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cind68 01-14-2006 02:55 PM

post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
hi:) I'm SO glad I ran across this board! I have felt in the dark for months now and would appreciate any help/advice/answers I can get.
I'll try to keep it as short as possible...promise:)

I've had bunions that started getting bad probably 5 yrs ago and around 3 yrs ago really started progressing. I put off the original surgery 2 yrs ago and finally realized I couldn't put it off any longer this fall. I'm an avid tennis player and the only tennis shoes I could fit into were these men's Wilson (extra wide) ones that after about a week I would always bust through the side of the right one and about half the time the left one as well.

I had the right foot surgery done on Oct. 18th. It went well and in about 5 days I was hobbling around and overdid myself a couple times but all in all it seemed fine. The doc originally wanted to do them 1 week apart but that just seemed a bit much to me with the severity of them both. I mean I honestly have NO idea how I played tennis with the pain and all. It was really probably just stupid of me but I enjoy it so much that I would carry my tennis shoes onto the court, play, then rip them off and put my sandals back on as soon as I finished. Anyway....I talked him into waiting 3 weeks in between. After the second know the saying "you don't have a leg to stand on"? That was me. It was a nightmare. The doc had me in bed 24/7 for a couple weeks and I was having to get nerve blocks to stop the pain. I was evidently right that it threw me into overload because with the first surgery I only took one pain tab and that was only because the nurse in recovery had told me to not let the pain get out of control and when I felt my foot waking up to take something. After having them both done I couldn't sleep, eat ....the pain was horrendous on both feet. far as what was done to both feet. I honestly don't know the exact term for the surgery but maybe this will help. I'm going to ask at my next appt (this week) but here's what I know now. They cut off the bone that was protruding then broke and realigned the bone and put in screws to hold it. Like I said, the right foot was much worse than the left but he said after each surgery that alot had to be done on each.

At this point yes, I'm doing better of course than I was but I'm not sure it could've been much worse. I've had 8 major surgeries in my life and recovered quickly and easily from them but this was a doozy....and still is!
I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do with myself. Yes, I'm an impatient person but the doc had told me prior to the surgery that 2 months after having it done I would be back up and on the tennis court. Not quite.

It's been over 13 weeks on the right foot and over 8 on the left one. I was finally told about 3 weeks ago that I could "try" to walk around the block but to avoid hills and stay very close to home. I was allowed to start doing stuff in the pool as of last week along with upper body weights but nothing lowerbody. I called this week and asked if I could start on a stationary bike. NO. Why am I still not allowed to at least try these things?? I'm used to being in very good shape and this is just killing me! I was told at my last appt (about 3 weeks ago) that it would be a minimum of 12 weeks before I could even attempt getting on a tennis court or any type of vigorous activities. Why was I told differently at first? I don't want to mess anything up and go through it again so am complying but am about to pull my hair out. It's not as if I could play tennis if I wanted to anyway. I'm still not able to walk normally even. I've been more than religious with all the exercises and am able to move my big toes now(the morning of course is stiffer but only on the right one) and strangely my left big toe will never touch the ground?? I don't have weakness in my ankles and for the most part the nerve pain is gone. My BIG problem though is swelling. I can't seem to do ANYTHING w/o them just blowing up on me. I normally wear a womens size 10 shoe and am still in a mens size 12 extra wide tennis shoe all the time. And according to if I've done anything or not I'm having to loosen the laces because even they become too tight.

I would GREATLY appreciate any help I can get!! Is there somethiing I'm doing/not doing wrong?? Is what I'm going through normal?? When are most people back in their regular shoes? When will I be able to play tennis again??? When should the swelling at least be to a point where they don't blow up all the time? Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process that I'm not doing? (I didn't include everything but I've been religious about everything...eating more protein, doing the exercises, you name it!)...I realize now I was given VERY unrealistic expectations and I do feel once this is all over I'll be thankful I had it done as the pain was just ridiculous and preventing me from living life as I wanted and doing the things I enjoy to the fullest but I would just like to know what I should really expect. Is this all ever going to end? For those who've had it done before, how long did it take you to get back in the shape you were in before? Right now I can't for my life imagine being able to play a tennis match. Not just for the fun but that is an important part of my life. I was very sick for a number of years and once I finally got better I immediately got back into tennis which I'd done my whole life and being physically fit and in shape has been my saving grace. Otherwise I have such joint and muscle pain it's unbearable and it's getting back to that point. It takes me until around noon each day for the pain in my body to get to a point that I can get out of bed and start my day. It's just ridiculous but more than anything scary to me. I worked so hard to get to where I was and be able to function and now feel like it's all being ripped away because I had this done.
Sorry again for the length of this post but I really would appreciate all the help/advice I can get!
Thank you!!!!

