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La890 02-18-2016 08:38 AM

Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
It's been 5 weeks since I had a calcaneal osteotomy and peroneal nerve transfer. I have a terrible sensation of my toe pinkie being crushed by pliers and have shooting pain through the toes and arch only at night. I am still in a cast and hope to have it taken off next week. During the day I am pain free.

I elevate the foot overnight and during the day. I get around on a knee scooter. The only way to reckon with the pain is to get up at night and move around on the scooter. That seems to stop it.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of discomfort so long after the surgery?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


ber237 02-18-2016 10:02 AM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
Greetings Laura,

I'm only 3 weeks out from my surgery (you can see the procedures I had in my signature). I also have that strange pain in my pinky toe now and then, as well as strange pains in my arch. The toe pain was much worse in the surgery splint that was on for 2 weeks. I think it's nerve pain, because the splint was not really that tight on the toe. It actually just touched the toe. It sometimes hurts now; but there is plenty of toe room in the cast. Nerves take a really long time to heal and regenerate. I've read back through a lot of posts on this forum and it sounds like we will have these odd pains for a while. This is my 9th day in the hard cast and it has hurt a lot in the heel and ankle area until yesterday. It seems to have calmed down now. I am hoping I've turned a corner.

Hang in there and hopefully we will be all better by spring! :cool:
Wishing you rapid healing,

La890 02-18-2016 10:53 AM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
Hi Brenda!

Phew! At least someone knows what I'm talking about! I find that it's odd it only happens at night. The pain in the pinkie toe was much worse when I had the splint on, so it HAS gotten better.

When I tell my docs I have NO PAIN during the day, they seem very perplexed how I'm confined to nighttime issues only.

Thanks for the post Brenda. It's a relief to know that this pain isn't just an isolated issue with me. I did have stabbing pain in my heel during my time with the splint, and maybe 2 weeks into my cast, but since then, it really hasn't been an issue.

I am counting the hours until I get this blasted cast off. I'm frustrated with not being able to do much....

Eyes trained towards better days ahead! Sending good vibes your way Brenda!!!


ber237 02-18-2016 11:15 AM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
I wonder if the pain is there at night because your brain is not otherwise occupied. I have been reading a lot and watching documentaries and such. When I am engrossed in a story, I don't notice any pain as much as when I have nothing else to think about.

I, too, am fed up with not being able to do anything and having to depend on someone to bring you stuff. I've only been out of my house twice in 3 weeks. I still need assistance to get off my porch to the walkway. I have gotten out by sitting down and scooting down the steps. And to think that I thought I would be back at work after 3-4 weeks! I would never make it to the building from the parking lot. Oh well, guess I need to just lie here and heal!

I can attest to what nerve pain can do to you. Three years ago I developed nerve pain from cervical degenerative disc disease. Nerve pain can be debilitating. It is constant and unbearable. Just think, each day will be better than the last. :)

La890 02-18-2016 11:36 AM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
The Nurse said the same thing about the brain magnifying pain at night. I'm just having a hard time grappling with that concept because even when I'm laying around doing 'nothing' during the day, I would THINK that I would feel a twinge or something!! I'm GREAT during daylight hours. Pain starts at midnight and tracks me through until I'm up for good at around 6am.

I think it's natural for CMT'ers to be hopeful and positive about challenges. I don't find it odd that you projected you might be able to work. You're a tiger! Yaaay! I'm sure you have a high threshold for pain and are accustomed to challenges. People think I'm brave and unusual for never complaining, but I think they don't realize that when you live with pain daily, it's a waste of energy to cry in someone's ear about it. Stuff still needs to get done and challenges overcome, the best expenditure of effort can be spent tackling those tasks!

I think that's what's driving us so nuts laying around and not being able to do anything.

