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Tenacious 10-21-2005 12:05 PM

What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
My son is in 1st year of cross country, he has foot pain that just started out of blue after months of running, Podiotrist thinks it is just a tear of some sort, that should heal in a week or 2, he wrapped his foot, but said he was MORE concerned with his flat feet-beings that he is a runner. What kind of problems would this cause in the long haul? My son loves to run, I know he will not give it up. I am assuming he has "flexible flat feet" -as he is also double jointed, and I seen this somewhere on the net. Any advice you may have for runners with this problem, please reply, thank you :)

wtwct 10-24-2005 08:07 PM

Re: What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
I have had bilateral flat feet since I can remember. As a child I wore "special shoes" with steel shank and Thomas Heels. I don't think they make them any more. When people think of flat feet, they think no big deal. I can tell you as I have gotten older, things change. Flat feet can be debilitating. Your tendons can rupture, ligaments rupture and joints become dislocated and can deteriorate. I am not saying this to scare you. I wish I had a doctor when I was young be concerned like your son's doctor. I have had seven surgeries on my left and one on my right. I am in a wheel chair now as I am recovering from a surgery. Please take this seriously. This could save your son from a lot of suffering as an adult. I think a lot of people with flat feet feel the same. It sounds like you have a good doctor.

Tenacious 10-25-2005 07:49 AM

Re: What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
I have been doing some reading... I have learned their are 3 kinds of flat feet.... Flexible Flat, Rigid Flat Foot , and something described as Flat Foot With a Tight Heel Cord . Which did you have ? His Podiatrist did not say which my son had, as he said in time, it will tell-he never asked if my son was double jointed either. He said many times, you do not need corrective inserts, etc, that it is just a waste of $$. I know my son is double jointed, he can do many of the things it described in an article about Flexible Flat feet I found- So I am hoping this is the condition he has. Yes, what you said was scary, Did your Doctor ever say what Type of Flat feet you had? Do you know if you are double jointed? Cause from what I understand, The Flexible flat is 20% of the population, and usually needs nothing special to deal with the condition. I guess time will tell !

snwtygr 10-25-2005 10:58 AM

Re: What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
flexible flat aren't as benign as your reading would suggest. I've read the literature too. Flexible and PAINFUL flat feet ARE a problem that should be treated. If it was a hip or knee or shoulder you can guarantee that it would be treated - why not the feet? I had painful flat feet, ankle instability and short achilles tendon from the many years of improper mechanics and it was severe - only got worse over time and now at the age of 30 I've had both feet reconstructed. Even with my severe flat feet I had some doctors say that flexible doesn't have to be treated - but it's old school thinking. Your son should really see a foot and ankle deformity specialist - the neighborhood dpm may not have the knowledge or expertise to decide to treat or not to treat. Trying orthotics by the way wouldn't hurt either - if he is having pain now it could get worse. There are treatments and smaller procedures that can be done now before more damage is done to the feet, hips, knees and back. My original podiatrist didn't even recognize the severe deformity that I had - finally after I went for 6 opinions they all said it was one of the worst cases of flat feet they had ever seen. Thinking is slowly changing about flexible flat feet and I know they treat kids early and future problems are prevented. Also 95% of people needing knee replacements have flat feet. It effects the whole body. If you have pain your body is telling you something is wrong. If my problem was treated earlier in life it may have saved me from this debilitating problem and 10 surgeries. If your doctor doesn't see pain as a problem you need to see another doctor - preferably a SPECIALIST.
I don't mean to be an alarmist but I have lived through it.

Tenacious 10-25-2005 03:49 PM

Re: What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
My son has been running for over a year now, Track last Fall, Cross country all summer and this fall, running every day 6 miles usually, he ran 10 miles a few days before he had his 1st pain, which the podiatrist felt he pulled something & that it should clear up in a few days, which it did. He wrapped his foot that day saying if this feels better he may need the corretive insoles , son said it did not feel any better, took the wrapping off & it still got better in a few days. Doc told me if the pain goes away, I could cancel my appointment in 2 weeks, which I plan to do.. So I wouldn't say he has a Pain problem as much as he pulled something for the 1st time in a year (of runnning for a full year before with no problems) and the Doc seeing he just happens to have Flat feet. So what you are saying is .... anyone with any kind of flat feet should be prepared for problems in the future. The Podiatrist said many runners have this condition, is this true? It seems if you have this problem, maybe it is a good idea to give running up ???

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