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mejanie 01-24-2011 10:31 AM

Re: Question about pain after peroneal repair
I know what you are going through... It is horrifically painful. Don't know the date of you surgery but since you are still in a cast it must have been within a week/10 days or so? I know for me the higher I elevated it the better. An I mean HIGH... It HAS to be over the level of the heart. I have been going through this stuff since May of 2009...The one think that all my surgeries had in common was swelling=pain.. It is the most important thing to control.

After my first surgery, my son even rigged a traction device for me so it could be as high as possible. Not only did it really help the pain but the doctors had never seen such fast healing of the wound. That's important because the foot has very little circulation and healing can be a problem.....

I had my last surgery about 7 weeks ago and I'm still in pain. Both peroneals were shredded and the ligament that holds them under the ankle bone had to be reconstructed. The pain is nothing like what you are going through but....again... if it swells up, I'm in pain. I still have to spend most of my day icing and elevating. You must be patient.

Secondly, be CAREFUL with the oxycontin. It is HIGHLY addictive and detox is crazy painful. Switch to something like percocet (still highly addictive but not as much as oxy, then vicoden, and get off of them in 3 weeks time. Ibuprophen works great.. I'm only on tylenol now...

Haven't heard of the toe pain but i'm suspecting it is all related to the swelling. Stay off it and keep it high!!!
Good luck!

jtfuel 01-27-2011 09:26 PM

Re: Question about pain after peroneal repair
Again thanks for the info. Very helpful. I pretty much went off the Oxy right after reading your warning :-S The elevating and icing = less swelling = less pain so didn't really need it. On Tylenol Extras for the last few days with some Naproxen as needed.

As mentioned before I had a sharp pain in the big toe and I found out (with help of my wife) what the pain is...seems they cut me on the outside of the toe during the Op and it rubs on the part of the cast and most painful when I rip it open every time I stretch my leg out...he's gonna get 2cents for that one...Followup on Tuesday and Hard Cast.

You said you're on 7th week (obviously more complex surgery) and still have pain and swelling (which less than assured but initially they told me after the 2 weeks in the non-weight bearing half-cast I would be able to go back to work (Desk Job)...what's your thoughts/experiences with that?

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