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  • 8 Months after Surgery and still numb

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    FeelinglostWA HB User
    8 Months after Surgery and still numb

    Hi Everyone.

    I wanted to see want others have felt and had to deal with after having surgery to repair their calcaneus bones. I know every break and every person is different, but I think it is always helpful to hear what others deal with.

    On June 24, 2017 I was involved in a single car rollover accident. I was driving at 55 mph on a back road, when I heard a load pop, and all the sudden had no control over my car. I am thankful to the good Lord above that I am still here to enjoy more things with my children, as I could have very well been killed. The ER doctor told me had my seat belt not failed I more than likely would not have walked away after going into a ditch, hitting the embankment head on, and rolling on my top, but due to the seat belt failing my body was also allowed to come to a slower stop as I rolled around inside the car. In this accident I received a Broken left hand, and left pinkie and ring finger, a broken back at my L3 and L4 with nerve root damage at my L4, and a Very Bad Broken Right Calcaneus Bone that was completely broken off.

    I received excellent care by the hand and back specialist, but the so call Foot Specialist was a whole different story. He saw me twice the whole 2 weeks I was in the hospital, the day after being admitted and the day I was discharged. The first time he saw me he stated that he wanted to wait a few days to give the swelling time to go down which he ordered nothing to help the swelling go down (no wedge to elevate my foot on, and not even an ice pack), he never did surgery while in the hospital. The day I was discharged he came in to see me, and told me that he had set an appointment for July 17th and it was very important not to miss as we would be going over the surgery plan, and ordering any new x-rays or MRIs that would be needed, and setting a surgery date, and was told I was to put no weight on my foot at all during this time, as my calcaneus was loose and rolling around under the skin, and would cause more damage or cause me to fall. Called the office to confirm my appointment as they had not called me yet, and was informed the doctor had cancelled my appointment as no follow up was needed. After demanding an appointment and telling her the condition of my foot she placed me on hold and came back to the phone telling me the doctor said he was sorry that he made a mistake and set me a new appointment for July 29th, the soonest one. Doctor wouldn't see me and sent in his PA, who order a MRI to prepare for surgery. Got the MRI on Saturday, and by Thursday called the office because no one had called like they said to set the surgery date, and told they were out of the office till the following Wednesday and they would have them call. No call came the following week, so that Friday morning I called and demanded an appointment, to which I got one August 23. When I went to this appointment again no doctor in the room, and he refused to come in the room when I asked for him saying he was busy with other patients, and his PA informed me that it was to late to do surgery, and that the doctor said he wasn't going to do surgery, I would not be able to walk on my foot again. I was told to leave the walking boot on for 8 weeks, non-weight bearing, and after the 8 weeks I could return to a normal shoe, and use a Walker or wheelchair to get around in for the rest of my life. I refused to accept this as I was only 44 at the time, and asked for a referral.

    I saw the new doctor on the 6th of September after the holiday. He was fit to be tied that my foot had been left this way. He told me that it was to late to repair the breaks as other things were broken, but that we could do a recovery surgery and recover as much use as possible. He gave me a wedge to elevate my foot on to help with swelling, left me in the boot non-weight bearing to allow my ankle, and side of my foot that were also broken to finish healing, and saw me again in 3 weeks. At that appointment the ankle and side where almost healed, and he kept me non-weight bearing, and saw me again a month later to make sure they healed fully before surgery. I saw him again on November 17th and the ankle and side of my foot were fully healed, so we talked about the recovery surgery, and that he would have to remove bone from the side of my foot that was allowed to heal incorrectly and was a huge knot on the outside of my foot, and use that bone to close the space between by calcaneus and foot, set the MRI for the next day, and the hospital would call to set my surgery date as soon as the MRI was back. The hospital called 2 days later with a surgery date for November 29th at 10:00 am, and called back a week later moving it to 7:00 am as someone had to cancel. Sorry for the long story but wanted you to have all the facts.

    Now my question is. How long did it take others of you to get the full feeling back in your foot? Does it feel as if your ankle is stuck and won't move all the way. I am 8 months to the day after surgery, finished with physical therapy, and I still do not have the feeling back in my foot. My ankle also feels as if it doesn't move as much as my left one, and feels really stiff. I have pens screwing my calcaneus to the bone they used from the side in the open gap, up through my foot, and into my ankle so that maybe the reason for the ankle feeling stiff, but I am now only 45 and I don't want to no feel all of my foot again. I also don't want to have to look down to see if my foot is on the ground before lifting my good foot up to take another step. Any information or stories of what you all have been through would be great. Thanks all. Have a great day.

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    Re: 8 Months after Surgery and still numb

    I was in a head on car collision doing 60, and flipped over too.

    You will probably not get back all the range of motion. 8 months may only be half way along. Some say 12-18 months to get as good as you will get. Though I think I have made some small gains in the years since.

    Not sure if I agree 8 months should be the end of therapy, but I am not there. I suspect you should be continuing at home.

    I have one spot on foot that doesn't have much feeling, or is dull. I really don't think of it. It is also not the same shape I was born with.

    Good socks and good shoes and boots are very important in my opinion. I spend lots of money on socks. I like merino wool hiking socks. Light in the summer, not itchy or hot. I buy new ones every year, and the old ones get worn around house. I don't go barefoot much. I have slip on shoes for around house. If I leave the house, I am typically in a lace up boot.

    For maybe the first year, I think my muscles were to weak for lace up boots. I would put tennis shoes on to drive. But as I get more active and farther along, I found the support of boots better than shoes.

    This is a life changing event. I do everything I want to. But there are days with pain. Biggest problem is having to take breaks. Hitting it hard day after day, can really wreck me for long stretch. I also make myself take breaks when doing stuff. Sit often. If you push to hard, it can stop you from doing stuff. If I got to a big event, I take breaks. First time out to a big event I walked and walked. By the end the pain was incredible. Since then I have gone places and taken breaks and done a lot more.
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    The good thing is, no one asks me to help them move anymore.

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    dsheree2424 HB Userdsheree2424 HB Userdsheree2424 HB User
    Re: 8 Months after Surgery and still numb

    First of all go see another doctor and/or another PT person.
    My calcaneus was broken (on purpose)/moved/screwed back along with a tendon move & Achilles lengthening - so not same as yours.

    The only numbness is the outside area of my foot where they went in to break my heal. It is because of nerves. Some days is worst than others and no one can tell you when that will stop. But my foot is not numb and never really was once I started walking on it. It's been 6 months and I don't have 100% movement in my ankle but I would call it 94%.

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