I just reread my post and do want to add that YES, it could most definitely be worse than what it is so I don't want anyone to think I don't realize that. I've read some other posts that are absolutely horrible and I can't even imagine!! I think because I was given false expectations I'm now disappointed. I would much rather a doctor tell me the very WORST scenario as tell me it's going to be a piece of cake knowing that's not the case. I really don't want to sound like a pity case. I have really even beaten myself up for not being where I thought I was supposed to be healing wise according to what I was originally told. I can't say that I would recommend this particular doc to anyone because of this too. It's just not right to tell someone things will be one way and set them up for such themselves, in what they thought they would be doing....many things.....I really don't agree with that line of thinking and so far have always been set up with an appointment with one of the other doctors at the clinic but have made sure my appointment this week is with HIM and I have a few words to tell him too. This will be the very first time I've even seen him since having either of the surgeries mind you. Something seems a bit wrong with that as well. I did speak with him on the phone once when I called in terrible pain after the second surgery and he reprimanded me like a child telling me that I should be up and "running around the mall" at this point....(4 days post-op second surgery.) This of course made me wonder just what was wrong with me??? I've never been a baby before but he made me feel like one then! ...anyway, I just didn't want to come across as "my case is the WORST" as I know others are having a much tougher time but I would like to know if I'm on course and what to expect along with my other questions. thanks again.....cindy

SairyDairy 01-14-2006 09:03 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
:wave: :eek: Hi Cindy I'll post more tomorro w I almost cried when I read your post because I got fed he same line of garbage bfore I had my surgery a double hammertoe on Nove 17th ( Ikept my bunions for now. )
Yours was very extensive and I will leave it to the bunion experts to try to help I dont blame you for being upset and angry I am too The docs said three months then six Now the PT say up to takes a long time I wear a size 8%1/2
Now Iam am in a ten that flip flops so bad I
A little girl who massaged my very stiff toes yesteday gve me some wonderful advice She said "No other part of your body take the pounding that your feet do .Other parts of you generally arent constantly hitting the ground Your feet are."Take the time you need even if it is horrible and driving you crazy
I don't want to loose two very special trips I had planned for this year I have lbood clots in my legs I put my very strong surgical stockings on this morning and the pain was so bad I though I would scream My right toe turned purple I will get better so will you. :D
I would give the doctor a piece of my mind I dont even want to see the guy who did my surgery His rosy time frame was ricuculous.
Another thing t hat got me too is why dont they give you a schedule of what you can reasonably expect Of course we have to remember that we are all different Younger people generally heal well You were in good physical shape Hopefuly that will work for you .
Me I am sedentary I have severe Fibro so I will be a slow heal Keep up what you are doing and hope the others can help This is a terriiffic bunch of people I am glad I found them too Rose

joll43 01-15-2006 01:34 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
Wow. Okay, first I'm going to give you my timeline:

January 21, 2005 - Bunionectomy on left foot (broken in 3 places, 2 screws and a pin) - pin came out after about 3 weeks.

I was in a cast and non-weightbearing for 8 weeks. After that, I went right into physical therapy to reduce my swelling (so much swelling!) and get my range of motion & strength back. He insisted on PT, and I went twice a week for another 8 weeks before getting the right foot done. If I was going to be on crutches again with the other foot, I'd need my left foot to be the strong one, so I was basically in training to have my other foot done, which was great incentive. Aside from doing my PT exercises constantly, I also got myself to the pool and did more weightbearing exercises my therapist gave me.

May 25, 2005 - Scarf Bunionectomy on right foot (different procedure, faster healing process). Non-weightbearing for only 6 weeks this time, then back into physical therapy. There are things only PT can give you as far as massaging your incision to break down scar tissue, and really making your work your butt off no matter how much you think you can't do one more rep.

