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gicki 08-01-2020 03:38 PM

Subtalar fusion NonUnion
To try and make a long story as short as possible. In a couple weeks I will be having revision from Subtalar fusion that I had done last July. This will be my 8th surgery on my right foot aka Frankenfoot. I am curious if anyone has had a revision of the Subtalar and if so how did it go. They will be removing the 2 screws from my heel and adding in some cement of some sort to my Subtalar joint that is suppose to promote bone healing. I am nervous to say the least.

Thanks in advance.

mammalu 08-01-2020 11:26 PM

Re: Subtalar fusion NonUnion
I feel your pain. My left foot is my frankenfoot. lots of surgery. I had a sub-talar fusion that did not work. Had it redone 9 months later. the 2 screws were removed, some bone taken from my fibular and new screws put in. That all worked. The hard part for me was doing the extended non weight bearing, and recovery time all over again. But that heel is now good. Take care of your other leg, especially the knee. All the periods of non weight bearing on my left leg put my right knee under stress, resulting in arthritis, and a total knee replacement. Good luck with your surgery.

Disco10 08-16-2020 01:08 AM

Re: Subtalar fusion NonUnion
Hi Mammalu , How did you realise your fusion hadnít worked? Was it pain all the time that made you realise this or from X-rays Scans etc , I had mine done in May last year so just over a year now, I have good days and bad days but feel something still not right, Was due to see consultant again on advice of physio before COVID hit and havenít heard anything since so will try to get an appointment ASAP and see what he thinks, Good luck with your future.

mammalu 08-16-2020 03:13 AM

Re: Subtalar fusion NonUnion
Hi, Yes there was increasing pain, then I had a bone scan, which confirmed it. My ortho gave me a cortisone injection into the joint, as it was just before Christmas, and surgery wasn't till end of January. Made a huge difference, that also confirmed diagnosis. Good luck.

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