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Kal1co 06-03-2008 08:17 AM

Very worried - swelling, numbish, stiff feet

I am a 36 year old female and I've been having problems with my feet.

My left foot was always a bit funny - I think originally I thought that it might have to with an old tennis injury...but I remember about 10 years ago my left foot would get a tiny bit puffy on hot days or after flying. I basically carried on with things as normal and wasn't really worried.

When I was pregnant in 2003 my feet swelled up during the last few months and the doctors said this was a normal pregnancy symptom. After my daughter was born they were still swollen and didn't really go back to normal until winter.

When spring came around, my left foot began to swell again and it would remain slightly puffy throughout the summer. I went to the doctor about it and they did blood tests - for things like diabetes, thyroid, and the usuall tests and everything came out fine. No explanation could be given and I was basically told to wear slightly elevated shoes, keep feet up when resting and that was it.

This pattern has gone on for four years now - swollen left foot in summer, pretty much normal over winter, unless I wore a pair of shoes different to my normal ones and then my foot would puff up a bit in the area where the shoe touched my foot. During other doctor visits, I mentioned my foot again and tests were done and I was told nothing is wrong.

My feet were fine until about a month ago when the weather warmed up. Now I am suffering from swollen feet - both of them-, a sort of numb sensation where they feel half dead yet I can feel if I touch them or put something warm or cold, and they feel tight and stretched when I try to bend them left or right. I can walk perfectly fine though. Mind you, none of my shoes fit apart from my Crocs.

The swelling is mostly where the feet and legs connect - in the ankle area at the front and the numbness sensation varies but is mainly on the inside and to the front of the foot/ankle area. When I wake up in the morning they are down to normal size but still have the numb/stiff feeling - i'm assuming that's just from the swelling the day before. But by the end of the day the ankles are swollen and the tops of my feet are slightly puffy.

I've been taking a herbal water pill which has helped a bit but I know this doesn't take away the reason why this is happening.

One of the worst nights was a few days ago when i went to bed and I had the sensation that the numbness was working its way up my right leg. I panicked, got up for awhile and then went back to bed and it was fine.

Overall my feet look normal colourwise - the only thing was on my right one more than my left, the part where the foot joins the ankle near the front and to the right (basically below the ankle bone) is that the skin has gone very dry and feels rough and as if there is no muscle or anything beneath it - I've been putting lotion on to keep it moist - thinking this might be what is contributing to the stiff feeling.

Anyhow, does anyone have any ideas of what is going on? I made an appt. with the doctor but it isn't for another 2.5 weeks.



emmie54 06-03-2008 08:08 PM

Re: Very worried - swelling, numbish, stiff feet
what tests have been done and what type doctor did you see in the past?

Kal1co 06-04-2008 01:36 AM

Re: Very worried - swelling, numbish, stiff feet
I saw my regular GP - and the tests involved both blood and urine samples. I think they were checking for diabetes, thyroid problems - everything came back fine. Also my blood pressure is normal - it reads normal whenever they check it.

DEBBIEANN 07-29-2008 07:02 PM

Re: Very worried - swelling, numbish, stiff feet
This sounds exactly like my foot problem. The hurting foot, the swollen and tightness. Everything exactly the same. I am going to see the nurse practioner tomorrow morning because I believe my glucose test came back high and she wants to discuss my bloodwork with me. My right foot swells and hurts and the tightness in the skin when I bend it, everything just as you described. I have had trouble with gout in my big toe and not sure if this has anything to do with it or not. I was out by the pool and got bit by two bugs and my entire foot swelled up, but that was over 10 days ago and this right foot still does not feel right. The coloring seems red to me and sometimes real warm. The first time I went to the doctor both feet and legs were swollen and it was edema. After that, my right foot has just never gone down and just hurts and feels so tender to the touch and socks hurt when I put them on. Will type more after doctors visit tomorrow.

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