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Emiloow 11-23-2010 09:10 AM

Ankle, inner front pain ? no idea whats wrong
So i've been having this kind of pain in my inner front part of my ankle, and i dont know what is wrong, but ill start from the beginning.

It started about August 2009, when walking i would get this feeling of exhaustion in both my ankles (at the inner front) the same feeling as your arms after your maximum pushup amount, exhausted with a little pain.

i didnt make much of it and figured it wasnt anything serious, so i lived with it untill December.

Thats when i joined the millitary (what i wanted to do with my life).
thats where it got serious and it started to become pain whenever marching.

So within a few days allready i saw the base doctor (Doctor nr. 1), he took a look at it and said that it was nothing serious.

So i went back to having pain for a few weeks, then went back as it hadnt gotten any better, then Doctor nr.1 thought i should try wearing some light bandages for support, another doctor (nr.2) too a look and then told me something serious was wrong.

i then took a few weeks again.
This time when i got back doctor nr.2 told me that my ligaments werent strong enough, so that my joint would allmost slip out with every step, he said i would have to train it, so i started doing that.

By the time of early February i couldnt stand it anymore, so i was sent home, to see my own doctor. (bye bye millitary)

I had it X-ray'ed, but nothing could be seen, so here i am, unaware of what is wrong with my ankle.

Today i train on it and it seems to have gotten a little better but its still there.

[B][SIZE="7"]Long story short[/SIZE][/B]

I have a pain in my inner front of both ankles, that comes only whenever i use themem, that being mainly when walking at an average or fast pace.

i will appreciate any ideas and information you can give me since no doctor has been able to tell me what is wrong for sure.

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