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inpaintami 10-10-2005 08:42 PM

Bunion Surgery-blood rushing=pain
Hello Guys!!!! I had surgery 9/30/05 so that makes me 10 days post op. I had my bunion on my big toe removed and repositioned without any screws, and my tailors bunion and hammer toe of the fifth digit done. I could not take the Percocet that was prescribed past 2 days b/c I felt like I was on heroin and alcohol at the same time (everyone I say this to asks me how I know how that fesls, LOL). Anyway I have been in pain now taking IBU (Motrin) and may take 1/4 of a percocet tablet at bedtime whch does not work. My biggest complaint is thay I got a cane instead of crutches and can't walk and have been hopping everywhere. I fell in the middle of the night trying to go to the bathroom and when I stand up now the blood rushing to my feet is excrutiating. I am so affraid b/c I am supposed to have the right foot done on the 21st of OCt. How if I can't walk? My big toe moves 1% which is hardly. I am so affraid!!! Do you guys think I should get one of those cast boots? I am in a soft shoe and am terrified to put my foot down? Tomorrow I am going to call my Podiatrist and see if she will give me crutches (at my 2 day post op she insisted that I walk with the cane and not be affraid).

kehorner 10-10-2005 09:23 PM

Re: Bunion Surgery-blood rushing=pain
I don't know anything about bunions... But I can tell you that the blood rushing to the foot and hurting and turning the toes purple and swelling is completely normal after surgery. After my ankle surgery, it continued (the pain got better, but the purple, swollen toes) for almost two months, until I really started walking on it. The problem is that blood gets back to your heart from your legs through veins, which need some help from muscle contractions to move the blood. So normally when you walk around, it pushes the blood out of the legs. When you aren't using the foot (and therefore the leg muscles) the blood goes in and doesn't come out. You're already sore from the surgery, so it causes lots of pain. The solution is to keep it elevated, wait it out, and use it as much as you are allowed.

inpaintami 10-11-2005 02:27 PM

Re: Bunion Surgery-blood rushing=pain
Thank You. I am trying to wait it out just frustrated and the pain is unbearable.

wakkochic17 10-12-2005 01:04 PM

Re: Bunion Surgery-blood rushing=pain
the worst is over after the first 2 weeks.. moreso after the 3rd. It's frustrating and painful! After that you still feel it, but it gets to be more of a discomfort than all out pain. To me (4 months after 3rd surgery.. 2 were years ago) that blood-rush is the worst part of the whole thing! the toe not moving is frustrating.. but I wouldn't worry about that now. That will be something you will work on after a month or more when the bone is healed enough. I was the same way. My toe still doesn't have full ROM, but it is more than halfway there (much more than what it was 2 months ago!)

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