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mydd 02-13-2009 03:24 PM

Hey all

hope i did this right!:)

joe41 02-13-2009 03:46 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Works for me :D


mydd 02-13-2009 04:23 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Thanks joe never started one of these - is [B]Eds[/B] job but he's slacking off lol;)

Hope all is well with everyone - davids foot is still swelling alot -am looking at more sturdier and wider sneaker since he cant get a work boot on yet.hes been using old worn out sneakers because they are stretched enough to get his foot in,but can see the ankle swell over the side of it.
Icing is helping some and time will too i guess.

take care:angel:

KCguy 02-13-2009 05:53 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Break 8/31, Surgery 9/9, WB as of 11/12

Evening everyone

Good to hear David is getting things back to normal. As long as he was off his feet that swelling is just some rebeling from his foot not working for so long. The more he works it, the quicker it will improve. It will be two steps forward one step back for a bit, but he will hit a point where he should start making some big gains if he's anything like me. I'm sure he's having lots of aching too but that will subside too. Lots of flexibility exercises are important. Toe raises and calf raises are good exercises for where he's at I believe. Either way, it must be great to see him up and around and not having to worry about doctors and procedures anymore.

Must have been a busy week for everyone, there hasn't been many new posts. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Stay positive everyone and just remember the only two things you can control are your attitude and activity!


fitzcor 02-14-2009 05:28 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Thanks mydd for instructions on how to post. I hope I'm in the right area now. I am new to this site. Want to introduce myself. I fell on 1/16/09. Broke 3 bones and my calcaneous in several pieces. Had to have 9 screws and a plate. Have a cast on it and OS says no weight being for 8 weeks. I started reading some of the old posts. Was hoping when this cast came off I could run around the block, but looks like I have a long road ahead before that. I haven't been told much about the recovery process, I live in a small town and not many cases like mine (my OS only has had one other case other than mine). That's why I searched onlline to see if I can find someone else who's been through it. Glad I found this site. I feel for everyone who's been through this. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. fitzcor

mydd 02-14-2009 07:10 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
hey fitzcor

Yes you made it to the right place!-this is the newest of the threads and am hoping everyone from the old ones catch up here,they will be of some help to you ,but reading all the old post will bring you up to now and may have some things you need for your situation,right now most on here are on the mend -walking again and back to their jobs.
my husband fell 10ft from a ladder and shattered bones in his foot he had a plate and 11 pins put in but has had them removed -he had a problem with infection -this happened march of 2008 He is just back on two feet now but this is not the usual healing time -his took alot longer because of the complications.
Hate to say dont see you running around the block lol but once the cast is off you will be put into a black soft splint boot -dont know how else to describe it for you.
will be up to your dr what he wants for you to do once cast comes off as far as pt is concerned also.
hope the site helps but def reading old posts will show you the progress on some other situations with this injury.

ALEX- yes it is great to see him doing regular things again -think the best thing to do right now is get him new sneakers ,his one foot is so large with swelling.
Hope things are going well with you also.
And i do hope we are going to see everyone from 10 post here again -


triguy450 02-15-2009 08:27 AM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hi Everyone.....

Slacker? Slacker?? jeez Joe, tell me how you really feel....LOL No WOrries.

Ed is in Antigua until Tuesday. Travel all day on Friday, but the reservations got screwed up so, I didn't have wifi until this am. My BB doesn't do well with the internet so I wait until I wifi.

Terry, great job with the new thread.

I have to meet my crew here in 15 minutes for lunch but I'll check back later.

Hi Fitzcor. Welcome to the the thread. I'm glad you found us, but not under these circumstances. As you've read this is a long haul injury , which you will recover from. I'm sure you've also read patience is required and if you don't have it now, you will when you are walking. LOL

Heelies, My foot swelled like a balloon last night. I think I re-injured the tendon from the inside of the heel up to the top of the ankle area. I attribute it to too much weight on the calf raise machine. I felt something funny a few weeks ago and it steadily got worse. I am taking it easy for 3-4 weeks, then get back into slow again.

Like we've discussed before it is possible to push too hard too fast. My foot could do calf raises, but when I increased the weight by 60% it cried please be careful. no back steppin here even 8 months later.

Ok...Now to get some lunch then work on some sunshine. Not too much....


mydd 02-15-2009 08:56 AM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hey Ed

Was me calling you a slacker(not joe) lol - since i had to start new thread - and come fly us to antigua!
Sorry to hear that your foot is swelling up does flying cause you any problems with circulation and swelling in your foot at all?