I have great range of motion now, and brand new feet. It took months to get my swelling down - a year later, I'm finally able to wear my regular shoe size and width.

BUG your doctor about physical therapy, or just have him write a prescription and get it on your own.

I'm so sorry it hasn't been easy for you, but this is a long recovery process and I read so many posts by people who are back on their feet after a week or so, or even just a few DAYS, which is totally ridiculous. No matter what, if you have a broken bone, it takes 6-8 weeks for it to heal properly. That is the deal; you can't rush it!

Good luck and feel free to ask more questions!!!

cind68 01-15-2006 07:41 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
Thank you so much Rose! Even if it's not what I was told by the "doctor" to expect or what I wanted it to be like I am glad to know what to REALLY expect. I've been noticing how important the PT is and am planning on telling my doc to write me a script for it at my appt this week. I've done all I know to do on my own and even through just that feel it's helped me tremendously but like you said, they can show me so much more and get me to a further point than I can on my own.
This is off topic really but honestly why do you think it seems so many docs give such false expectations?? I mean I knew I had to have it done as there was no way I could continue like I was but telling me something so far off-base is just criminal in my mind. It's gone through my head a million times thinking what in the world I would have done if I didn't have family close to take care of me being a single person, what I would do if I were working as I did for years on my feet 12 hrs a day or even worse if some doc had told me to expect to be off a couple weeks and then going strong as ever in 2 months and I were a single mother with children to support. It really is just ridiculous and unethical to me. Is it out of greed that they give a person false expectations? Is it because they think perhaps the person won't have it done if they know the real truth? ...I honestly just don't get that one. I have my opinion on my doc....(not a good one either)...but am curious as to what others think about just why this seems to be a common occurence....any ideas??
Today and just the past few days have been much better ones for me for some reason. I've started to walk a little better and I really think now knowing moreso what to expect and being able to have a plan and time frame I can put in my head has helped me tremendously. I also think it's really helped that I've been able to do some exercise as well. That does so much for me mentally I can't even tell you. For the past 2 days I've gotten on a stationary bike at the gym and put only my heels on it and gone for about 20 min and done the pool as well. I'm not sure if it was the warmer water or having to walk on my heels to and from the pool that really had my feet so swollen....or probably both?? but I got some "aquatic tennis shoes" and used them for the first time today and wow what a difference they made! I could do SO much more it was incredible!! Really helped me alot!
Like I said, just knowing what to expect has helped more than anything but just a few more questions. Sorry about that too....I am so glad I can't tell you to finally find somewhere where I will get straight answers and not be misled. As I said before, I really am a tennis nut....for a number of reasons besides just "playing" even and am thinking that maybe in a month or so I can at least just kinda stand there and have the ball-machine feed me balls to the same spot and hopefully by the end of summer/first of fall I'll be doing more then maybe by around Sept I'll be able to play....well, kinda anyway....and then next year be back on my team. Do you think this is completely unrealistic?
Also I'm just wondering. I'm not a freak about weight but I do like to stay in shape....again, moreso for how it makes me feel physically/mentally and honestly, when I'm in shape the winters of course are worse but nothing like if not and no matter what time of year I'm able to get out of bed and maybe feel like one mac truck hit me rather than 20. I can also get up earlier right now it's around 11am before my joints feel part human. I may wake up earlier but feel so horrible I have to just lay there and will watch tv while I do stretches and of course all the toe exercises as well. I know I can't be alone completely on this one. How has everyone else dealt with it? I'm by no means eating like crazy but have put on around 10 lbs. I had been trying to put on about 5 so that was ok but not being able to exercise like I was really does change your body. Do most people gain some weight when they have this done? Now that I can do something I feel much better but even still it's not what I was used to and I don't think it will get to this point but I really can't afford a whole new wardrobe! Am I completely alone on this one??
...I have lots of other questions too but won't bombard you and everyone at once!:) Thank you so much Rose for all your insight! You've helped me much more than you know!!! cindy

joll43 01-16-2006 01:58 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
I know it's really hard, but you will see a light at the end of your tunnel. As far as doctors go, I guess I was lucky - mine let me know exactly what I was in for, and didn't sugarcoat it; my fiance was there at all my appointments, and we were both fully-informed, which is why I cooked and froze tons of meals, and we went bulk-shopping and basically prepared the whole apartment for what was to come. I thought this was the norm; that all doctors would prepare their patients like this. Of course after a year of reading these boards, I know it's not, which is really a shame.