As for showers, do you have a shower chair? Did you get a plastic sleeve with a rubberized cuff to pull over your splint to keep it dry? I'm pretty tiny so the splint on my sticky leg looked like a 'corndog' for the Jolly Green Giant. The sleeve was tricky to get on, but golly....what a spirit booster to get a shower! I would roll around the house yellin' 'I'M CLEAN! I'M CLEAN! I'M CLEAN!' ha ha ha. When you get the fiberglass cast on, it'll be much smaller and then it's much easier to slip the sleeve on. Showers are MUCH easier...


ber237 02-18-2016 12:45 PM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
I just got out of the shower! I've always loved the feeling right after a shower; but now...oh boy! I feel like a new person. And today was hair washing day! It's hard to explain to someone how much effort the simple task of showering is now. I did get a shower chair, but I've been using two kitchen garbage bags over my cast, the kind with a tie. I just leave my leg out of the tub, pull the curtain over my thigh and use a handheld shower head. So far, so good.

I sure hope your night pain eases up soon. Getting a good night's sleep is important to recovery. I have been sleeping pretty well, always elevating my foot. But today, my back hurt so badly when I woke up. It's tired of laying here all the time too!

I am using every little thing to mark my progression. My next appointment is Wednesday, which will be 4 weeks. I hope they take out the stitches and staples. I was surprised they didn't remove them at 2 weeks, but I guess they weren't ready yet.

What are you doing to pass the time? How much are you moving around during the day? I always feel a little more pain on the days I am more active. I've had two really low pain days (also low activity) and I am very hopeful that I've turned a corner.

All my best!

La890 02-18-2016 02:02 PM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
Right on! Clean hair and bod! That's a 'calendar' day! Like you I have little benchmarks of things to look forward to. I'm so thankful for the help (and my lovely hubby/chauffeur) helping me out to the car and driving me around. I use a 'rollator' instead of a knee scooter. I have a knee scooter but haven't used it yet because it's too long to make the turns around corners in my old VT farmhouse. A rollator looks like a walker with 4 wheels and a seat with a storage basket underneath. I pop my knee up on that, lift on the glide with my upper body and use my good leg to kick myself around. Putting weight on the tibia hurts with the cast. A good day out is a trip to Costco. That's PLENTY of exercise kicking around that place while my husband tags along with the cart. I am played out after that. I worry how long it will take me to condition myself back into shape to do what I used to!

I'm sick of movies, books, magazines...UGH. I putter around doing little things in the kitchen. I can manage making a meal and I enjoy that. Hoping next week I can start to introduce driving back into my routine. I have a 'tentative' plan to meet a friend for lunch! Dream big, huh?????!!!!!

What are you doing to pass time?

Oh, I also have a dog so I play with her as much as I'm able. She's a doberman and thinks she's a lap dog (that would be my fault). To protect myself from her jumping up to snuggle with me and risk hurting that foot, I solved the problem by living in a 32 gal plastic trash bin! ha ha ha!!!!
I'm quite a sight!


ber237 02-18-2016 03:36 PM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
That rollator sounds like a good idea. I've mostly used a walker that has wheels on the front; but I have to turn it sideways and shuffle to get in my bathroom and to get through my bedroom door. I wonder if the rollator is any narrower than the walker. It sounds like it would make it easier to do stuff in the kitchen. I have to use only my right foot to balance with if I take my hands off the walker to do anything. I get frustrated too easily :). The knee scooter would be ideal too, but my kitchen has an island so the cooking area is like a galley and there's no room to turn around on the scooter. Backing up on it is tricky.

I've passed the time with TV and internet so far. I am up to date on current affairs, pop culture and news. I'm totally sick of politics already. I've also watched some documentaries on the SundanceDoc Club website. I'm tired of the talk shows; except for Ellen. She always makes me laugh and that's a good pain reducer.

I'm pretty sure I have a couple of good books around here that I haven't read yet. That's going to be the next order of business.

Have a great evening!

La890 02-18-2016 05:44 PM

Re: Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
My bath is tiny / narrow so the rollator works great on the sideways shuffle!
The knee scooter to make turns around the island in the kitchen would involve a 5-6 point turn. UGH. Pain.

Hey! Have a great eve! I'll catch up with you soon!!!!! Awesome finding you!!!

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