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Hellokitty1973 08-26-2002 08:41 AM

Home remedies?
I, too, am suffering from an ingrown toenail. It wasn't too bad until I stubbed it the other day - boy does it hurt now! :eek: I am going on vacation and can't get in to the doctor before I leave.

Does anyone know of any good home remedies to help relieve the pain/soreness?


drs 08-26-2002 12:49 PM

For ingrown toe nails some people cut a 'V' in the top of the nail. I just take a rough emory board file and file some of the top off. You could soak it first then file, and after that put some oil on it to soften it up, mineral, castor, or veg. oils work. Hope you can get it to settle down before your vacation. When I get these and do this to them, it's usually alot better by the next day. Good luck, Diana

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