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BobNAnkle 11-30-2009 08:42 AM

4 months out Microfracture OCD question
Hello All,

I had an MRI over the summer for what appeared to be progressively worsening ankle catching, pain and instability. The result was a 1cm OCD posterior medial side of the talus. I had arthroscopic debridement and drilling (microfracture procedure) of this area as well as scraping throughout the ankle of old scar tissue and impingement tissue (on the anterior lateral side).

I was 5-6 weeks NWB and another 5 weeks in the walking cast. I'm about 4 months out from surgery. I've been through PT from weeks 2 through 14 with one therapist and a change in therapists recently about 1-2 weeks ago. My surgeon recommended this new PT change because this person understands and works with microfracture repairs of OCD ankle problems.

I'm currently at about 4 months and can ride the bike at the gym, eliptical, squats, balance exercises, etc. I think I'm doing pretty good but not 100%. I'm getting a pain on the anterior lateral side (pretty much right around the second hole for the arthroscopy), and it gets bothered if I'm walking a lot or on my feet a lot. It also clicks and pops ocasionaly in this area and there is inflamation in this area. Icing does help this so I've recently increased that frequency. The Dr says I'm on schedule and look good and to give it a few more months. I'm hoping this new round of PT will progress me further.

Does the symptoms on the front of the ankle (it's my left) sound typical or could there be some further problems from the surgery? It's just seems weird that the area of discomfort is in a totally different place than the original OCD.

BTW I don't expect to do any high impact stuff like running for many more months...

Thanks for any feedback - Bob

BobNAnkle 12-01-2009 07:50 AM

Re: 4 months post surgery drilling OCD arthroscopy
Maybe my first message was too detailed...I guess I'm just looking to see how a person in a similar situation feels at 4 months. I'm not 100%, I'm still getting swelling and inflamation mostly anterior and posterior lateral side (even though ocd was posterior medial side). Occasional pain anterior lateral if I step in the wrong direction...

My mind is racing with what problems I could be having. I don't know what arthritis feels like, but I don't know if that got in there or if it's or if it's synovial impingement or synovitis, or if it's just expected issues this timeframe after surgery and it will take 6-12 months to settle down...


TDIPatriot 10-13-2010 08:34 AM

Re: 4 months out Microfracture OCD question
Hi Bob,

Just wondering how your recovery is going (a little more than a year out now it appears)? Your story sounded a little more optimistic compared to many posters. I'm just beyond week 3. My OS wants me to start weight bearing next week, but after reading your recovery, I think I'd like to hang in with my crutches/scooter for another 3 weeks.

Hope all is going well. Look forward to hearing more about your experience.


BobNAnkle 10-13-2010 10:21 AM

Re: 4 months out Microfracture OCD question
The impingement on the ant lat side never let up, however cortizone shots into the joint helped a lot for a few months. My OCD is on the post medial side and 1X6 cm when the microfracture was done. I never had a problem with the OCD really after that first surgery.

As added proof, my OS went in to "clean up" scar tissue a few weeks ago and verified the microfracture repair was good. I'm dealing with some other issues now from this recent clean up surgery as I got a skin infection after the procedure, so I had to go on antibiotics. That cleared up the infection. I"ve also got some numbness in the web between the 1st and 2nd toe, and still have quite a bit of inflammation. I'm still getting some of the original impingement issues so I think a cortizone shot is probably in my future again, which this second surgery should have eliminated :mad:

I'm in therapy and basically doing all gym activities. I choose not to run. So in essence, I think the microfracture is a good 1st step.

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