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1gind 08-01-2020 05:48 PM

PTT + Calcaneal Osteotomy + Achilles lengthening
Thank you to all the posters who gave so much detail, especially for preparing for non weight bearing. My favorite, most useful recovery tool was the coldrush machine which I used to "ice" my foot / ankle. I bought the universal pad since it was the largest in size and it was plenty big enough to cover my foot and ankle. It was worth the money, but does need chopped ice such as you buy at the store the first few days - week. After that we froze ice in the square 4 cup reusable bowls and used 1 at a time and it worked well. All the other advice was taken and appreciated!

To those of you over 50 looking at flat foot surgery, you'll be ok. I am 59 and fluffy and have RA, had my first torn PTT 16 years ago, my surgeon recommended I learn to walk in my new orthotics because recovery from surgery was NOT FUN. I took his word for it and slowly but surely learned to walk in those horrible hard plastic torture devices. Eventually my calluses allowed me to walk for exercise and know when I was hitting my limit before I did. Fast forward to a couple months ago and I knew I had torn my tendon again. I found a new doc and was given the same diagnosis as last time, except that now it was hanging by a thread and he didn't think it would heal, so surgery for me. (Once he did the surgery he discovered the tendon had completely let go and had sprung up higher in my calf and he couldn't find it).

My surgery was on 6/26, my stitches are out and i am in my boot for 2 more weeks of non weight bearing (NWB). I was originally told that I would be NWB 6-8 weeks so I am happy with starting PT at 7 weeks.

It sounds like I had a bit more pain that some, but I attribute a good bit of it to an ill fitting splint. Once I was moved to the boot, my pain has been minimal to non existent. Getting the stitches out has allowed me to start using a cold laser for therapy to help speed healing. (I used one 16 years ago and it allowed my tendon to heal when the doc didn't think it would, he had told me to expect to wear the boot off and on until I needed surgery).

I have a bit of a bad knee combined on my good foot side and my knee scooter I was trying to use was really a bit too tall for me and difficult to use well, so after a scare in the bathroom in the middle of the night with crutches I started using a wheel chair. That has worked out well and while my knee still gets stressed at times, it doesn't have to get me around everywhere.

There were evidently a couple of stitches in the pad of my heel on the bottom of my foot and it developed a bit of a bruise while in the splint. It seems to be healing but I can't see it so I take a picture once in a while to get a peek. This is the spot I am most concerned about when I start PT as it is still pretty tender, but I do have 2 weeks to get it healed up.

I bought a new Lazy Boy recliner for my Christmas present and it really helps me keep toes above the nose and is super comfy. I do use a few pillow for extra elevation. I work from home full time even before the pandemic so I was able to return to work in 2 weeks and have a small board that sits in my lap with my laptop on it. Thankfully my team and manager are very understanding and good people, so I was able to check out a couple of times the first week for a nap in the afternoon. After that I have been good without one.

I am looking forward to PT and moving forward, but given the state of the COVID 19 virus in Texas I won't be doing more that going to PT (at the Dr office) and becoming fully mobile and self sufficient again.

Let me know if you have any questions I can help with. Thanks again to all who posted here previously it was invaluable information!

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