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armykat 05-19-2008 06:46 AM

Flying post-surgery
I'm curious what my experience will be like flying after this surgery. At the time of the flight, I will be about 3 months post-op, and the flight is just under 4 hours. I have two titanium screws, which my doctor assures me will not set off the security alarm. I'm wondering what experiences you all have had? Have you breezed through with the titanium? Or were you stopped? And how about swelling on the plane? My foot still swells at the end of the day if I've walked a lot. Do you think there will be even more swelling on the plane? I appreciate all your thoughts on this.

debbie g 05-19-2008 06:28 PM

Re: Flying post-surgery
you will not set off any alarms. the flying will be a breeze. just make sure to wear comfortable shoes when walking through airports. i have taken a lot of trips since my toe fusion. dont worry.

jean2003 05-19-2008 07:48 PM

Re: Flying post-surgery
I flew from D.C. to Seattle, Washington at 10 1/2 weeks after my surgery. I was also concerned about setting off the alarms. I had a plate, screw and the wires in my foot. I didn't set the alarms off. My foot did swell. I didn't take my shoe off until I got to the hotel room because I knew if it did swell I wouldn't get it back on. I elevated it that night and it went down. I wasn't suppose to walk barefooted so I walked on my heel with my socks on.

armykat 05-19-2008 08:11 PM

Re: Flying post-surgery
Thank you both for your input. I guess I will try to wear my compression sock on the plane and take an ibuprofen to minimize swelling.

janewhite1 05-20-2008 05:35 AM

Re: Flying post-surgery
My dad and his two titanium hips set off the alarm every time, but that's at least 10 times as much metal, maybe more. (Rod inside the femur, most of the way down).

He just carries a letter from his doctor explaining. And allows an extra 10 minutes to get wanded.

debbie g 05-20-2008 02:10 PM

Re: Flying post-surgery
the compression sock is a great idea!

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