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BUNIONPAIN 05-01-2009 03:49 PM

Heel osteotomy and mid foot fusion-?????
Hello, I am two weeks out of my surgery for a lapidus bunion revision with a mid foot fusion and a heel osteotomy. I was taken out of my cast/wrap thing yesterday and put into a boot. I was told to wear the boot when ever I am up and moving around but can take it off when laying in a bed.

I am terrified of shifting the bones that need to fuse (heel and mid foot). I was wondering how easily the bones can shift? When I am laying in bed I keep my foot pretty still, but I do move it from side to side, and lift it up alot, some times I roll on my side and rest it on pillows. I can't stand laying still all the time.

Can just by moving my foot around, can that cause any of the bones to shift into the wrong position?

Any advice or any recovering advice would be great.

shelleybutn 05-01-2009 05:38 PM

Re: Heel osteotomy and mid foot fusion-?????
i assume you have a lot of screws in there.....i was casted for 2 months before i went into a boot so i wasn't too worried. but 2 weeks...i would be careful. i wouldn't sleep without the boot, only take it off when you are very aware and not moving. i would ask your doc for sure, you are probably fine as long as you don't jar it somehow.


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