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britin 10-25-2015 08:37 AM

sprained ankle still hurts after a year
Hello! I have been all over the internet and to several doctors with very little progress made so any suggestions or thoughts are more then welcome.

It has been almost a year (Nov 2nd will be a year to the date) that I tripped at my Dad's house and hurt my right ankle. I was trying to get one of his dogs inside and another wouldn't move out of the way. As I was trying to avoid stepping on him I tripped on the lip of the front door. I do not remember which way the ankle twisted but I didn't hear a pop it was more like the pain of a nasty splinter. I could not put weight on it either.

I drove home that night with an ace bandage on my foot and then went to work the next day (I'm an infant teacher and so I am constantly on my feet) while resting it at night and on my break as well. Granted going directly to work wasn't the best idea but I was unable to get off.

By Thursday of that week the pain had only gotten worse so I went to the quick care in my area where they did x-rays and a short exam. I was told that nothing was broken and I only had a simple sprain which would recover in a couple of weeks.

After months of not getting any better I went to a podiatrist who took more x-rays and of course an exam. The result was there was thickening of the bone indicating a hairline fracture and that I had tendinitis. He wanted to do ultrasound treatments and again I was told I'd be fine within a few weeks. The doctor did told me I did not need to take it easy and that I did not have to protect my ankle at work. On a personal note I thought that was a bit bonkers since infants are like cats and always seem to know where you hurt and like to touch it.

However I was still not getting any better and I was doing any better and by the end of the work day it felt like my ankle was going to give out from under me. I saw a orthopedic surgeon at that point who wanted an MRI and an ultrasound both of which came back normal. He suggested it could be a build up of scar tissue from the sprain and gave me a cortisone shot and said to come back in 4-6 weeks if I wasn't doing better and we would scope the ankle and from there I would be referred to a pain management clinic. This was about two weeks ago and it hasn't helped either.

My pain is on the outside of my right foot and increases through the day as long as I am on it. It also hurts to rotate it and driving farther then the 25min to get to work is quite painful. It is this ache like hitting the funny bone or when you've had your arm punched way to much in the same spot. I do have RSD however this pain is completely different from any that I've experienced from that issue. A complication though is that after the cortisone shot I have had some of the burning RSD pain in the location which just adds to the pain.

I apologise if this is way to long or wordy I have just seen so many doctors and I feel like I keep coming to dead ends. As stated earlier I work in childcare and it is to the point that the health nurse (who is a doctor as well but just comes to tell us what is going around every month) said I need to seriously consider if I should stay where I am. I can not make it through the day without wearing my ankle brace and she believes it is a stage three sprain with scar tissue.

Any help or suggestions would be so very appreciated. Thank you for your time!


dama 10-31-2015 09:43 PM

Re: sprained ankle still hurts after a year
its crazy how the health care sytem works and what bad care you can get for "just a sprain". i think allot of us get terrible car in the early stages and we don't live lives where we can boot our feet and walk around in crutches which is what needs to happen early on with rice.

that and rehab needing to be done under car and in stages to get you back the best way possible but that time has passed.

if its been that long i think we know our bodies best. if you have enough paint and instability to where you can't get your fitness back and have pain that bad there must be something wrong in there and nursing it all this time and using the brace doesn't help.

i initially saw a podiatrist and tried to take the rest approach and then rehab and i knew something was wrong. finally i went to a sports ortho and got surgery. i still get aches and pains but i was back into my shoe with a brace 2 months post op and i was jogging and doing advanced exercises by month 4 post op. still lots of aches and pains that come and go but i function with stability.

Hollywood48 11-04-2015 07:33 PM

Re: sprained ankle still hurts after a year
To get a little more info:

1) What bone did the podiatrist say you had the hairline fracture?
2) Where was the tendonitis?
3) How long after initial injury was the MRI?
4) Have you had any physical therapy?

I ask these because I've had similar timelines and injuries as you and might could help with my case and example if the answers to these questions are like mine! :)

Cindy89 11-04-2015 07:58 PM

Re: sprained ankle still hurts after a year
I hope you get answers soon. I don't have answers for you but I sprained my ankle in 2012 it was very painful so I know what you are going through. mine was a sprain but xray also found early arthritis in the area I was given some meds for pain and arthritis which helped. if you are still not feeling well let the doctors know so they can figure out what next to do

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