (I have both Narcolepsy & Restless Leg Syndrom)

    Good luck! ...and I hope this helps with some ideas of where to start looking

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    Re: I think I have fibromyalgia. Opinions?

    I have recently been diagnosed with Fibro, and I also had foot and ankle pain in both feet, like you describe. I thought it was plantar facsiitis, did the stretches, the support inserts, ice, heat, everything. I was put on ametriptyline for the fibro and the foot pain has deminished a LOT. So I think it COULD be part of Fibro. But you still need to go to your Dr to figure it out. I've had chronic pain from a back injury over 12 years ago... and I think that is what led to the fibro.

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