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neuromasufferer 06-10-2010 07:10 AM

I've struggling for just a few years with morton's neuromas in both feet.
I've struggling for just a few years with morton's neuromas in both feet. I've worn 9 3E or 4E my whole life, and have played raquetball 5 days a week for over 10 years. DPM recommended shorter (8.5) and wider shoes (6E). Tried New Balance 805 but toe box is too narrow. Now wearing New Balance 1105 -- available only from Hitchcock shoes. Also got one cortisone injections and special orthotics from DPM. Pain is bearable now, but still there.

Not sure if Hithcock makes these New Balance 1105s in size 14, but worth a try. They specialize in only wide shoes.

Something else I've just found, but haven't tried, is custom shoes. There are places that will make you shoes in whatever size you need. Has anyone tried getting custom shoes to help with Morton's Neuroma?

almostrunning 06-11-2010 04:29 PM

Re: Morton's Neuroma ... Help
Sorry but morton's neuroma does not go away on its own if you are active and into sports. You can change shoes and get all the custom insoles you want. Once that nerve is pinched and swollen, it just stays pinched and swollen.
Cortizone injections work for a very small percentage of people. If the first injection does nothing, do not get another because it will not work either.
Alcohol injections also only work for a tiny percent of people.
After 8 months of suffering I forgot what it was like to not have pain. I could barely walk my dog around the park, nevermind run in the marathons I had signed up for. I finally had the surgery 8 weeks ago. I will not lie, it is a difficult and painful recovery. Some are lucky and heal up within 3 weeks. Most can expect AT LEAST 8-10 weeks. After 8 weeks my toes have finally stopped swelling everytime I walk around. I still have a large lump on the ball of my foot but it is a little less painful everyday. It can be quite frustrating because the day to day progress is so subtle, so it seems like nothing is improving but you realize eventually that it is.
You just have to stay positive and stay patient. It's taken me 8 weeks to come to this realization. And while I am still uncomfortable and in a small amount of pain, it's nothing compared to the buring pain of the morton's neuroma.

Titchou 06-11-2010 05:06 PM

Re: Morton's Neuroma ... Help
I am so sorry so many of you have had these issues. I consider myself blessed to have had such an unremarkable recovery from my surgery. I m beginning to think that the very controversial non-icing that I did may have been the clue. I didn't elevate and I didn't ice. I drove 350 miles by myself 2 days after my surgery. I walked and hurt and it took some doing to stand level and get the swelling dissipated. But I am really beginning to think that was the difference...and it was all approved/recommendedby my doctor!8

flyingprivate 08-21-2010 03:14 PM

Re: Morton's Neuroma ... Help
i just read about your mess and can so relate. i have tried to read all the posts on this board and it is just loaded with heartache and incompetent doctors if not down right quacks. so many millions are suffering with this including me. first my left foot, now also my right foot. and like you and everyone else, i have tried one thing after another, seen umpteen doctors and gotten nowhere. i have not had surgery after reading the horror stories that abound here nor have i tried orthodics as that also according to people seems to be useless. i am so depressed, at the end of my rope, almost bedridden, i don't know what shoes to where anymore, when i have good days there is no reason for it, when i have bad days there is no reason..i don't know eher to turn anymore. my life has stopped. i can't go out as the next day my feet are so bad i can hardly stay sane. what are all of us to do? where do we all turn? to think this is our life from now on is an overwelming thought. is ther one doctor that knows what to do and can help any of us? its been awhile since your post, not sure you are even on anymore...let me know if you have made any progress ok? thanks


Titchou 08-21-2010 09:02 PM

Re: I've struggling for just a few years with morton's neuromas in both feet.
Find a sports med othro who does feet. best suggestion is to find someone who does work on a pro football or basketball team or major college athletic department. Also progfessional dance company. They will all have an excellent foot doc who they use. The one who did my neuroma was a sports med ortho who does lots of pro athletes. Excellent outcome. Good luck!

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