Weight gain? OH mad. It was winter when I had my first foot done, and both my fiance and I ate mostly comfort foods. I was NWB for an entire 8 weeks, and my weekly doctor appointments became a "what-do-I-wear" nightmare!

Just try and watch what you eat, and do whatever exercise you can. Lifting weights helped my arms a lot, especially with the crutches, and I tried to do crunches whenever I had a free moment, which was all the time. It's hard, but as soon as I was allowed to to real exercise, I did it. At PT, they had me do 5 minutes on the RECUMBENT bike to warm up, then 5-6 minutes on the treadmill, walking backwards on the highest incline, then onto my regular PT routine.

Let us know what happens!

wtwct 01-16-2006 08:23 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
I had a personal trainer, he had me eat 5 times per day, small, "clean food". This helps with the weight gain. As a matter of fact, you lose weight. I had a surgery Sept. 19th. I am still not walking. After following my trainers advice, I have not gained, but lost. I use a stationary bike and a sit down eliptical (sp) trainer. I also use the total gym for my legs. And yes, you are right, you need to do the exercise for you mental state also.

We all feel your pain. Hang in there.

Midwest-JD 01-16-2006 09:47 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
Awwww (((Cindi))) I'm so sorry that your dr. was not honest with you - honestly, to me, he sounds like a real Jerk! (note capital J! I would have actually used a word that started with "A" and ended with "SS" but wasn't sure if I might get in trouble... :p ;)

You've been to see a doc HOW many times now since your surgery, and NONE of them were with the actual surgeon who did the surgery???? :eek: :eek: Wow - that is unbelievable - and totally unacceptable!! Honestly, I would report him to the state medical board - he didn't have "informed consent" as he certainly did NOT inform you of what you were in for... He didn't give you proper follow-up care - taking time to see you HIMSELF... He actually LIED to you about the recovery... I think you're right with this one - he told you it would be a breeze so he could get you on the table and make a few thousand $$. :mad: I DETEST doctors like this!! I had one several years ago who did my first spine fusion (of course I didn't KNOW he was such a jerk until AFTERwards!) :rolleyes: On top of all the things HE did wrong, he then went and put false report in my file, saying that "Patient stated she was greatly improved, pain-free" (I was NOT improved - I was worse, and had to have another fusion with a new neurosurgeon to fix the one the first NS did, a year later - and he had told me it was completely fused and healed perfectly - NOT!! (not even CLOSE!) But that's a LO-O-O-ong story...

Please try not to feel badly about where you are (or aren't) in the healing process. We all heal at different rates, and you've had quite a lot done with having both feet done so close together. (That's another thing I think he did wrong!) And that dr. ought to be ASHAMED of himself making you feel bad for not being up to go to the mall - I can't believe he even said that!!! :eek: :mad: Honestly, he's an insensitive, uncaring, out-to-make-a-buck jerk-surgeon - one of many, unfortunately. (There are certainly some wonderful ones out there, but I think there's just as many like this one, including my first neurosurgeon) I would honestly LOVE to give your pod a piece of my mind! Grr! (I'd have to be careful, though, so I didn't lose too much of it! Not too much to spare right now! LOL!)

My podiatrist didn't really tell me how bad it was going to be either - except for the 6 weeks non-weight bearing part. Other than that, he made it sound like it was no big deal, nothing to worry about as far as pain goes, etc. I'm a bit ticked about that too, so know exactly how you feel. He did admit afterwards though, when I was having so many problems with *REALLY* bad swelling, that "Sometimes that happens to some people" :rolleyes:

I still have a lot of pain and swelling (but the swelling is better than a week or so ago - I'm just over 8 weeks post-op for Lapidus - mid-foot fusion with 2 screws in 1st metatarsal right above arch, as well as osteotomy on 2nd metatarsal, arthritis clean-up in big-toe joing, AND cutting the 1st metatarsal by the toe end as well, and putting another screw in there). One of the MOST helpful things I learned was that once you're out of any cast or boot, move your ankle/foot around as much as possible (doesn't have to be weight-bearing) - but do it WHILE YOU HAVE IT ELEVATED!! I didn't know it made such a difference, but once someone told me that (a nurse friend of mine, not my podiatrist, who SHOULD have told me that!), and I started doing ROM and lots of moving foot/ankle around WHILE ELEVATED (I do it in recliner or on couch or bed now), the swelling started getting much better. The pain is still bad, but decreasing the swelling drastically has helped that somewhat as well.

