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Socrriss18 02-22-2009 09:51 AM

Bunion surgery- general questions
I'm a 22 yr old female, and have always had foot issues. Both feet are flat, my right one had a torn arch which was surgically treated (not "corrected", but treated with topaz surgery), and my left foot has a large bunion, and a hammer toe forming. The bunion does prevent me from wearing many different shoes. I work in a fitness center where I am able to wear running shoes, which is what I wear most often. I wear heals on occassions, but not that frequently.

I have seen a number of doctors for my other foot issues, and they've all noted the bunions saying they'd need to be treated, but we never discussed further. The pain associated with the bunion is mild to moderate. If I am on my feet for a long time, I get pain right below the base of the bunion, the hallux. The pain is usually on the side or top of the foot. Some shoes also can cause the pain at times.

I'm not sure when to have this corrected. I do have a good job, with good insurance, that would allow me to take time off. I'm just curious as to if this is something that is better to take care of sooner than later, or to wait until it becomes a bigger problem. Is there a chance they can come back? I'm young now and know that I would likely heal faster, and since I'm still at home, would have assistance. Are the surgeries usually done outpatient? Are there a lot of techniques and options for the surgery itself? What does everyone think? Any help/info/adivce would be appreciated.

labrat1234 02-22-2009 06:11 PM

Re: Bunion surgery- general questions
I had a mild to moderate bunion on one foot that was becoming more painful over the years. It wasn't exactly debilitating, but I felt that since it was getting more painful over the years, it was a matter of time to get surgery anyway. I chose to sort of preemptive get mine corrected because I felt that the sugery would be less radical (I had a distal chevron procedure), and because I was relatively young, I would heal faster. Another consideration is that I am hoping to have children in the near future, and having bunion surgery with young children is pretty much an impossible situation. That said, bunion surgery is a big deal, although it is usually done on an outpatient basis. I went into the hospital surgery in the morning and left in the afternoon. I stayed home on my back for 1 week, and then went back to work after that. It was 2 weeks before I cast off the crutches though. I was not supposed to need to walk with crutches, but pain kept me from walking on my foot right after surgery.

I am very happy with the end result, although now 2 years later, I decided to have the screw that was place in my foot removed since I felt that it was causing some irritation. The screw removal surgery is not a huge deal, but they do have to make a fresh incision, so I am having a little dose of what it was like before (such as my foot throbbing pretty badly after spending all day on it the day after the screw removal).

Anyways, I have no regrets, and so I would encourage you to talk more about your options to a doctor that you trust.

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