Off to a wedding -then hopefully the beach!

take care all


patw27 02-15-2009 11:36 AM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hi Everyone,
Haven't been posting for a while, tried to help my mother when she slipped last Tuesday, pulled a muscle in my back and today is the first time that the excrutiating pain has allowed me to sit up .Still very sore but improving. At least foot has had rest to recover from Oz but ankle tendon starting to ache from lack of exercise and i am afraid to stretch because of back.

Mydd, so glad hubby improving.

Carole, so sorry about your dog, we had to put our 17 year old terrier to sleep last year, we kept looking around the house for me for a long time.



triguy450 02-15-2009 12:06 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hi Terry,

Well, since I started calling your husband by different names, now we're even? LOL When you buy new shoes, buy one size bigger and buy something inexpensive because by next year he'll back in normal size shoes.

Yes, the flying does affect the swelling a little bit. So does standing for long periods of time like last night after dinner. But the main reason is reinjuring it. I pushed too hard too fast. It came back to bite me.... I just had a long walk on the beach and it felt great. Tomorrow I am scuba diving, this will be a good test to see how the fins affect my ankle. I was afraid of trying but Im in the islands Mun......

Wish you could all be here to join me. It's great, the people are friendly.

Pat - A lot of your countymen are here from the UK because of the West Indies Cricket Tourny. We've been having some great cricket conversations, snow and rain conversations with your wacky weather this year.

I'm glad you made it back to Britain, but I'm sorry about your Mom and of course you. What luck? Do you have someone who can help you stretch it so it doesn't strain your back more? Please be careful so as not to hurt yourself anymore.

That's it for now. Stay positive everyone. Fitzcor, this is really important so as not to slip into depression. If you do slip, contact us, we'lll help you out of it.

patw27 02-15-2009 12:14 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hi Ed,
I am doing no stretching until back is better, I can put up with foot but not back. Glad you spoke about weather which is the main British conversation opener ( only kidding).
I second you about depression we have all been there so will be able to offer advice

Chin up everyone :)


mydd 02-15-2009 03:34 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hi All

Pat sorry to hear about your back-hope it is better soon-also i didnt notice that you were from uk till now lol -my husband was born there and has aunt and uncle still there.
I just ordered compression sock to help with davids swelling -he has a boot for surfing and when he put it on was tight but he noticed the swelling had gone down after trying it on so thinking he may have some edema figured it was worth a try with the socks.

Ed thats funny its excactly what i did with the sneakers-order a somewhat cheaper but wider pair of sneakers and will use them for now,
and yes we can be even now :) except you are walking on the beach in about 80 degrees weather? iam walking in 33 degree weather lol.

alex ,joe and everyone else- hope things are well with you:angel:


fitzcor 02-15-2009 04:31 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hi Everyone:
Thanks for all your comments. I'm still reading the back posts.

Triguy450 - I know what you mean about the depression. It's easy to sit around and feel sorry for myself and get depressed. I did medical transcription for a surgeon years ago and the doctor gave all his patients who had serious medical problems anti-depressants. Now I know why. I've got a pretty good attitude right now, been eating healthy and doing everything I can to heal well. Hope it helps.

Sorry mydd about your husband's infection. Is he better now? Sounds like you've had a long battle. This is the most serious injury I've every had.

Well, back to reading the back posts.

mydd 02-16-2009 12:22 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hey Fitzcor

Yes thank you he is better now -the infection is gone and the plate and pins had to be taken out,he is in pt now and no crtuches or anything - his foot isnt anywhere near the same as his other foot but that is nothing compared to everything else we have been through.
I was really happy when i found this site and the people on it:). No matter where you live you wont find to many people who have had this operation to be able to sit and discuss it with them,and the people here will help you any way they can- i was happy to not have to second guess myself when i saw that if there was a problem others experienced it also.This is also the most serious accident he has had -never had a broken bone or anything -

I hope it helped you reading some of the past posts -

take care:angel:


joe41 02-16-2009 05:24 PM

Re: Fractured Calcaneous 11
Hey Heelies, Fracture 7/7, op 7/15, wb 9/12

Eddie Eddie, I'll take that conment with a grain of sand :D seeing how your struggling in Antigua :D. Hey, sorry to hear yuo pushed it to hard, I have a similar problem with the toe raises. Just enjoy the tropics.

Fitzcor, welcome to the site, but not the cercomstances. As has been said, go back and read all the threads there is lots of good information here. For now keep it eleavated and ice as much as possible to control the swelling.

Pat, sorry to hear about your Mom and your back, hope you recover quickly.

Terry, I went 2 sizes bigger on the sneaks and I also went with high tops for the added support.

Every body, I know I missed some, but remember, stay strong, positive and Keep Healing Heelies :jester:


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