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sternrad941 01-15-2001 01:04 PM

fungus on nail: how do i get rid of it?!
does anyone know how to get rid of nail fungus on feet? ive had this forever and it doesnt go away..i want to get rid of it before it spreads to my other nails. it makes my nails all thick and hard and yellow..its horrible! some please give me advice..thanks!

gramery 01-26-2001 01:37 PM

Try taking olive leaf extract (GNC sells it ~$11 for 60 pills) 6-8 pills for a week. Olive leaf extract is an incredible antiviral and antibacterial compound and was successful in eliminating a plantars wart of mine that was ailing me for nearly 3 years. I'd seen it written up to help toenail fungus and suggested a family realtive take it. He did and was very pleased with the result. Another family member took it for athlete's feet and that too cleared up. Good Luck!

Moon 02-28-2001 08:23 PM

I have heard that liquid viatamin E will help as well as the over the counter toe nail fungus liguid. both are supposed to be applied directly to the toe nail.

Like most of these types of cures, and wart cures, you have to do it every day several times a day. Otherwise it won't work. And it takes a long time to get rid of it.

breathoffreshair 03-20-2001 01:18 PM

VINEGAR! 5% acidity. Soak a cotton ball or qtip in it and apply to nail twice a day.

I had my large nail affected for 5+ years, and it cleared it up in two months. Fungus doesn't like acid, and it will cost you less than $2, what do you have to lose besides 8 quarters??

windcaller 03-26-2001 12:14 PM

I have tried everything that [b]Foot Pro[/b] said. I took the Lamisil for three months... nothing. I took the Sporanox for three months...nothing. I used the Lamisil cream for 9 months... nothing. I even tried the vinegar like [b]breathoffreshair[/b] suggested and that didn't work for me.

Just today we (my podiatrist and I) removed one of the two nails). In a month, we will remove the other one. So I wish you more luck than I have had.

nightshade00 04-19-2001 05:47 PM

My doctor told me the vinegar method as well.. But it doesn't always work if you just soak it.. you need to make the toenail absorb the vinegar. Fungus cannot live in a acidic ph level, which is where the soaking the toenail comes in.

I was suggested to soak my feet in water with laundry detergent for 15 minutes to get the nails soft so they would take the vinegar better, then soak the toenails. In about 3 weeks you should be back to your nice clean looking nails. So much better than 2 inch nails (well i didn't have them like that, but I have seen them.. it's not pretty)

lekatu 05-08-2001 12:40 AM

Has anyone tried tea- tree oil?

AllGood 06-02-2001 01:39 AM

tea tree oil works well, if you dab a bit on your nail morning and night it should go away but you have to do it everyday for a couple of weeks. Most likely if you soak your feet in it mixed with some water you would get better results, but that stuff has a strong smell.

Christine VR 06-02-2001 02:39 AM

I was reading the old healthboards and saw that some people had luck using Vick's vaporub on their nails... Maybe its something you should try. Good luck

Cyberooski 06-06-2001 08:02 PM

Sporonox worked well for me.

SandiRN 06-10-2001 11:37 AM

It was recommended to me to try Tylex (which is just Clorox and water). Which I did, once in the am and once in the pm. I felt that pure Clorox was better (no water). It has taken about 5 months, but the nail has cleared up, and has started to grow back. I had it on my left big toe worse, and a lesser one on my right big toe. I got it from working in the flower garden (dirt has bacteria). I just kept trimming the dead nail, pull the nail back with tweezers and drop the Clorox down under the nail with a Q-tip. Also, it helps to file the top of the nail with a nail file, so the Clorox can penetrate.

miguel123 06-23-2001 02:16 PM

well, I tried the sporanox pills and it completely went away in 4 months.They are the same as the lamisil tablets. My doctor sayid that they werent that bad but I did, he didnt want to subscibe them to me, so ,I went to T.J and bought them. good luck

Deborah Stemp 04-05-2002 10:39 AM

I had nails that split from a fungus. Other than that they looked great...but right up the middle would be this long grey line. Eventually it started turning darker and darker and getting larger (wider). I noticed a space forming under the nail where the line
I put straight bleach (clorox) under the nail. After doing this for about a week, I could take a nail file and push up through the nail which allowed me to put the bleach right on the line.

I cut the nail back on each sides of the line....filed it smooth and kept applying bleach about once a week for a month.

Nail healed and fungus is gone and never came back. :)

claujuh 04-08-2002 05:34 AM

i have this toenail fungus on the third toe of both feet! everything i "get" seems to be bilateral! anyone else have it on the same toe of each foot?

tgallo 05-10-2002 09:33 PM


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