Sorry this got so long - I just got so ticked when I read what this dr. did to you! I don't know if anything I've said is any help to you, but do want to encourage you, that you are NOT a wimp, and you are NOT to blame, and you are NOT weak 'cuz you couldn't go out SHOPPING when this dr. thought you should.

Did your doc (any of them) ever tell you to put your foot (feet) alternately into hot and cold water? This is one thing my pod had me doing as soon as I could get foot wet - he said it helps restore proper circulation and healing after all those little blood vessels get cut, and should help somewhat with swelling. He had me start with 10 minutes in hot water, then stretch toe, do ROM, then 10 minutes in cold water. Then 5 in hot, 5 in cold, and repeat. I was to do this 2 or 3 times a day. (Only I found out that I'm better off doing the ROM/moving/stretching with foot elevated) This did seem to help some.

(((Cindi))) I do hope things start improving for you. And I really do hope that you really WILL tell that dr. exactly what you think of his failing to prepare/inform you, failing to give you proper after-care, etc. (And again, if it were me, I really would seriously consider complaining to the state medical board, AND/OR the hospital/clinic that he works at.


cind68 01-17-2006 07:01 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
I wrote this really long post...ok, it was a novel!!....this morning and am not sure what button I hit but poof it was gone!...??...
I'm sure I'll forget something which probably won't be so bad anyway considering the length before.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the support, advice and encouragement. I have been so frustrated, angry and then just plain depressed from all this it's been ridiculous. It's really helped to know others have gone through even worse and are now doing well. Also glad to hear it's not just me who thinks there's something a bit fishy about how the doc went about everything. Oh, someone asked how many times I'd been back?....Think it's been 6 exactly (5 or 6) and only one time did the doc who did the surgery come into my room. I wasn't actually even scheduled with him!! He came in and scolded me like a child and gave me the "you should be able to walk the mall for hours by now...what's wrong with you??" speech and of course mentioned a few other things....Can't remember just all now but my mom had gone with me to that appt and it was the one that was right at 5 days after the second surgery and I thought she was going to go through the roof! I was so exhausted from the pain at that point I gave her a look like "not now!" but wish I'd not done that in retrospect! Maybe it was best so I can have him all to myself tomorrow. I really think I'll feel MUCH better after my office visit:)
One thing he did not even realizing and I'm honestly not sure if it's good or bad....maybe a little of both....but he's definitely brought out my "Well I'll show YOU!" hardheaded attitude. I know it sounds reverse in a way but what I didn't realize it at the time...yet it's SO clear that while he was telling me all that garbage to get me into surgery while he looked me straight in the eyes, he knew full well the whole time what it was going to be like and it's as if he's just pestered me saying things like about the mall and other comments that day like "where are your tennis shoes? why in the world do you still have those other shoes still on?" ....Keep in mind I still had stitches in the one foot and noone had ever mentioned me wearing any other type of shoe except those blue ones and of course I'd tried and couldn't fit my swollen feet into anything at home so did all I knew to do. ....Anyway....(sorry for the rambling...I will be doing so much better when I get my anger out tomorrow!...I'm just on a tangent right now!) ...I can't remember just which of the diagnosis he would fit.....control freak, passive aggressive, .....and others...but I've been so determined just to show him that I'm wondering if I'm overdoing myself now that I've been able to do more. Like I ways it helped. I hadn't been told(of course) about doing any exercises period other than to start bending my toes back and forth at 4 weeks postop but with my ankles so weak I just invented my own little exercises that I could do with my feet propped up that someone wrote about doing. I've really been pushing hard wanting to get back in tennis shape as I am so determined to get in at least a couple matches with my team before the end of this season. All the other docs have told me to just take baby steps and THEY have been realistic and honest with me. Of course I never saw any of them until postop and wasn't told anything until both feet were done. Hmmmm...and there's another thing. (gee, I really am going tonite! sorry!!!)....When I say clinic I'm really referring to a group of doctors and there are I think 7 or so different sites all around the central part of the state. The doc who did my surgery owns the majority if not all of the "business" and only he and one(and just added another) doc do all of the surgeries. That's of course where they make their real money...and also why he's never at the office and leaves that up to the others. Interesting isn't it? They have most of the state monopolized so just imagine how many people they're doing this sort of thing to?? I can't stand to think about it!!! I don't believe in accidents though and am not one to stand idly by and watch unethical things happen in the world. Hopefully when it's all said and done many others will not have to be conived, lied to and then made to feel as if they're abnormal or being a baby and who knows what else???!!!

