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ankleTD 06-14-2009 01:18 PM

ankle tendon transfer
I saw my Ortho Dr last week regarding my ongoing ankle swelling. I have been using an arizona brace post spring ligament tear 3 years ago. I am having progressive worsening of medial ankle swelling and pain(even wakes me up at night in spite of Ibuprofen or celebrex). I will see my brace guy this week to assess whether a different brace might be helpful. My Ortho Dr discussed the possibility of a bone graft to the outer aspect of my foot(using either cadaver bone or my own) and tendon transfer on the inner ankle. So my question: what kind of recovery time is typical? I know I will be non weight bearing for a minimum of 6 weeks. How long does rehab usually take? I work twelve hour shifts on my feet in a hospital setting and am trying to understand how much time I will need off work if I have a

BeHappy2 06-14-2009 05:38 PM

Re: ankle tendon transfer
About your ankle swelling. Have you had ankle xrays and if so what did the xrays show of the ankles ?

I just had the ankle xrays due to both ankles swelling and very painful,
My xrays showed plantar calcaneal spurs bilaterally along with also
calcaneal enthesophytes bilaterally.

The swelling is painful as you describe.


ankleTD 06-14-2009 08:17 PM

Re: ankle tendon transfer
The xrays taken last week sho that the bones are fine. So it is the soft tissue damage to the tendon that is causing my pain. My understanding is that the tendon that stabilizes the ankle is having to also do the work of the spring ligament that is torn(and not readily fixable)and that it is getting over stretched.

I tried posting on a foot doc forum and just got flack from a Doc who said maybe I should ask my own Doc my questions instead of seeking info on the internet.

I'm actually just trying to gather general info about other peoples experiences with recovery time post op

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