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Nerve problems affecting feet?

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Old 12-29-2007, 09:41 AM   #1
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richedie HB User
Nerve problems affecting feet?

Hi! I am new here...

I am 37, exercise, good diet and nutrition have been a huge part of my life
for years so it was even more shocking when I felt my body was not
cooperating after years of feeling perfectly healthy. I have stacks of
nutrition and exercise books at home.

My lab tests have been fine, Sacroiliac region X-Ray is normal. Thoracic and
Lumbar MRIs are okay, but do show bulging disk and narrowing. I hurt my
lower back in the gym about 4 years ago. I know I have a few small patches
of psoriasis so the possibility of Psoriatic Arthritis came up. I really
think I need a better rheumatologist and neurologist as well. I also read
where a lot of symptoms of these diseases can arrive before the clinical
diagnosis through tests.

Anyway, a lot of this started months ago when I had Ulnar entrapment surgery
on the left elbow. Two weeks after the surgery, my right foots start having
pins and needles, then occasionally the left, then sometimes bending the
right arm will result in the same pinky and ring fingers going numb. Numb
spots started to show up everywhere. Some nights I'd awake with my leg numb
from the knee down. They say they ruled out MS with the MRI.

Today at the gym while stretching on the floor, I could really cause my feet
to go numb based on my position, which I found interesting. I still get a
tight sensation or feeling of a spasm in my mid back as well. Cold feet and name it. I think I even notice muscle wasting in my right foot now. It seems like there could be a pinched nerve or compressed nerve.


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Re: Nerve problems affecting feet?

It is dreadful to have these mysterious health problems pop out at you when you are doing everything right!

About all I can say is that it is possible you could have nerve impairment to your feet caused by a problem with your back muscles, (muscles pinching the nerve as it leaves the spine) and that there are treatment that can help. Could be another back problem, though. Or something completely different. Not terribly definitive, am I?

Good luck!

Old 12-31-2007, 11:33 AM   #3
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richedie HB User
Re: Nerve problems affecting feet?

I was told it could be Ankylosing Spondylisits, Fibromyalsia or Psoriatic Arthritis. Funny thing is, my temperature is fairly low, around 97.5 so I thought of Hypothyroidism which can result in numbness and tingling.

My lumbar MRI report was 7 months ago in the supine position and before my really bad symptoms started in the past few months. I am wondering if I should ask for a new MRI and even one in motion. Keep in mind, the below report was from June in the supine position.

I still have twinges in my lower back and it gets very stiff after sitting for a while on the floor and I get some deep pain in my thoracic region, almost like a tightness or spasm feeling. Some nights it keeps me awake.

June 14:
To rule out Spondylosis (they should have checked for Spondylitis)
L5-S1 is unremarkable
L4-5 there is a facet arthrosis, slight annular bulging, and mild left L4 foraminal narrowing and mild right L4 foraminal narrowing. Right narrowing in the foramina is seen in image #1, left-sided foraminal narrowing is seen in image #2.
Conclusion: Minimal bilateral L4 foraminal marrowing is seen. Slight annular bulging contributes without focal lumbar herniation.

December 4:
MRI Thoracic spine with and without contrast:
Mid thoracic level, there is facet arthrosis approximately T4-5, T5-6 and T6-7 with mild foraminal narrowing. No focal thoracic herniation at those levels are seen.The conus is uncomplicated in appearance. No large abnormal enhancing focus involving the thoracic cord is identified. No, large thoracic cord syrinx is identified. There is some motion degradation present. Cord signal is grossly appropriate in appearance.
Conclusion: Three successive mid thoracic levels have facet arthrosis contributing to minimal bilateral foraminal narrowing. No large focal thoracic disc herniation is identified.

*could the problem be a pinched nerve in my leg or near the knee since I have a predisposition for pinched nerves in my elbow?

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abuva HB User
Re: Nerve problems affecting feet?

the same kind problem, it started with excercise i thinq. i am not sure, even the doctor couldnt tell what it is! understand my situation how it will be!!

went to doctor having some swelling wiht feet, he treated one leaving the other. lol. he dont even know to tell not to excercise, more over he advised to walk with swollen foot. after that i excercised, again got the problem back, for pulling pressure, both feet effected. if i wear tennis/run shoe problem goes off. but feet are diseased, if i start any other activity that is a little bit tough on feet, the problem arises. so, should i quit everything, just eat/sleep, later put on weight? seems so., worqs so good to whom who dont habit of excercise, not to me. LIFE END.

i had to become the doctor to myself.

i dont go anywhere, dont walq anywhere? i cant run on roads? not even jogging? all i needed is wheel chair? looqs like this is celebration time to me.

..... so, what should i do? do anyone have any idea, even a little idea may help. please drop your ideas/advises.

all i needed is strength in feet and no problem with them in future.

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Old 01-09-2008, 01:10 PM   #5
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richedie HB User
Re: Nerve problems affecting feet?

Abuva, I feel your pain. Did you go toa Podiatrist? I am tempted to go to one. I am going to see a Chiropractor soon and I see a spine specialist next week.

My primary doctor says my MRI doesn't show enough to believe a pinched or compressed nerve in my back is causing my feet issues but I am going to see a chiropractor and spine specialist. MRI does show a minor bulging disk and narrowing.

Ruptured or bulging disks are so common, especially in the lumbar spine. Apparently a ruptured disk doesn't hurt in the back, instead it causes pain in the extremity that is serviced by the root exiting the spine at that location.

The tingling, numbness etc sound like it could be Disk pain to me or a combination of the facet issues and foraminal narrowing. My Chiropractor and I hope this Orthopedic spine specialist I am about to see, agrees.

They both have used traction as a very effective method for pain that is caused by a disk. I know people who use an inversion table everyday and it had a dramatic impact (saved some from having surgery) Traction is not recommended if you have fusion in the area, because fused areas are easily fractured. I have no fusion according to my sacrum XRay but I have not had an XRay of the Thorasic area.

A friend of mine had almost identical symptoms resolved with therapy and traction. My mother had terrible hip pain and the spinal specialist said it was her bulging disk. He sent her for therapy and the pain resolved with therapy so I am hopeful.

Thanks again everyone, it appears to be a herniated disk at T3 and T7 and a bulging disk at about L4/5? Anyway, they can see that some calcification has started to compensate for the alignement issues in the spine. I was in a car accident at around age 20 and we feel this may have got me started on the road to back problems. The car was like an accordian and my back and neck hurt fior so long after that day. Since then I have hurt my back bad and had some bad skiiing and snowboarding falls.....all snowballing to my current state.

The things that puzzle me are why were my symptoms so bad when I fisr started to get the numbness and pain back in October? Was it my body going into some sort of initial shock or "dealing with it" stage? I remember waking up with half my leg numb, having tremors, shakes, very weird. Since then maybe my body has compensated and leveled off a bit. The biggest problem is in my right leg and foot. using Orthopedic tests they could recreate some of my symptoms so they really think much of this is mechanical.

Also, I have benign floaters in my right eye and they get worse when my symptoms get worse, leading me to believe this could all be autoimmune related. However, I know floaters get worse with stress and I get stressed when my symptoms act up.

Maybe I have a problem with my arches? I can't tell if it is a foot problem, back problem, nervous system issue, autoimmune issue, nerve impingement syndrome, etc.

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