And I was where???oops! ...I have been doing so much better physically finally and although still frustrated and mad am even MUCH better mentally. (be glad you didn't have to hear me THEN!!:)..) For the past week or more I've been doing the weights(upperbody) and pool and then added the stationary bike once I was told "NO! You CAN'T do that!" by the office I go to. Yesterday though I did all the other and right at 6 miles on the bike in the morning. I'm just doing the bike on my heels and guess I really didn't realize what good shape tennis and weights/jumprope/etc had me in before because it just didn't feel like much. I went back yesterday evening and of course still have to go up stairs one foot at a time to get to the bike at the gym and thought I'd do a little more while I was reading. Before I knew it I'd done over 11 miles. My left foot feels fine actually. I was very pleasantly surprised! Is same as it has been swellingwise/etc. The right one however kept waking me up last nite and isn't swollen more than usual but is just sore/tender in the area where the incision was.....just that whole part of the foot I mean. I can tell that while I didn't push with those muscles I did use them somehow and maybe that's part of the soreness? I would have gone for an x-ray today if it were swollen but it's not anymore than usual so decided to just rest it. It started to not hurt so much this afternoon and now I'm wanting to go do the bike tonite. Any thoughts? I know.....My mom has called me already several times today and been on me enough about what I did yesterday that I think I'll just stay here. I don't want my anger at my doc to turn into plain stupidity and I know I"ve already done some things I shouldn't have done but at the same time I'd not been told not to so knew no better. I don't want to cause a setback out of just being hardheaded and determined though.
....ok, I truly am sorry for the length and rambliness of this post!!! WOW! I'd been finishing off my list for him for tomorrow and evidently it really got me going!yikes! He'd really better watch out tomorrow!!

oh yeah...I did want to mention one thing that's really helped me and probably should put it in a new thread even. I've noticed people asking things like "can I wear the shoes in the shower for support?" and for the first long while I took baths and would keep one foot outside the tub but when I started going to the pool I saw people in what looked like tennis shoes but they were wearing them in the pool. As I was having to hobble back and forth and even while in the pool still be cautious not wanting to accidently put my foot down too hard on the bottom...or even at all!...and not DARE hit the side I wanted some. I asked about them and this may be common knowledge but just in case not: They're called "aquatic tennis shoes." These are not like the old slip on kind that I only knew about. They're like regular tennis shoes but with holes in them for the water to go through. They're also great for the shower as I was using either the tub with the leg out and then once the stitches were out and I needed to get in the shower to wash my hair I would use a shower bench. The brand I got are "Keen." Merrell also makes some that look good as well. They really are wonderful and with the timelength of this really least for me I know. I think if you just google "aquatic tennis shoes" and maybe a brandname they should come up. ...Just some info that will hopefully help someone else too!

Thanks also for the weight tips! I had been trying for the last 6 months or more to gain about 5 lbs but didn't want it to be fat of course and that's hard to do when you burn off so many calories through exercise and then that I'm one of those people that when I get busy I forget to eat...not good I know. Obviously you get very unbusy with this! I haven't been eating food that's unhealthy besides a coke everynow and then have cut out sugar and breads but was evidently still downing more calories than my body was burning off. Really nothing different than my normal diet except I would eat more and needed some carbs and would allow myself sugar about once/week. Thankfully I only need to drop about 5-6 lbs and now that I'm able to do more that should be fairly easy......and I'm definitely watching every single calorie!

I'm going to try to shut my trap now and just make sure I have my list ready for tomorrow! Think I'll write out all the points I want to make sure I get in as well.

