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Pitpat 09-16-2006 10:06 PM

another double bunionectomy update
I had my double scarf procedure 10 weeks ago and am doing great.
I have been back to normal activities for at least 3 weeks now. My feet are still a [I]little[/I] swollen. You can't really see the swelling, but I know it's there b/c I can't quite fit into all of my old shoes. But I have been wearing my favorite sandals again. My doc says I can do whatever I want now. I love the way my feet look, even with the scars. I haven't bought new shoes yet - I want to wait till all the swelling is gone - and I can't wait. I have looked at catalogs and in shoe store windows, and it is the coolest feeling to know that I have so many more options now. I don't have to go right to the clunky box toed shoes anymore. :) I won't run out and get skinny 4-inch heels, but I suppose I [I]could[/I] if I wanted. :D And it's so great to be pain-free! And to not worry that my feet will end up as gnarled as tree roots in my old age.

I think I am going for a pedicure with a coworker next week. Can't wait! The double scarf gets a big thumbs-up from me. :)
Hope everyone is doing well.

PS - Kath - just read your response on another thread and am curious about where you had your feet done. I live in Oak Park and saw Lowell Weil Jr at Weil Foot & Ankle Clinic in Des Plaines.

KathJack 09-17-2006 07:15 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
That is so funny! I also live in Oak Park. My feet were done at West Suburban Hospital by Dr. Finn from the Acorn Podiatry Center which is located right next to the Borders Bookstore. I would like to get a pedicure too, but I think I'll wait until early next summer when I'll be wearing sandals again. Let me know if you recommend a good place for it. Cheers, Kathy

Pitpat 09-22-2006 02:01 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
[QUOTE=KathJack]That is so funny! I also live in Oak Park. My feet were done at West Suburban Hospital by Dr. Finn from the Acorn Podiatry Center which is located right next to the Borders Bookstore. I would like to get a pedicure too, but I think I'll wait until early next summer when I'll be wearing sandals again. Let me know if you recommend a good place for it. Cheers, Kathy[/QUOTE]

Lol! We could be neighbors!
I had my pedicure yesterday. I did it in the loop during my lunch break. I got a pearly blue polish :D. It's goofy but cute. The place I went to has great massage chairs that you sit in while they do your feet. Then, when they sent me to the drying area, the guy did a quick shoulder massage. It was heaven! I didn't want to leave. I don't know if I'll go back for a pedicure b/c I don't mind painting my own nails, but I may go back for a massage. Haven't had a pedicure in Oak Park, but I got my wedding make-up done at Sandra Ross, and they were pretty good. They probably do good nails too. :wave:


mkl 09-22-2006 02:11 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
Good for you!!!!!! I let it go too long and my feet DID end up looking like gnarled tree roots. :blob_fire My two bunionectomies/hammertoes were both done in July, with a second surgery on both feet a week and a half ago to remove the screws and smooth down the bone edges, so I am still in surgical boots and it will likely be another month before I can wear REAL shoes. Did you have to have orthodics made once your feet were healed or can you just wear the shoes as they are when they come out of the box? Still at the stage where I can only dream of a pedicure, so I am enjoying yours vicariously.


rlsteinm 05-19-2007 10:59 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
I myself live in Seattle, and I really need to hear about your experience with Weil! And to talk with you about your feet. I need both done. I've read up on all the procedures and scarf sounds the best for treating severe bunion with the wire fixation and least amount of down time. I've seen Nancy Kadel and Douglas Hale in Seattle for an opinion. You can ****** them to read more. Both have recommended lapidus procedure for my feet. I have the fallen arches and wobbly ankles. But no one in Seattle does the scarf procedure that I can find, so I feel I'm not getting an un-biased opinion. I talked to Weil about going to Chicago to have him assess. But it would be great to hear about your pre-surgery feet (or even exchange pictures) and post-surgery feet... I guess my biggest fear would be that I go the extra expense to go outside my Washington state insurance (Lifewise) to see Weil and have double scarf procedure; only to discover maybe after recovery that I should have taken the more extreme lapidus procedure? It's hard to know who to trust. But I have a friend my age (I'm 36, she's 38) who had lapidus when she was 18 on both feet, and now she has various other pains (ankles, arches, knees) because of it. I mean how can it be a good idea to bolt the first metetarsal and fuse the bone in the mid-foot, to SMALL BONES? I'm no doctor, but.... Anyway. Please post more about your experience!

sorefootsophie 05-20-2007 12:11 AM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
rlsteinm....I am in Seattle too! You probably can not do better than Nancy Kadel. I have done quite a bit of research and I think she is just fantastic! Her reputation speaks for itself. I did not go to her as she is a little farther away from me than my wonderful doctor is! I have just had fusion surgery and I LOVED my doctor!! After much research, I came across N. Kadel. The other doctor here in Seattle you might want to try and see is Sig Hansen or Mary Crawford....may be hard to get in to! Are you in Seattle or in a neighboring suburb? I actually had bunionectomies on both feet about 15 years ago in a different country. I had a Mitchell's osteotomy which is no longer done because of the complications that can arise years later....and they did for me! I have just had a fusion of the 1st mtp joint AGAIN as it didn't take the first time round (uuug! my body) and my doctor decided this time to take a bone graft from my heel. I think Nancy Kadel would make the right decision for you! Good luck in yopur pursuit! Sophie :angel:

arychel 06-03-2007 04:56 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
Dr. Nancy Kadel did my chevron bunionectomy almost 4 months ago. I am now mostly back to normal, so I felt I was in good hands for my treatment. I would recommend her.

debbie g 06-04-2007 01:55 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
hi pitpat, i used lowell jr for both myu feet. i live in highland park, but gre up in des plaines. my first bunion surgery went perfectly. my other foot was done almost 3 years ago. that didnt go well. i wound up having toe fusion last nov. i cant wear shoes and i am in horrible pain. i actually love lowell aand i know he did his best, but i am the one who is suffering. you are very lucky and you should be doing great. the scarf is amazing. take it easy and dont overdo. i wish i had the same outcome as you, but we take what is given to us. debbie g

cosmic1 06-06-2007 02:45 PM

Re: another double bunionectomy update
I had my two severe bunions done one a year ago and the other two years ago.
My first surgery was done because the second toe was being pushed out of it's socket by the great toe.
So, left foot great toe and second toe bone cuts.
The right foot great toe, second toe and third toe bone cuts.
Really, really bad feet!!!
I had external pins to the great toe of both feet and internal pins to the other toes.
My POD who is an expert with external pins stated that these give the best outcome. I have no idea how many POD's do the external pins. They would appear to be very complex for a doctor to learn to do!
They are definately a trial to endure. The are large screw like pieces (approx. 5 just for the great toe) that are external. HOwever, the pain after three days is amazingly mild.
From looking at them one would think that it would be extremely painful but it wasn't.
I now am pain free for the first time since adolescents and am in my 50's.
My feet work fine and there are no limitations.
The outcome can be different for everyone.
Finding a person to do the surgery is tormenting.
I had to have so many follow up visits because of too many complications to get into here post surgery.
So, I would highly recommend that one not go ourside of state to have a surgery done unless you have unlimited money!!!!
Plus, I had to travel after the surgery and it is very taxing until all of the post op it DONE.

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