I do appreciate everyone so much!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know I"m finally able to be more realistic about what all I'm in for but having had so much progress in the past weeks hope I'm not getting my hopes up too high. Anyone else a "vigorous exerciser" and if so how long until you were able to run,play tennis, raquetball....or similar activity? I was set up for enough disappointment and sure don't want to set up any on my own!

Hope everyone is doing well!!! I keep telling myself...."This too shall pass"...and yes, it really will. I do hope noone is as impatient as me however. God is definitely teaching me some lessons I think.

wtwct 01-17-2006 08:21 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
I am sorry that you got such an a s ----------for a doctor. What is he thinking!!!
Walk the mall!! I don't think anyone here would walk the concrete floor mall!!! The Mall!!!! Mall = severe foot pain.

That reminds me of my first surgery. I had a fusion talar-navicular fusion. Well, when he did the fusion, my heel was leaning to the side. Note: It was six months, I went back to the dr. and said "why can't I walk" he said "maybe you are not trying hard enough" I said in a screaming rage "hard enough!!" "Do you think my heel is in the right place? I am not a doctor, but I know that your heel should not be sticking out the side!!!" Then I said "Are you still my dr. because when I come in for check ups, you don't even touch my foot" He said "I don't have to touch your foot to see how you are doing. I said "you are so stupid" (that's when I really lost it) "this place is nothing but a cluster (fill in the blank) LOL

Keep in mind that I was crying and screaming at the same time. When I got out to the car, I started crying again because I was shocked that I said the "F" word at the top of my lungs (while crying). God, what a day that was.

Any way, thanks for listening, I feel better now.

I know how you feel, IT IS NOT YOU, IT IS HIM. I bet he has never done a sit up in his life!! I bet he doesn't even WALK THE MALL. (SORRY, here I go again)

He is probably that way because your outcome was not of the best and he wants you to think that it is you. Well it is not, it is him.

WOW, I haven't had that feeling of rage in a long time. Sorry.

wtwct 01-17-2006 08:26 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
One more thing, at that same appointment, the "girl" brought in an orthotic. ONE orthotic. I said where is the other, she said, I don't know. I said to her, what the HECK am I going to do with one orthotic? Any body with a brain knows you need two. That would be one for the left and one for the right. JEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ

joll43 01-17-2006 08:47 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!



Okay, is this guy a podiatrist? You need to get yourself to a good one before this guy does you some major damage. I can't even believe the stuff you're writing. With my surgeries, I begged to start walking, and my doc told me I had to keep being patient and let it heal. Surgery is some major trauma, and your feet support your whole body.

Every patient has the right to a second opinion - is there any way you can find another doctor you can at least talk to about your case? We can all write about how appalled we are, but it must be even more frustrating for you. Maybe talking to another doctor could really help!

I really want to punch your doctor.

cind68 01-17-2006 09:21 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
Thank you! I'm sorry for the same h you had to go through but I am glad to know someone who knows just how frustrating this is and how angry it can make a person! The crazy ....and not good in ways...thing is I'm one of those people who's all or none. I'm honestly not good at doing the "balance" and "babysteps" thing.Not AT ALL!!!! I will go fullforce right through the pain thinking that will get me better and will do it even moreso when someone would dare act as if "I" weren't doing what I should be or not trying!?! Not to please them but to get better for myself asap! In his case I now realize what's going on and honestly I'm trying not to cut off my nose to spite my face....ok, think that fits here??....Seriously though....I'm at around 9 or so weeks on the second foot and I was on a stationary bike for right at 18 miles yesterday! Even I know that's ridiculous! Not to mention doing all the other as well! I want to get better so fast I absolutely cannot stand it!! And the first thing I'm telling him tomorrow is just what I've been doing and reminding the A that he TOLD me that BY the first of the year I would already be back up playing tennis BETTER THAN EVER BECAUSE THE PAIN WOULD BE GONE!!!!! I'm sure my next sentence after I hear the bull he has to say will be to inform him of his lies!!! There were 2 other people in the room at each visit prior to the surgeries who heard every single word. They're at the office daily so if he needs reminders I will give them to him. I've already told them what I think of the "doctor." They honestly couldn't argue even. How sad is that???
You are so right though in saying that he's probably never walks the mall or has even done a situp in his life much less knows what real exercising is! I'm not getting onto anyone for not exercising. I'm just saying that he of all people should know what physical demands are put on the body and when I explained to him I played high level competitive tennis that I wasn't talking about standing around flying balls over fences for kicks! We all have passions in life and tennis is mine for a number of reasons. I'm honestly so mad at his unprofessional, mean, unethical, pigheaded, greedy, pathetic, ridiculous, demeaning and then some!!!! behaviour I cannot stand it!
Good for you for telling your doc off! When everyone hears what sounds like a loud pop around 2pm tomorrow that will be my cork blowing!!
...once I get the anger out and my feelings about him I think I'll be able to at least let out a big sigh before I calm myself down and write whatever boards necessary informing them of just what all happened/was said/etc w/o having to use @#$%$#^#$^*%&$# while I'm typing!......whew....i even feel better now just getting it out!
Ya know....this does make one wonder about how our healthcare system is setup. I mean it's just PEEEEEEEEEERFECT for things like this. The docs know if they can lure us into the operating room they're going to get more $$ and with most all having insurance, well the more they do the more of that $$$ they're gonna get! I see all too well now why he never once even MENTIONED anything like orthotics or soaking my feet or NSAIDS ...or ANYTHING except...."you need surgery as soon as possible. what's the first possible date you can have it done?" I swear to you that was all he said and I then said I needed to think about that one and then went back several times with questions each time about everything. He just kept telling me that w/in a couple months I'd be better than ever and able to exercise/play tennis painfree and of course he would then take more xrays at each visit. here I go again!!!.....better calm myself down so I can get some sleep! I'm going to ice my feet while I sleep tonite so the pain is as low as possible and I can put these now size 10 extrawide mens tennis shoes where the sun don't shine on his body when I see him!......sorry for the rage....i keep telling myself I'll be glad I did this but I sure better be!!! To not only go through the pain and length of recovery but then to add insult(literally) to injury is just more than one person can bear!!! Thanks for letting me vent!

Midwest-JD 01-18-2006 05:54 AM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
Whew!! You GO girl!!! :D :D

I do hope you really do write to your state medical board - they need to know what this jerk is doing.

I hope your appointment is very, very satisfying today!! (When you plant that size 10 wide shoe in a strategic location) :D

(((Cindi))) I hope you are able to get back to your game ASAP, but please, please don't push your feet too hard just yet... You don't want a set-back, and you DEFINITELY don't want to find yourself in a position of needing any revision surgeries - not when this quack rules the roost in your area.


joll43 01-18-2006 06:04 AM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
I agree w/JD - your feet are still healing; push them a little, but not enough to reinjure anything.

Just so you know, it's been a YEAR for me on the first foot, and 8 months on the second, and I'm ONLY NOW switching back to my regular shoe size from a men's 7 Double Wide. It takes time.

sorefootsophie 01-18-2006 02:54 PM

Re: post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
WOW! I feel for you and can't wait to hear what happened at the doctor's office today!! Please remember that there are a lot of people that wouldn't even think to look up "foot problems" because they didn't have any after their surgeries. I truly believe that the MAJORITY of people have very successful and uneventful outcomes. I personally love my pod!! Even though I have had a few setbacks...had surgery Nov 18 (almost nine weeks ago) and back in nwb fiberglass cast (for who knows how much longer). Maybe age has something to do with it. I never had any problems with my bunion surgeries 15 years ago...but was younger then! I would love to be exercising. Forget the bike, forget the pool, forget doc says it's way too early for any of that!! He's VERY conservative and listens to everything. Always calls me back immediately. I guess I'll have to settle for wheelchair exercises (ha!). Oh Well....eventually things will be better. It seems like forever, but in the course of a lifetime it's not.

I'm sorry that your doctor didn't work out. You seem to be doing a lot of exercise considering your surgery was not too long ago. Please take it easy and don't overdo don't want to go backward at this point. Take it easy and when your foot swells up, back off and listen to mother nature. It takes a long time (up to a year for the swelling issue, for some).....I'm sorry your doctor didn't convey that but don't wreck it just because he didn't. Please let us know how you fared at your appointment and can go 6-18 miles on the bike but there are those that would love to make it to the mailbox! Have a great day. My prayers are with you! Sophie :angel:

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